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If I have not yet experienced even the things that are known of God, never mind those that are unsearchable, with what degree of certainty could I possibly make any certain pronouncement about what is impossible for me, when God says all things are possible with me in Christ? He did not qualify that with any exceptions, but man has a zillion exceptions of what is possible for us, and is not shy about sharing them with us.

My ways are not your ways, neither are my thoughts your thoughts. Cease therefore from the ways of man, and choose the ways of God. For I know the plans that I have for you.

So vast is God, and his ways which are unsearchable that I make no pretense to have experienced all his ways, neither to know them, although that is my leaning; for he has given to us the anointing and declares that by that anointing we know all things.

There are not many things that are surprising about man's ways which are very predictable; he is very likely to do what he has done before. Unlike God, his ways are known, and are not likely to surprise any one by them. About Jesus there was an ever-present anticipation of surprise; who was the next Lazarus, or man by the pool, of Gate beautiful. These are the ways that God has for us.

Man’s ways are nothing of the miraculous, as he finds so many things that are impossible with him. God’s ways however, are the ways of the miraculous as a constant, and nothing is impossible with him. This is the way he has ordained for man; and has exhorted us to cease from the ways of man.

Jesus is God's plan for us. We are to grow up into him in all things.

God’s ways are seen in Jesus when confronted with the dilemma of feeding a great multitude where only a few fish, and loaves of bread were on hand. Man’s ways as proposed by Peter, was to go to the local market, and purchase the necessary provision, but the constraints of time was against them, so choosing that option impractical. So God’s ways as seen in Jesus was to use the few loaves, and bread to do the job; so he blessed it, and served it, and it multiplied to feed the multitude with left-overs to fill baskets afterwards. When Moses wondered how to proceed with the plans God laid out for him, God told him to use what was in his hand; a shepherd rod which became a scepter to rule nations.

Gods ways are not like our ways, neither are his thoughts ours either. He doesn't tell us that to underscore a distinction between him and we, but to point to how our ways are reconciled in Jesus, who tore down the middle wall of separation between God and man. If you can see your world, it's probably too small. What God brings to us is far beyond what we are able to think, or even ask of him. Allow him to surprise you. In Jesus his ways have become our ways, and all things are become possible with we who believe

When the disciples almost perished in the storm at sea, Jesus spoke to the prince of the power of the air, and commanded peace to be restored, and it was so; he then inquired of the disciples, where was their faith…why didn’t they do that? Clearly he expected them to do the same as he had done. He even told us so….all the works that I have done shall you do also, and even greater works. The plans that God has for us, are all in Jesus. Jesus is the plan of God for our lives…all things of Jesus. The way he did things, are the ways in which we are to do them. We know how to do things according to the way men do things; that is our factory default setting; the ideal or perfect mode of operating is according to Jesus’ ways. Those ways are not just good manners, and polite conversations; they were the ways of the power of God; for he is the power of God, and we have to accept that for ourselves, and grow up into him in all things if we are to do things his way.




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