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Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction—Albert Einstein. The simplest, most elegant expression of the proof of God to the world is in the works he expressly told us to do, and by demonstration showed us throughout three years of miracle-working what he meant by “works”. Jesus says: in order to verify to you the invisible things of God that men cannot see, I show you the visible things of God in miracles. Miracles are instances where God makes an entrance into our temporal world

The Lazarus of the faith are the vital signs of Christianity without which Atheists who snare at us are more than justified in their contempt for us, as well they should for any form of shoddy workmanship. I would literally pay to see an Atheist argue against a living, breathing, walking around Lazarus standing in front of them. You just can’t make an argument against that; that is why Jesus’ opponents considered plans to kill Lazarus, because many people believed on Jesus as a result of Lazarus who was dead and rotting in the grave a short while earlier, but was now sitting at table eating. Today we don’t have to worry about opponents making plans to kill our Lazarus; we neither produce nor offer any such proof of God for them to take such actions.


It is not enough to tell men about the empty tomb of Jesus, we’ve got to make some tombs empty by the life-giving resurrection power of Jesus working in us today.

If there are Atheists out there, it is to the extent that the church has fallen asleep at the wheel that they are out there, and still remain out there because the church refuses to wake up. Were an Atheist to walk away from a Lazarus unconvinced, as a believer I could feel comfortable in my skin, we will have done what God required of us, short of that we as believers should be greatly conflicted at this massive breach of faith. I think we feel safe passing the buck along to what should be some renown minister, evangelist, preacher, miracle worker, but electricity is electricity wherever it is found, it will do what electricity does. If the life of God is in you, you do what God would do; and has told us in no uncertain terms that we should do—all the works that I do, you are to do them to. The unmistakable qualification is, those that believe in me; they are to bring forth these works.

The simplest, most elegant expression of the proof of God to the world is in the works he expressly told us to do, and by demonstration showed us throughout three years of miracle-working what he meant by “works”. Instead of following through in obedience to God’s wishes, we have decided to multiply words instead of works unto the world; the very thing of which Jesus said does not represent his kingdom which is supposed to come from within us.

By asking us to do the works of Jesus, God is in essence asking us to show him to the world because the power of God is Jesus; we show Jesus to the world when we show the works of God to the world. Where Jesus says; in order to verify to you the invisible things of God that men cannot see, I show you the visible things of God in miracles. Signs by way of miracles in the ministry of reconciliation are not for believers, they are for unbelievers to make believers of them. Jesus said to the lame: that you may know that God forgives sins, I tell this man who was cripple from birth, now get up, take up your bed and walk home in perfect soundness. It is not for us to make judgments as to the fitness of miraculous signs in the ministry of reconciliation. God has appointed that as his work for us to do.

I think the real objection most Atheists have is to the notion that God only wants us to become some kind of human pet, like another birds added his aviary of birds. Such notion is unfounded and as ludicrous as a man setting a mirror in front of him and pointing to a termite and declaring it his image. God says his image is equal to him. . Isaiah 46:1—To whom will ye liken me, and make me equal, and compare me, that we may be like: (answer: …as he is, so are we his image). Isaiah 40:18—To whom then will ye liken God? or what likeness will ye compare unto him? (Answer: …..In the likeness of man-made he them, male and female…He is to be compared to his image…that’s why we have mirrors, we want to see what we are like: we are God’s mirror “image” as his word is our mirror for comparison).

My superficial assessment of the arguments that Atheists make in their denial of God is so not credible. Now, I’m not purporting to have made a robust assessment of their arguments, simply a more or less superficial estimation. They don’t even pretend to be skillful at the straw man they shoddily put together only to have fun knocking down afterwards. To keep themselves safe in their unbelief they like to slap a gag order on God so he cannot speak for himself; where he speaks they don’t allow it. “This is all dogma, I can’t argue with dogma, you just put it out there and I’m supposed to run with it….no I don’t think so”. “That’s just a bunch of made up fairy tales stuff; wont hear of it”. “I want proof, he offers none, we can’t do business.”

If Atheists want to blithely retired into the basket of “show me the money” proof of his world, they might want to consider that it was scarcely a hundred years ago that our view of reality experienced a major seismic shift when it was made clear that matter and energy are essentially the same coin with different sides; this is by no means of insignificant consequence. That is arguably, and I would say certainly of more importance than finding the earth to be not flat, or the departure from a geocentric view of the universe where the sun revolves around the earth. None of these previous discoveries brought the world to the brink of destruction as did the advent of the Atomic age which this revelation gave birth to. For all intensive purposes this just happened yesterday in terms of man’s reckoning in geologic times. In the tens of thousands of years that we allow for man’s existence it’s only within the last century that this astounding bit of knowledge fell into the little basket of his reality.

If God explained himself to us in terms of fairy tale language, maybe it’s because that is all we could handle though it be no less accurate. Perhaps the Atheist could no doubt have done a better job explaining these things to an agrarian society several thousand years ago, where today probably 90% of the global population cannot even now understand the esoteric language of the related science.

You look around at the universe and see the sheer size other planets, stars that could virtually swallow up our little solar system, and you can’t help but be impressed by all that there is to see; yet all that can be seen is only a whopping less than 10% of the all the matter in the universe entire; some 94% of it is not detectable apart from its effect on the 10% that’s visible. Much of this 94% of stuff scientists call dark matter. I’m admittedly going to exercises some theology license here by this observation: it appears that in one of Moses’ fairy tales this kind of dark matter which he described as (darkness that could be touched), visited Egypt several thousand years ago. Neither Pharaoh, nor his servants could leave from their place for the duration of this event, because this thick darkness suffocated all sources of light to the Egyptians. Scientists are just now stumbling on to this dark substance.

E-mc2 is the mathematical expression of: 1 Corinthians 8:6— there is but one God, the Father of light, of whom are all things(made), and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things(made), and we by him. God is the father of light of whom are all things made by Christ Jesus: we live, move, and have our being in him. E=mc2 confirms that all things are light…when you slow light down you get matter. Jesus not only claimed to be the light of man’s life, but literally demonstrated himself to be the light of the world, electro magnetic radiation. He instructed his disciples to hold their place while he walked on ahead and was transfigured (changed phase) into light, shining in grater strength of candlepower than the sun.

Before seeing the scientific expressions of these things I understood these from Genesis on through the New Testament. From my encounter with Atheists, they are some of the smartest people on the planet; but in the end that’s a somewhat dubious compliment because that in the end that simply makes one who hold their view an intelligent fool as opposed to the garden variety fool that is am.

Whether true or not I was told the ability to recognize something like the position of an object and its shadow routinely appears on IQ tests. If that’s so, neither of us made the grade that day. How often during the course of one’s life do we mistake something as prominent as the in the sky, yet that day the Atheist and I made that mistake.

Why are the shadows of the building and the trees falling toward the sun? I worked with an Atheist a couple of decades ago. Didn’t label himself an Atheist, but he walked, talked, looked, spoke, and was smart like one, so I voted him the honor. On a day I was fasting to express gratitude to God, I wondered over to the southern exposure window of the office I was in; a large rectilinear subdivided open space. Looking through the window up into the sky, to no surprise there was the sun. It was no surprise until I looked on the ground. There on the ground the shadows of the building and the trees were falling toward the sun. After a couple of double-takes I called this Atheist over, pointed to the sun and asked him what was that? With his cigar draping from the side of his mouth he muttered in the most cool, casual tone, his recognition of the sun. I said to him: if that’s the sun, what’s all that on the ground. His expression changed to not entirely gob-smacked but a close second.

The head of the Photography department, he dashed off for his camera to photograph it, and in his absence what we both had mistaken for the sun morphed into several signs mentioned from Genesis to Revelations. By the time he returned with his camera they had all vanished, and it turned out the sun was actually on the other side of the building. Whether true or not I was told the ability to recognize something like the position of an object and its shadow routinely appears on IQ tests. If that’s so, neither of us made the grade that day, but the following morning at coffee break, as I shared this spectacle along with the biblical reference of those sings with the entire department; you could see the apparent consternation on the faces of managers, supervisors, group leaders, office workers, but none of them were any the wiser foregoing the offer of the Gospel message, living up to expectations of intelleigent fools.



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