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How strange the way things appear, just the opposite, of the way you would think they should work. You lie down on your back, like Charlie Brown in a field, with a straw in your mouth; looking up at the sky. You come to realize you have a more expansive view of the heavens, in that position than, if you were actually standing up. You’d have figured the taller you sand, the clearer your view of the heavens should be, but instead, when you stand, you have a more expansive view of the earth, and things below. Who would ever have thought that you, of all persons could get in your own way of living, until you got a good look through a view from of a coffin, of all places. Well that’s just how it works.

Oddly enough, until you die, you have no reach beyond this world, and depending on your destination, that could prove problematic, to say the least, because death places you in a position where, you are there, and can’t be here anymore. If you bought the all-inclusive/exclusive package, where you, are either there, or here; you are missing the real value deal. The real trick is to be both there, and here, at the same time; I mean, to be here, yet have real consequential reach beyond this world. That’s the package deal that God is offering you, and I, in Christ Jesus. We can be here, alive in this world, yet without surrendering our physical presence to the grave, we can taste, touch, and handle the power of the world to come.

The way Jesus put this is: unless a grain of corn falls to the earth, and dies it abides alone. You have no reach beyond yourself in this world, if the only life you know is your own. The life your mother gave birth to in you, is sustained through the organic yields of the fields, of this earth, including whatever livestock is your choice for meat. We also have another life, that is almost universally overlooked by us in our gating about the daily routines to provide for the only life we happen to know from birth, and throughout childhood. Like Nicodemus we could ask; what other kind of life could there possibly be? Jesus would then tell us: the one that none of the provisions of this earth can sustain, but that life is in every word that comes out of the mouth of God, the Father, your Father in heaven.

Your next question might be; well just how can I have that life? Then he might answer you again and say: like I told you that life is in every word that comes out of the mouth of God starting with the one where we need to be extracted from a congenital predisposition that like a magnet moves in a direction away from and opposite to God; not particularly because of anything you did but because of your genetic connection to Adam who did the deed and passed it along to you to pay. We are so blindsided by it we can’t even really know the traction that predisposition has on us until you are free of its gravitational-like pull on you. It’s a real force called sin, and the nature to sin. In place of that nature, God steps in, pays the price of Adam’s deed for you, and gives to you a whole new nature that you were totally unaware of all your life up to not.

This new life gives you, unbelievable bonus provisions; not only does it resurrect, and bring on-line, a new life in you that guarantees a fixed eternal destination, but you get to sample that life which is from that destination, while you are still alive, now on earth; the real proof in the pudding; visa vis, that eternal destination ubiquitously called heaven. Resurrection implies death that one is raised up from. That’s right, death; your death,..well not literally, but vicariously. You begin to find a life in all the word that God has spoken. One of the greatest realization you’ll come into is that God isn’t looking for human pets, but for someone of his stature that he can have supper with that person, and that person can have supper with him…. like a fellowship of like persons. Coming into the stature of that person, is what Christ is all about. We grow up into him in all things. This is such a gigantic offering that 99.99% of believers don’t get it, and go on to believe the “human pet” version of this relationship where as babes they are acted upon, and do not of the acting. No one would have guessed that this life could be found in a view from a coffin; your’s vicariously.




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