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The terror of the law was set in place to waken us to the majesty of what God is calling us to, and the terror and unworthiness that it awakens in us can only be overcome by the spirit of boldness that comes with the spirit of sons that we receive so we can actually relate to God affectionately as ABBA Father….free of that fear and condemnation raised by the terribleness of the law. It is such an instrument that God did set in place to guard against fallen man’s way back into the garden of Eden. The word is spirit/angel, and is a sword and often compared to fire, a flaming sword. This is why the scripture urges us to do what the word of God says: because of the "angels" showing to us by message the mind of God. This is how God has hidden his glory, kept by the schoolmaster of the law till the spirit of Sons is received by those who are sons and daughters...God created the male and female image of himself, but is the same God.



God didn’t stop being God when he became man; he just hid the fact that he is God in the flesh; and was so pleased when Peter saw through the disguise that he announced that the foundation of the church is where the body realizes this truth for themselves. The only problem was the disciples couldn’t see how that could be true for them as well. When he became man Jesus was still God, but God in stealth mode disguise; suppressing his glory which was briefly seen in the mount of transfiguration. There are three members in the family of God into which you adopted, called the trinity. After you join them in Christ, there will not be four members, but still three because when God looks at you he sees Jesus, and when he sees Jesus, he sees you, in the same spirit as: when you’ve seen the Father you’ve seen the Son and visa-versa.

In the final analysis it doesn’t really seem to make any difference whether it was man who went up and became God (which did not happen), or God who came down and became man (a point so important 2 john 1:7 says only the anti-Christ and such deceivers won’t confess that), although in the first instance I just can’t see how that would ever be possible in a million lifetimes; the resulting change for the state of man is arguably, undeniably the same, for when man believes it, he is no longer what he was, but for all intents and purposes he becomes what Jesus is who made that change in him ……and that is God. It is exultingly gratifying nonetheless to know that it was God who came down, and became man that resulted in this change for the man who chooses to believe.

Does no one really appreciate the significance of that very important word “transformation” where it speaks to this issue as the experience that we ought to anticipate while we are alive…before we die? Christians are locked in a bitter lifelong warfare around this issue; and according to Douglas MacArthur, in war there is no substitute for victory. It is the very object of war— not prolonged indecision. Christians are stuck here in analysis paralysis; frozen in a state of indecision, or incremental decision where they creep their way bit by bit into this revelation, if they ever get there, because they are too timid to commit with all their weight behind this truth. It took me about thirty years to creep my way into this revelation that I am saying to you. We make no bold move till slammed into ill-suited circumstances, and take no risk that require God to cover us, so we remain naked without the signs of God’s covering of the Lord from heaven, though we are well clothed in the finest raiment of the day.

If man is to be transformed, is he transformed back into what he is (which makes no sense) but that’s the reality for Christians today whose every confidence rests in what they can accomplish by human ability, or are we to be transformed into something new…like a new creation with the ability of God who asks us to do his work. The only way to avoid rising to the infamy of the Anti Christ in denying this workmanship of God in us is to defer it off for some future after life world; which is what is done today. M.L.K. said in his famous speech: (justice delayed is justice denied); to delay this workmanship of God in us is to deny it. This is Satan’s dirty little work-around secret in denying God’s workmanship in us. Should believers actually get hold on this truth you’d be looking at hell in shambles. Why are the clergy in so much denial, and the masses so petrified of this pivotal moment of accomplishment for God in his workmanship. When Jesus gasped those final word on the cross: “it is finished”, God again sees man as he did several thousand years earlier when he looked at the creation he just finished, and spoke the words (and it was good, as he saw it); so now he again spoke concerning his work of man’s restoration…”it is finished”.

Where it is said that we are God’s workmanship, are we to understand that the work only affects receiving forgiveness of sins, and the Holy Spirit as a down-payment for some transformation into sons that is to happen after the bodily resurrection in the world that is to come? That is precisely what I was taught in all my religious instruction by the clergy. I suppose that’s fine if you want to believe what he clergy tells you, but if you read for yourself that doesn’t square convincingly; because the word says: beloved, now are we the sons of God though in your appearance you are not what you are ultimately going to look like; (now you have to be sons by faith because it is a hidden experience) like Jesus putting aside his glory to be man yet he was God as the glimpse of this glory was seen in the mount of transfiguration. As he access this power in transfiguration, so you and I by this same power are to be transformed now. After our physical bodily resurrection when that glorified state is an actual permanent condition of reality, no faith will be then required, but now we have to be actual sons of God, and function as just such by faith till that change comes.

Mephibosheth, Saul's grandson had trouble identifying with the king family at dinner because he was lame from a childhood fall, much like Adam's fall makes us reluctant members of God's family's family became

As much as Jesus hid his glory when he became man, men who would receive this glory of God that is hidden have to be led into in it. It is amazing to me how the clergy often tells theory of Mephibosheth, Saul’s grandson who experienced a fall leaving him lame in his foot and horribly self-consciously unworthy to sit at the king’s table when David executed a search to found him, the sole survivor of Saul’s lineage and bring him to the king’s table to be a part of the King’s family. As sons of God we experience this same irresistibly potent inferiority complex issue on a subconscious level so overwhelming our sense of belonging in the trinity of God when we as children relate to God as our Father that our consciousness never seem to emerge from the dark shadow of denial. At even the hint of this the Jews picked up stones to kill one of their Jewish brother, as Jesus told them that it was so, and the scripture cannot be broken to suit their rogue theology. Where Mephibosheth’s fall left him lame, Adam’s fall has left us lame in our mind. We keep favoring our old mind, instead of the new mind in Christ as sons of God.

The manner of man the God had in mind for us is that which is seen in the model of Jesus, and by extension, himself. He created the heaven and all their hosts by the breath of his lips and told us, to be like Jesus who said to us: if you shall say to this mountain be removed and cast into yonder sea it shall be done, and you shall have what you say. Here is this man of whom his friends exclaimed: what manner of man is this: bringing dead people back to life, bringing peace and calm to the stormy tempestuous sea, drying up trees by a word spoken, feeding multitudes with a few fish and loaves of bread, making wine out of water…walking on water; and expects that we should do the same thing.

BY FAITH IN CHRIST…Old things are passed away, and all things are become a new creation in you. Whoever now lives in you therefore, is not you anymore, but it is God…God is God and he is in you; because you being old in Adam, are passed away with old things. Having passed away, you are dead, yet still you are living as Christ, and Christ is God; but there is a gag order and you can’t say that.

The common lay person is beginning to awaken to the gross lapse in the kind of ministry that Jesus demonstrated and what it has devolved into in the hands of these physicians of no value.

“As a result (of denying our spiritual heritage), many Western Churches that have chosen to deny the spiritual realm beyond salvation, and as a result have devolved into a powerless civil religion that can only give people hope after they die. Most of what is offered at many Honestly, sometimes I feel we may as well just be the Boy Scouts or Rotary Club. Do we honestly believe that Jesus’ Incarnation, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Glorification and our Baptism with the Holy Spirit all happened so that we could be one of many organizations that help people? To be one more source of morality and ethics?” …..speakfaithfully.wordpress.com

At first the leaders told the world that it was unlawful for them to read the word of God, and now the would tell you it is unlawful to speak the word of God

What do you suspect is going to happen if you chance speak the word or God? Are you going to go up in a puff of smoke or experience a veil lifting from your faculties that prevented you from grasping spiritual truths beyond saving grace. The word of God is like a seed which if you don’t sow it, it can never produce after its kind in us the life of God that we should have. If you want to sow the work of God you have to say the word of God.We need to find out how these things are true and how to say them to honor God instead of men. God said if you ask for wisdom he will give it to you and not brow beat you down with insults.

BY FAITH IN CHRIST…Old things are passed away, and all things are become a new creation in you. Whoever now lives in you therefore, is not you anymore, but it is God…God is God and he is in you; because you being old in Adam, are passed away with old things. Having passed away, you are dead, yet still you are living as Christ, and Christ is God; but there is a gag order and you’re not supposed say that.

God’s life belongs to God
You are living his life, so you must be ———

The foundation of the church is based on the confession that Jesus is the Son of God, and so are you because you believe on his finished work that makes it so.

If you see the Son, you see the Father, the Father is God
You are his son, I see you, so you must be ———

Whatever the father is, that’s what his sons are
The Father is God, we’re his sons, so we must be ———

What ever the Son is, that’s what we are
The Son is God, so we must be ———

What ever God says is true
He said we are gods, so you must be ————

Only God can do God’s work
God told us to do his kind of works, so we must be ———

The glory of God cannot go to anyone else but God
God gave his glory to us, so we must be ———

The heaven, and the heaven of heavens belong to the Lord God
He has given it to us, so we must be ———

Whatever you do to me, you do to God
So God must be ——

God’s mind belong to God,
He gave us his mind, so we must be ———

God’s name belongs to God
He gave us his name, so we must be ———

All God’s possessions belong to God
He gave them to us; we have them, so we must be ———

God told us that we are gods
God cannot lie, so we must be————

It was the same people who’s been leading us, and have lived in disobedience to the expressed will of God over 2000 years now. If you believe what men say, then what God says is of greater force, and deserves infinitely greater respect. When we refuse to do what God tells us to do we deceive ourselves, and rob ourselves of God’s glory which we are called to inherit as his sons. The church is based on the foundation that we who believe in Jesus are the sons of God as well as Jesus.

Philippians 3:3 says that we are the circumcision who worship God in spirit and have no confidence in doing things according to human ability. Well if not in human ability what other ability then do we have confidence in to do all things. We are to do things the way Christ does them but if we are honest, all our confidence is squarely in our human abilities when we do things. Think for a moment what was the last thing you did just the way Jesus did them when he ministered on earth?






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