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This is the human script: you are born flesh and blood, you live like a man, and you die like a men. What else could there possibly be in life for man that thousands of years hasn't proven. Actually we may have overlooked something. Darwin may have barked up the wrong tree, but at least he was barking.

The tree of humanity bears many troubling fruits. If we concern ourselves principally with the disposing of such problem laden fruits, we engage ourselves in an exercise of futility. You tend to fruits which will only re-appear as the identical problem, or some variation of that problem you already sought to remedy. Any effectual remedy will address the root, not the fruits only; but what do you do about man? The “master race” plan fell by the wayside: so many genocidal dictators, have been deposed to the trash heap of history, and now this abortion, the latest and greatest scourge on the earth?…it will be retired as infamously as it arose.

Form the inception of organized agriculture, and farming, we are well aware of the routines of such industries. We see it year after year till it has become hardwired and performed subconsciously. Where ever you plant a crop, you look for that crop to come up. That much is taken for granted, as a given. Everything that lives has a seed, the mechanism for propagation. There is only one purpose for a seed…to bring forth after it’s kind. God is living… “the Living One”; and yes, God has a seed, and for the exact same purpose as other seeds….to bring forth after God’s kind, …God. In the beginning was the word, and the word was God. That same word is the incorruptible seed by which we are gendered in Christ, brought forth after God’s own kind, God…as he is so are we. I might add that if Christ is small “g” or capitalized “G” in the spellilng “God” then so are we, for as he is, so are we in this world.

You have to hand it to man; operating on less than ten percent of his brain’s capacity he has accomplished some rather remarkable things. 1800 years before Galileo and his new fangled spy glass, or even Christopher Columbus, Aristotle worked out to within a negligible margin the radius of the sphere of the “round” earth, and without the aid of powerful electron microscope tackled the issue of the atomic structure of matter well over two thousand years before Einstein proved that atoms existed by observing their movements when they were heated. For all his brilliance you have to wonder that man still remains clueless to this breathtaking provision that God has made for him in Christ Jesus.

Like Abraham who was called to go out from Ur, Chaldea, to the place where God was to show him, we are directed to seek for the glory of Jesus, and having found it we are to forget about life in the limited context of our humanity and launch out into the limitless, eternal, divine life of God. If we do not plan to do the work of reconciliation ministry, exactly the way Jesus did it before he was interrupted by a life cut short, and thereby left it to us to continue, then all else that we talk about of doctrines, and studies, and religion is merely intrigue, maybe even idle intrigue. We smugly hold in contempt the men who thought to carry the ark on ox carts much to God’s displeasure, which displeasure was expressed in the tragic loss of human life, but we do the same today where this work of reconciliation ministry is concerned.

To get lost in the ways of God should be something to look forward to, bus as his children we don't even aspire to his ways as was witnessed in Jesus. The big cheese in the churches have told us we can't do it, and we have believed them too long.

As Jesus did this work, it was marked sharply with miracles, whereas today it marked sharply by the singular absence of the supernatural witness of God’s presence. God swore and will not repent: the day he rises up to take revenge on spiritual Babylon, for the cruel dominion held sway over the world through the ages; he would not contend with the forces of Babylon as a man. When the fullness of that time came God sent he son, born of a woman, under the law, to deliver them whose estate lay in oppression, under the laws of the elements of this world, and the handwritten ordinances of man’s commandments.

The ways of man is not in himself, they are in God. There are spiders which it matters not where you remove them and place their in the world; comes time to weave a web, they will weave one just like their parents a world away. God wants to know just why are his children not like him in that way. The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master’s crib: Yea the Storks in the heaven knoweth her appointed times, and the turtle, and the crane, and the swallow observe the time of their coming; but my people do not know, my people doth not consider. (The reason God came down to man, is to lift man up to him.) They know not, neither will they understand; so they walk on in darkness: therefore all the foundations of the earth are out of course. God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judging among the gods. I have said, Ye are gods; because all of you are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes. Cease ye from man’s ways, whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of? His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day he dies, his thoughts perish…but the word of God abideth forever, though the earth be no more, and the heavens be removed.

Though he was born flesh and blood, yet he did not walk as flesh and blood. Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils; the day he dies, his thoughts perish. Such are his mortal ways, which are not my ways, as are my thoughts, which are eternal, also not his thoughts. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, which you are now called to inherit, at this present time, which is now; therefore choose my ways that are eternal, and my thoughts for your life. To you it is given at this time to feed in the strength, and in the majesty of the name of the Lord, God of hosts…to go in his strength and in the power of his might. Except you should eat his flesh, which is meat indeed, and drink his blood, which is drink indeed; you have not his life in you.

Man is flesh and blood; he continues to live as long as he breathes. The day his biological registers flatline, he dies, and whatever thoughts he was entertaining has an end there. It is from this label called man that we are exhorted to retire from… to cease from him. This is not a suggestion; it is a command; as potent as the other ten. This however is not a call for you to go out and cut your own throat. It is said of Jesus, in the day of his flesh he offered fervent, effectual prayers, and was heard because he feared. Though he was flesh and blood, it wasn’t the flesh and blood, part of him that officiated in kingdom dominion. Everything he had, we also have today, and are therefore asked to produce the same, and greater results.

The human label is like a closed video loop, which when you run it, it will cycle the same result every time; and when it completes the cycle God is clearly not that result, and it is certain that man is not the result that is sought.

There is a difference between fossilized history and recorded history of which there is but several thousand years; fossilized goes on for hundreds of thousands of years, even millions years. If you want to put stock in it you can; but be aware that after God made Adam he directed him to “repopulate” the earth. If that doesn’t say to you that there were human forms down here before Adam, then there is absolutely no accounting for human faculties of reasoning. He also said of Jesus….he is the last Adam. If there were only two, why not say he is the second Adam….you know, like the “second coming”. The bible never said there wasn’t life on earth before Adam; it has chiefly concerned itself with life after Adam. I frankly don’t think God owes it to us, to give any explanation of what went on down here before this Adam, who is our progenitor. Look at all the simple things he laid out for us, and we can’t even handle those. We see things in fossilized human history that suggest evolutionary change; but in all of recorded human history: the history that is our own history, consciously recorded for our posterity, so that what has passed might be known, the only change that is evident is a mere provincial shuffling about of the same proverbial furniture.

Some time ago all the craze in the Christian community was about the prayer of Jabez. Now you practically hear nothing of it. Jabez prayed that prayer in his generation for the issues of his day. Though there is relevance in the content of it for general spiritual applications, the burning issue of our time should be the obvious banishment of signs from the preaching of the gospel; those signs that are to follow the setting forth of the gospel are virtually non-existent. If Jesus in three years up-ended the culture of the world and divided time in half by his profound impact; how is it we who are 5oo millions strong cannot even affect culture anymore, but are being driven from just about all public theaters of life by forces that should have a life in the shadows of this earth, if at all. I think when we can be honest with ourselves we might make some progress.

A prayer we might consider praying is: O Lord, God.

I care not for this great hunger with which I am afflicted this great while, neither this thirsting which thou hast made me to know. Instead, it is for that life that they point to; that life for which thou hast made me to know this hunger, and thirst, that I am purposed to know; for why should I have hungered in vain, or likewise thirsted in vain also, but that I should know this life. Since by this hunger, and thirst you have made a place in me, for that life that you want me to know, and promised to those who thus hunger and thirst, they will be filled; fill me now with that life of the Lord from heaven, which no bread of earth may feed, but only thy every word.




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