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The faith of God allows for all things to be possible to those who believe that they are the ones to whom God has said all things are possible with them as it is with God only, if they believe; and nothing shall be impossible unto them, for nothing is impossible with God. God could only say that because he has given himself to man as a gift to allow him to function as such, but though man with his lips may even venture to agree, the ministration of condemnation, a spirit of religious conformity to man's doctrine will not allow him to believe it in his heart where it really matters; so he cannot act upon it. The ability to vicariously take actions in the place of someone for whom you are substituting; is to have faith in the weight of that person, and when the person for whom you are vicariously substituting is God, it is the faith of God that you exercise. God doesn't need faith, but you who are substituting for him to the world, need faith to be him. You take actions based on the exceeding eternal weight of God whom you put on in Christ.

There are some things about which the visceral response, in fact the only response is……Duhhhhhhhh. Did you expect one plus one to add up to something other than two? Why build the prototype model of the product if you are going to make products that are different from the prototype model which is approved? Why dig the foundation for a house if you will build the house somewhere else? God has presented Jesus as the prototype, or first fruits after which we who follow him are to pattern ourselves. Only problem is, we who say we follow him, apart from polite conversations and good manners do none of the things for which he is known to be Jesus. Men have made so many excuses for failing God that the odds of him ever succeeding are as insurmountable as to be nonexistent; we just cannot overcome our excuses. We have effectively entombed ourselves in excuses because we know not nor understand the faith of God.


By the faith of God, when you put on The Lord Jesus Christ your mortal limitations get swallowed up in the vast quantity of whatever God is, and your reach now extends into eternity. In case you think that there is a mistake in this line of thinking you should know that along with the gift that is God himself; ALL THINGS are given unto you...put at your disposal. This include all things past, present, future, things that have names...whatever the name, things in heaven, things of this world, and the world to come...all are yours, you are Christ's, and Christ is God's.

When God gave himself to Abraham, he gave not a carved wooden, or stone idol, but something that was living, breathing, and moves in dimensions of space and time. Just how do you handle that: how do you receive that? The God kind of faith is the only way to receive the gift that is God. Romans (13: 14—But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ) offers an epiphanal insight into the only approach to appropriating this offer. You don’t carry this gift around like an object, you put it on; it is something you put on. This faith allows you to put on God (the Lord Jesus Christ).

God didn't give a stone, or wooden statue of an idol to Abraham, he gave himself...living, breathing, and active in power. Such is the life that we now have in Christ by the faith of God.

Consider the unassailable truth if you will: NOBODY HAS ANY BETTER MANNERS THAN THOSE JESUS MODELED; beyond his good manners however were the countless mighty miraculous works that he did and in no uncertain terms told us likewise to do them, and none of us are ever even thinking of going there. Why do we think when we imitate Jesus’ good manners we have done all? He listed them summarily, then he said, do these things. Good manners can be an assertion of man’s will; what he will and what he will not do. Sons of God receive power that is now from this world his sons. Jesus cautioned us to be aware because some people are born again according to the will of man’s peer pressure, the will of the flesh (self-determination), or according to blood relations, not according to the will of God. We may be able to imitate good manners but cannot imitate the works of God. This little glitch didn’t prove to be a problem, because we have just redefined the works of God in such a way as to not include any miracles but what things men who have not the faith of God can do.


There has been no great people without processions—…. George Eliot

Of men born of woman, none is greater than John Baptist, but I tell you the least in my kingdom is greater than he. Consistent with Psalm 82:6 (I (the Mighty God) have said , Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.) Jesus is contrasting the world of men, and a kingdom of gods: his kingdom where we are in him. The conclusion is the that least among gods in a kingdom of gods is greater than the greatest among men in a world of men. Those that are the greatest among men, kings and princes are at their best state counted altogether as vanity, and shall die like men, because they know not nor understand the faith of God which can transform them, so they live out their under the doctrine of men.

If having great procession assures greatness, then in Christ your greatness is assured, for your pedigree is in God. In Matthew 11:11 by pointing to the greatest among men Jesus is pointing to a sort of glass ceiling where men have max out their potential, and to go any further a transformation is required. Beyond this point for man, any developmental progress requires him to enter a whole different category of life form. One can draw no parallel between a worm and a butterfly; but a worm is what a butterfly was just previous to his transformation into a colorful winged creature that flies instead of slithering about on the belly. This transformation is not evolutionary, but transformative….changing of forms….reading an entirely different book altogether—not just turning a page or entering into a new chapter of the same book, but a quantum leap into that which God is that makes us gods, being his children. This is why by the faith of God, God expects us to do the same works he does, and the very reason we have not done anything beyond good manners and polite conversations is because we do not believe: therefore nothing beyond man is possible with us.

Jesus who was in the form of God, took on the form of man; so now through him, God thinks it’s not robbery at all where we who are found in the form of man, take on the form of God; that’s the exhortation to us: to put on the Lord Jesus….put on the form of God by transformation (changing forms). As we have borne the image of the earthy, so we must now bear the image of the Lord from heaven. It is the also same exhortation given to us to get new wine skins; by the faith of God, our confession of the fullness of Jesus is this new wine skin that we sow for our lives, and the holy spirit is the new wine who fills up our confession.


When the substitute teacher shows up at school nobody expects the real teacher to show up at the same time; it's either one or the other, but where God is vicariously substituting for us in life (for it is no more we who live but the Christ who lives in us) we are always showing up telling everybody we can’t do this,….we can’t do that…this or that is not possible. Any man who is in Christ Jesus in a bran new creation; all things are passed away, and now all things are become new. As such we can never truthfully or consistent with the testimony of God say we have never raised the dead, walked on water, or did any of the things that Jesus did. Our lives did not start when we entered into Christ; entering into him we are joined and are become one with his life that was ancient before the foundations of the world was laid down; this life has no beginning nor ending. That's what we are now in Christ; this is the legacy of the life that is now our life; for we die daily that this life might be seen and known to he world that it is not we but God. It is God: whether we sleep, or wake, or drink, or eat, or work or play; it is the Lord from heaven whom we have put on, and now declare our faith of God.

Man knows that he does not walk on water, does not walk through walls, doesn’t talk to trees and expect trees or mountains to hear him: he doesn’t talk to the storm, or winds or waves. Water is water, and is not made into wine; wine is made from grapes. A man dies, he is to be buried he will not live again; till the heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep, until the great resurrection.

Without the faith of God you are limited to the human script: you are born flesh and blood, you live like a man, and you die like men, even at their best state. What else could there possibly be in life for man that thousands of years hasn't proven. Actually we may have overlooked something. Darwin may have barked up the wrong tree, but at least he was barking. What God has done for us in Christ has nothing to do with evolution; rather it is a process of transformation. Compared to evolution, that is like strapping a rocket onto the back of a turtle

Our born again experience is more consistent with the will of man rather than the will of God because it is more consistent with what man has said than what God has said, in all appearance it is a form of godliness showing none of the power of God apart from good manners which can be acted out by the will of any man.

If you try to go about things as the natural man instead of the spiritual man in the faith of God, the ministration of condemnation, the entrenched system of religious conformity will never allow you to either have or experience the things of God. It’s like a huge bully standing above you with a shovel ready to bash you in the face when you try to look up to God face to face. After a while you don’t even bother to look up cause you know what is going to happen. It’s like a form of dyslexia; you see the words, but accept a different meaning that what the words you’re looking at actually say; that meaning you which accept being what some preacher said to you about it before. You’re reading but you don’t even have to engage your sense of discernment because of this regurgitation of knowledge passed on from generation to generation without ever knowing the truth about what is written. It is like a veil that is spread over the word blinding our minds. We assume we already know it so we make no attempt or expect to learn it. The truth is hidden in plain sight.

God told Abraham to walk before me and be perfect; to we who are the seed of Abraham, he says: be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. To walk before God is another way of saying by the faith of God imitate God…. Imitate him perfectly. It is the whole purpose of man; to be God's image….the visible image of the invisible God. It is as though God sets a mirror before and we are his image reflecting him in perfect fidelity. No man ever died for his image but God validated his image when he poured out all his life for that image; and we as that image should receive all of that life poured out for us.

The Bush Doctrine is not a doctrine about bushes; it is a set of guiding principles regarding how former president Bush, or for that matter subsequent sitting presidents might handle foreign, or domestic policy issues. The doctrine of man likewise describes man in all his mortal limitations, and how he is to interact with the laws of nature, the world around him, his fellow-man and all of creation. It guides his actions regarding his relationship with gravity; how he relates to water, fire, solid matter, things know to be deadly, environmental threats that can end him. This knowledge he was not born with but gleaned it from his experience, his peers, and his elders. It never include the faith of God which men have never heard, nor seen, nor understood in their hearts lest they should be transformed, and is passed down from one generation to another; keeping man consistently man. This knowledge is what man knows naturally and is passed down as traditions; when you operate by it as you try to relate to God, it makes the power of God of no effect; but when the faith of God comes, it elevates man above the very laws of nature as he has learnt such laws from birth in this world.

The faith of God allows you to be and act in the stead of God who vicariously transfer his being to us, in place of us (be in the stead of God to Pharaoh); such was the instruction given to Moses and is expected of those who follow Christ, who happens to be the way for this to happen with us.

By the faith of God you shall say to this mountain or to that tree, or wind or wave or storm and it shall obey your voice of God's word, and you shall have what you say.

In the particular instance where Jesus said never again will men eat fruit form the fig tree, and the disciples noticed the tree was dried up from the root later that day, Jesus told them to have the faith of God (the God kind of Faith) by which they could do that also. This instruction is to us as where God told Moses to go to Pharaoh and be God to Pharaoh. Jesus did things that he expected his disciples to likewise do, but observed that they struggled, or simply failed in the attempt. The faith of God allows those who hold it to do the things that God does. On many occasions the disciples tried to do what Jesus did and couldn’t; they would watch Jesus do things and marveled saying: what manner of man is this? Everyone has faith; faith in all kinds of things, and about all kinds of things.

What you say could kill, for the power of life or death is in the power of the tongue. If you work, you should get paid for it, but a man shall live good by the fruits of his lips.

Have the faith of God. You just have to know that here is something different about the way these words are assembled. God doesn’t need faith. Faith is what is required for you to take action based on the thing that is not there presently, till the thing that is not there comes. Once it comes you don’t need that faith anymore; but God is always coming to us for our life, like the blood flowing through our veins so we will always need the God kind of faith. This is not to get the things of God but to receive God himself. By this faith, it is not blood, but the Spirit of God that flows through our spirit, and he is not distinguishable from our spirit anymore than this part of the water is distinguished from that part of the water or air from air.

We are urged to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. We need a renewed mind…(that of Christ: love, power, and perfect soundness) in order to escape from the vanity of life in the form of man and be transformed into the evident sons of God, by the faith of God. The doctrine of man is an endless maze of indoctrination that occupies our short lives in the straight jacket of man's traditions so that we never can accomplish what Jesus listed as the works of God beyond polite conversations and good manners.

Faith is what is required to deal with unknown quantities, but where nothing is unknown to God, God will never be needing to have faith. Why then is it called the faith of God? It is the conundrum that has plagued people who listen to any man instead of the Spirit of Truth when they read the word. People often read the scripture with preconceptions about what is written. These preconceptions are established in their minds by what has been told them by men. By these things that’s been told to us by men, we are necessarily prejudiced when we read, because these things that were told to us about the thoughts in the Bile, they impose themselves as a false the meaning upon and over what we read of the words that is before us. The traditions and rudiments of man makes void the power of God who is Christ, but by the faith of God we affirm ourselves in Christ the power of God to deliver, and all things are possible unto us.




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