Lies in the face of the truth brings to mind images of the childhood fairytale Pinocchio. As the story of the little wooden puppet Pinocchio goes, this little wooden puppet came to life, but had the character defect of a distracting propensity for lying. As a result he came into a situation where arrangements were made so that whenever he told a lie his nose would grow. His habitual lying got so out of hand that at the heights of it, his nose extended like a tree branch complete with leaves flowers and at nest of bird’s; needless to say this proved to be a problem for him. The lies that he told became a prominent nose in the middle of his face. In the church the lies that fly in the face of the truth have surpassed those of Pinocchio’s yet appear to be of no problem for the leadership apparatus; in fact it provides a cover for their remission of duty.


If we advance the lies that were set in motion before our times, we are every bit as culpable as the perpetrators themselves.

Read it for yourself or believe their lies.
The lies in the face of the truth become quite clear when we look seriously at the truth of God. No one alive today was present to hear the words Jesus spoke two thousand years ago, so as far as there remains any record of what he said, it is there for you and me to read. Having read it I can decide for myself what he said, or I can let someone else tell me what they think he said, though like myself they were not there either. The current course that the worldwide church is on was set in motion long before you and I were born. It is highly unlikely therefore that we would be convincingly accused of things done in history to set the church on a path that is inconsistent with it’s founding charter purpose, but at this present time, as participants we can be rightly accused of contributing to the direction of the path it is on. The reason you are presently reading this message is a function of God’s love in action seeking to steer you clear of this sort of condemnation.



It’s easy to put bricks and mortar on top of a rock and label it church, but that kind of physical building isn’t going to raise the dead, walk on water, or heal the sick; Jesus the son of the living God does those things. A man’s name is not a man’s identity, it simply points to the man that is identified by it. That’s why God has elevated his word above all his name, because he is the Word, and his name only points to him. There is a world of difference between blurting out a name, and projecting an identity, for much, much more is required to project an identity than for saying a name.

The church is built after the blueprint that features Jesus the son of the living God as the foundation having this seal on the cornerstone—the Lord knows those who are his sons. Jesus is the foundation of the church; and all-important is his relationship to God: the son of the living God. We who come after, our works are the building that is set on that foundation. Though we may build upon that foundation, we may not lay another foundation. The foundation statement is that Jesus is the son so the living God, and all the works that we do must grow out of our core foundational identity as sons of the living God. Anyone who makes confession of faith in Jesus must step up to that foundation statement and own it. You say to the world, that statement is the foundation of your identity, and your works grow out of it; whether it be wood, hey, stubble, precious stones etc.



What could possibly be so precious about our precious little self that we can’t afford to lose it in who God is, and by his invitation to do so, to boot.

To lose your identity in Jack The Ripper is tragedy. To lose your identity in God however, I can’t see how anyone could possibly have a problem with that. What could possibly be so precious about your precious little self that you can’t afford to lose it in who God is, and by his invitation to do so, to boot. With whom is it a problem for you to lose your identity in who God is anyway; is it a problem with God who says you are to do so, or is it with man who says it can’t be done, in fact it shouldn’t be done because it is sacrosanct? It is a problem with man who through the ages has had similar problems with fundamental confessions like: the just shall live by faith, translating obscure bible manuscripts into the plainly understood language of the common man, or teaching the scripture to the masses, speaking in tongues, etc, etc, etc. It is a problem with man if you obey God, not with God. Who knew that it could cost a man his life to say that the just shall live by faith. It”s not like a private interpretation. It’s one of the principle premise of relating to God, if we think he is real. Who know that you could be burnt to the stake by the church for teaching your children the Ten Commandments, or to say the Lord’s prayer? Yet these things happened.

If it is your life, then it is you; and if you do not have him for your life, then neither is true: you are not he, and he is not you. That’s the reason Jesus said unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood you have got the wrong understanding working in you, and you don’t have my life. If you don’t become one with your food, you didn’t eat the food; whatever you eat is assimilated with your body and become one. You’ll never eat a McDonald’s Happy Meal, walk out of the restaurant, and have anyone point a finger at you and say: hey, there goes a Happy Meal, because you look like one; what you just ate is now become you. In that same regard as it works in the natural so it works in the spirit; Jesus is given of God to us to be our food, the bread from heaven so as we eat him we become him. It isn’t possible to become more intimate with anything than what goes into your body and affects every cell of your body, giving life to it: If it is your life, then it is you; and if you do not have him for your life, then neither is true: you are not he, and he is not you. Your life doesn’t stand off from you across the street while you are on the other side of the street; unless you are having an out of the body experience.

Peter was the most prominent among Jesus’ disciples. He walked with him for three years working and learning form the Master himself, yet shortly after Jesus left the ministry to him, he strayed into error and Paul, a new convert who never walked a day with Jesus in the flesh had to come along and set Peter straight on the issue of circumcision lifestyles and the gentile converts. This same spirit of truth who guided Paul in spotting and avoiding the lies in the face of the truth that constantly threaten to throw things off track walks with us today, and will help us also as we look to him for guidance



These faults in the early and increasingly in the now old foundation of the church are lies that are in some cases genuine mistaken understanding of scriptures, and largely in others a concerted effort to control the masses.

If at such an early stage in the life of the church these lies in the face of the truth were actively undermining the ministry, what damage do you imagine have been wrought across it’s now two thousand -year storied history? Couple of questions rise to the surface when we consider that Peter was no light weight disciple, yet he went off message in such a short period of time. Jesus said to him upon this rock I will build my church; referring to the insightful answer Peter furnished in answer to Jesus’ question about how the world view him. Peter’s answer that Jesus was the son of the living God confirmed that the spirit of truth was guiding him. Jesus said that true confession of Peter, would be the rock upon which he will build the church. Why didn’t the same spirit of truth that guided Paul and led Peter earlier, not steer Peter into making the proper correct course correction? If the spirit of truth was guiding him in the first place, how could he have gone off message so soon? If at such an early stage in the life of the church these lies in the face of the truth were actively undermining the ministry, what damage do you imagine have been wrought across it’s now two thousand-year storied history? A man would come to within inches of his life for asserting that the just shall live by faith. Others would be burnt at the stake by the church for teaching your children the Ten Commandments, or to say the Lord’s prayer, or translating the Bible. The church clergy would proclaim it better to have the laws of the pope that the laws of God.



We look to the rock from which we’ve been chipped; a chip off the old rock of ages. As children aspire to be their parents, Jesus exhorts us to be perfect as our Father in heaven…. imitate him. His measureless measure swallows up our limited mortality like a parent’s clothes swallows up the child when the put it on. Jesus is the way to the Father; we are to put him on though he swallows us up so we are lost in him, we grow up into him in all things. Personally I’ve never raised one person back to life, but I’m not running on my record. Because it’s not me anymore, but Christ that lives in me, I’m running on Jesus’ resume of record where he has already done it. I’m just continuing just continuing his work. As soon as my Father brings me into that situation to do it, by the grace of God I’ll waste no time getting to work; for I know where it says of me that all things dead and living are given unto me, and the authority also to execute that judgment call. God says if we are ashamed of him, he will be ashamed of us. It is not that we think it sacrosanct to say such things that confirm unto us the measureless measure of God in all the things of Christ that are given unto us by God, we are flat-out ashamed to say these things of Jesus as though they are ours; therefore God does not honor our confessions. All things therefore that we do, can be done by any living man on this earth today because we choose to do the things that are within the realm of human limits: not the impossible things,..... not the invisible things that are attended by ministry of angels. We are instructed to direct the hands of God by the words that we speak to do his work, but we give him nothing to do that man cannot do, so he lets us go on to do our works. The confession of man cannot raise the dead, but the confession of the Son of God does. If we retire from God he will not force our hand, he will retire from us.

I’m not running on my personal record, because it’s no longer me that lives but Christ that lives in me; therefore I’m running on his résumé of record concerning all the things that he had done, and expect to do even greater things. Jesus or whomsoever you are in him, is the son/daughter of the living God. This is the rock or premise upon which the church is built, and the works thereof are to be done. Depart from that, and there arise a problem with the alignment of the foundation, and building; the confessions, and the works then cannot be reconciled. When the princes of the church wouldn’t acknowledge that by virtue of being God’s children they were gods; God then declared all the foundations of the earth to then be out of course. We may think refusing to make that acknowledgment to be a little thing, and of no consequence, but if such a little thing can cause the foundations of the earth to be misaligned, we are irreconcilably remiss in traveling this road for two millenniums. If you take away the cornerstone of the building, the building looses it’s identity. That’s been the problem throughout the ages; rejecting the chief cornerstone. Since we have removed the Chief cornerstone the works thereof are gone, and what we now have are works accomplished according to the measure of finite, limited man, and to no one’s alarm. We reject him when we do not assume his identity. Let me put it bluntly. We are to impersonate him; usually that’s a crime, but that’s just what’s required here. We are to become him in the person of who you are….God in the flesh. He was God among men with Israel (the tabernacle of God with men). With us it is God dwelling in men (in the flesh).

It is not possible for men to do this kind of work. That’s precisely why God so blithely asks us to do them, and greater works even. The children of darkness would have figured this out already; but not the children of light, they are not as wise as the scripture says. God asks us to do them so that when we come up against the limits of our strength and measure in the attempt, we might get the idea that whereas they are impossible with men, we are to stop thinking as men; with whom such works are not possible; but only to those who believe that they are the ones with whom God says all things are possible as they are with God only…..for what he is, such are we as his sons. When we come up against our limits however, we don’t bother to honor God in trusting in his strength; we just conclude: it’s not possible with us …it’s therefore not possible.

These things would be possible with us should we come to the acknowledgment that we are to sow unto ourselves the measureless measure of God; provide for ourselves new wineskins for the new wine to make the impossible become possible. Muscles that we don’t use atrophy and become useless; and coming lately to the game and finding that these things are not possible with us because we have not provided the proper “wineskins” for it, we have chosen to do the next best thing… do the things that are possible with us, and call them not the works of man, but the works of God. When we fail to obey God we deceive ourselves; and entering into this kind of self-deception there isn’t much chance of recovery; we haven’t recovered for over two thousand years. We have persuaded ourselves that we are doing something; and if the old truism holds true, a man cannot learn what he thinks he already knows.



God told Abraham to walk before me and be perfect; to we who are the seed of Abraham, he says: be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. To walk before God is another way of saying imitate God…. Imitate him perfectly. It is the whole purpose of man; to be God's image….the visible image of the invisible God.

When we refuse to assume his identity as the precondition for doing his work, we set aside the cornerstone that identifies the building.“ In the name of Jesus” is not something you throw out, or throw at something; it is supposed to be something you know at the very core of your being for your identity, like the food you eat and drink becomes a part of you, and you project that identity outwardly. When we refuse to assume his identity as the precondition for doing his work, we set aside the cornerstone that identifies the building. Matthew 21:42-43—Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected , the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing , and it is marvellous in our eyes? 43 Therefore say I unto you , The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof. 2 Timothy 2:19 — Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.



The only precondition required for manifesting the reconciliation ministry works of Jesus is that you believe. During the Dark Ages the church deemed the common man unfit to receive the word of God in the common language that he understood. Today they happily tell you, and I only a select few are worthy to be ministers; so they can shut up the kingdom against you, though they themselves won’t go in. They give their “select few” the nod, pass them through their “semitaries”, anoint them, and off they go; that covers a multitude of atheists. The truth is, the only precondition required for manifesting the reconciliation ministry works of Jesus is that you believe. They that believe in me, the same works that I do shall they do also; all things are possible to him that believeth. Don’t know how you read the scripture, but the way I read it, Jesus wasn’t a child-molester, or for that matter any of those reprehensible things that are all too often featured in the news about the goings on in “his” church.

To do the ministry of reconciliation, Jesus cautioned us to bring no script with us, but such exhortation proved to be no avail. We have brought the tools of man to do the works of God, and though across the two millenniums it has not played well, we are yet unfazed in our waywardness by the stark lies in the face of the truth. God has asked us to do the impossible, but we instead have chosen to do the possible, and this cannot reveal God to the world. He has asked us to continue doing Jesus’ ministry of reconciliation works in his absence. These are the kind of works that are not possible with man. Men do not do these kinds of things, yet God has asked us to do them, and even greater works. God knows that within us there is something that needs to come on-line, and have made that knowledge clearly available by written instructions, and live demonstrations.

Men no longer do the works of God. The only works of God that the world is acquainted with, seems to be those called “acts of God” when nature goes wild.The works for which Jesus is know are never featured; raising the dead, exercising control over adverse weather, moderating agricultural crop production, reconstituting matter the molecular level, or walking on water. Why do you never hear of those things in the news. I’m frankly not buying into the theory that there is a conspiracy in the media to bury all such virtuous wonders, and print only the seedy, salacious variety. They are simply not done anymore; the media prints what we give them to print; and that is hardly anything good. The only works of God that the world is acquainted with, seems to be those called “acts of God” when nature goes wild. They will never call those “acts of man” because thought we engage in selective stupidity, we know the difference between the works of God, and the works of man. Kind of funny that freak nature should be called “acts of God”, cause where Jesus was shown interacting with nature it was to moderate and orchestrate a peaceful outcome.

There were other means to secure wine at the wedding, feed the multitude, or so many other things that Jesus did, but as an object lesson to us Jesus engaged means which showcased the power of God to display his glory. If we really want the world to see the power of God, and see the glory of God, then we must consider obeying the truth which requires that we continue the works of Jesus in the same tradition, instead of spreading more lies in the face of the truth.

After an earthquake, affected buildings are routinely inspected for damage to it’s foundation foremost, but also it’s overall structure. Recently the strongest earthquake of record shook Japan for under five minutes and in it’s wake redrew the map of Japan’s coastline, and nearby towns. “The Dark Ages”, like a quake of equal strength, shook the church not for five minutes, but for under fifteen hundred years of turbulent seismic activities. During the height of such quaking, words were uttered to the effect: better to have the pope’s laws than the laws of God; spoken by ministers of the church. Today you look at the foundation of the church, and what is clearly evident is that there is a shift in the very foundation. The very rock upon which Jesus said he would build his church has been shifted from Jesus the son of the living God, to man and the children of men. Though they see no more of the prominent sings that are ordained to follow believers, this rift in the compromised church foundation poses no problem for them; they are neither able, or honest enough to discern this fault.

At church building foundation ground zero it gets all personal, you impersonate him….he is you in person. You are his spitt’n image,… what you eat, and God has given him to you for bread to eat.

Either you have the identity of the old man in fear and torment, or the new man in love power and as sound mind. Where we are commanded to shine as lights, the idea is that of projecting an identity; the identity of God in this world. We do the works of Jesus in the identity of Jesus. When you step up, and own the foundation statement that you are by name and nature the son/daughter of the living God, you declare that as such you are prepared to do as he: raise the dead, heal the sick, and all the reconciliation ministry works of Jesus. That’s why he said those who believe in me shall do the same works, because my life is extended in them.

You can’t be who you are from across the street; unless you have a dissociative identity disorder condition. When you say you are the son or daughter of the living God you are saying you do all the things that Jesus does. You can’t identify yourself with the foundation of the church from across the street you have to be at church ground zero to build on the church foundation, … him flesh, and blood—all of him, so we grow up into him in all things. At ground zero it gets all personal; you impersonate him. He is you in the person. You can stay across the street and fling around a name, but at ground zero you have to absorb the identity, and assume the posture to do the works. In his name means in his identity. That’s not the message you hear in the church around the world. I know people who’ve told me that what I say resonate squarely with them, but they are never going to ever be posting such comments of affirmation here because they are ashamed to declare openly such views. If you do not eat all of what Jesus is for flesh and blood life you cannot grow up into him in all things, … are what you eat. If you are not he, then you cannot say that you are he, and if you are he, then what hinders you from saying so. You can’t be who you are from across the street; if so you have a dissociative identity disorder condition.


Matthew 8:16 …They brought unto him many that were possessed with devils : and he cast out the spirits with his word, and healed all that were sick:

We are to do the same works as Jesus or greater

The records show Jesus healing everyone brought to him for healing; that’s what he asks us to do. We’re used to traveling in cars at 60 miles per hour. At the equator the earth rotates at 1040.4 miles per hour. If the force of gravity didn’t hold us down, everything including we would go careening off the earth into outer space. If you want to go off into outer space however, an “escape earth velocity” of 24, 000 miles per hour speed is required. With gravity in place you wont see people go careening off into space anytime soon unless by deliberate effort to do so which requires you to know the facts. The records state that Jesus healed all that came to him for healing; you do not see men doing that today because they neither know the requisite facts, nor have the will to meet those requirements.

You just can’t go flying off the earth into outer space unless you plan to; you can’t do the works of Jesus to which we are called unless you plan to. The force of spiritual wickedness in high places at work against you doing such works is so virile, it will not even allow you to consider the possibility of doing Jesus’ works, never mind the greater works prescribed for us to do. .

You want to go into outer space, you have to know the rules; you want to do the works of Jesus you have to know them too. In play also is a spiritual force much like the natural force of gravity holding things down. The force of Spiritual wickedness in high places in the churches won’t even allow men to even consider this as a possibility with them. So virile is this force, it will not even allow men to even consider this possibility. In fact they become overcome with this irrational petulance and impatience with anyone who would dare suggest this. In point of fact this is impossible for men to do this, and that’s exactly why God so blithely commands that we do all that which Jesus did, and even greater works to show to the world his sons manifested in men by a line of new knowledge renewing their minds, and affecting this transformation. It is not in the interest of spiritual wickedness in high places to allow this, or even discuss this a possibility. Though it is only a theory, if you even question the “reality” of evolution today, you are considered the flaming village idiot; even though God says: nothing shall be impossible with you, if you consider the works of Jesus as possible with you, you suffer the same fate as a village idiot.

(Ezekiel 34:8-15) As I live, saith the Lord GOD, surely because my flock became a prey, and my flock became meat to every beast of the field, because there was no shepherd , neither did my shepherds search for my flock, but the shepherds fed themselves, and fed not my flock; 9 Therefore, O ye shepherds , hear the word of the LORD; 10 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against the shepherds ; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them. 11 For thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I, even I, will both search my sheep, and seek them out . 12 As a shepherd seeketh out his flock in the day that he is among his sheep that are scattered ; so will I seek out my sheep, and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day. 13 And I will bring them out from the people, and gather them from the countries, and will bring them to their own land, and feed them upon the mountains of Israel by the rivers, and in all the inhabited places of the country. 14 I will feed them in a good pasture, and upon the high mountains of Israel shall their fold be: there shall they lie in a good fold, and in a fat pasture shall they feed upon the mountains of Israel. 15 I will feed my flock, and I will cause them to lie down , saith the Lord GOD.

You’ve healed the hurt of my people slightly saving peace, peace; yet I have made no covenant with diseases, but commanded that deliverance from all afflictions.

Bold face lies cover minister’s dereliction to duty. Either you read it, or let someone tell you what they think Jesus said, but all said and done, you have to make the judgment call as to whether what you read or hear are lies in the face of the truth. To successfully do so you are not without adequate resources. The spirit of truth is promised by God to lead us into all truth. As you evaluate the information, some of these lies are so bold faced that little help is required to point them out. They were clumsily concocted to cover man’s remissive conduct, in the performance of his duties to carry on the ministry of reconciliation left to him by Jesus, in his absence. If the pattern of a building is in error, and you coming lately to the scene go to build on it, or add to it; though you may not be responsible for the error, when you contribute to it the consequence of the error that you now contribute to is something you wont be able to avoid.

In the book of Job God asks: can man benefit God or hurt God by rendering help, or directing violence to his fellow-man? The resounding answer returns as no! We can neither benefit or hurt God by aid or violence directed to our fellow-man. The whole point of rendering aid to our fellow-man, is that the power God which is what Christ is, be revealed in the delivery of such aid in a way that is beyond the scope of what is possible with man, yet at the hand of man. Done this way it points to the works of God in man making him manifestly the sons of God; it is upon this rock that Jesus said he would build his church; but it is no longer, so because the foundations have shifted to man without the evident power of God, within the range of man’s capabilities. The hidden mystery in performing the impossible works of the ministry of reconciliation was ordained for our glory before the foundation of the world, and to reveal the glory of God is what we have chosen to set aside to honor man instead.

Jesus could have visited and healed Lazarus, but he waited till he was dead, buried and was rotting before he came to raise him from the dead. This he did, so that men would see the glory of God’s power. He raised up Pharaoh and the empire of Egypt to show to the world his power in directing the affairs of nations. It is this same power that we seek to conceal when we insist on doing the ministry of reconciliation in the capacity of men, according to the measure of men, which are so many lies in the face of the truth. The many missing signs that should follow the preaching of the gospel bear witness of these many lies that still fly in the face of the truth; each of those missing sign represent a lie tin the face of the truth. It is true that God said we are gods because we are his children, and that truth cannot be altered, but that doesn’t stop us from flying in the face of the truth and deny what God himself says of us. It is for that reason that God says that the foundations of the earth are out of alignment. We may sing ‘the church has one foundation, it’s Jesus Christ our Lord’, but it is no longer on that foundation that we build; what Jesus does are impossible things, but what we do are things that not even men who profess faith can do.

There were other means to secure wine at the wedding, feed the multitude or so many other things that Jesus did, but if we really want the world to see the power of God, and see the glory of God, then we must consider obeying the truth, instead of spreading more lies in the face of the truth.




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