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It’s not quite clear just why the church as a matter of historical pattern requires anywhere from fifty, to two hundred plus years of hind-sight, in order to appreciate just how out of focus it’s position was on critical social, and spiritual issues at that time in history. What appears clear, is that the priority of the church today, and throughout history is more closely aligned with the populist cultural mores, and traditions of man, rather that the declared wisdom of God in scripture, given for our guidance and leading. It certainly begs the question concerning what current day position the church now holds on to, which in a few hundred years is going to appear to be, as so many of its other historically out of focus issues?

Better  without the laws of God than  the pope’s law.

The political church cannibalized the body of Christ for over 1500 years, coming to an end a little over 250 years ago. Now within that relatively narrow 250 year window of tranquility since, the average age of a person living today is probably 50 year old. There you have it; just do the math and look at those ratios. A mere 200 years of relative calm between your short 50 years of living, and 1500 years of brutal cannibalistic dark ages. Does anyone think that he could possibly walk away from 1500 years of traumatic history unscathed, that all that cannibalizing has no residual effect on the faith passed on to you; that there is no adverse impact rendering certain views somewhat out of focus, concerning what you believe and think today?

October 6, 2011 marks 475 years since a Christian was burned at the stake by, of all parties….the church, for his translation and distribution of the English Bible. There are cases on record of people executed by order of the church for the "crime" teaching their children the Lord's Prayer or the Ten Commandments in their own native tongue. Throughout the Dark aged the church in one form or another has openly burned Bibles and those who translated it, or promoted its study, reading, and use.

A clergyman hopelessly entrenched in the (church) dogma once taunted William Tyndale with the statement, “We are better to be without God’s laws than the Pope’s”. So outraged was Tyndale by these Roman Catholic heresies, he replied, “I defy the Pope and all his laws. If God spare my life (before) many years, I will cause the boy that drives the plow to know more of the scriptures than you priests!” His life was spared long enough to translate all of the New Testament text, and better than eighty percent of the Old Testament before he was betrayed, tied to the stake, strangled and burnt, so today we could own our own personal translated copy of God’s word.

Unless you know your history your present actions may well be without proper focus, and with great certainty are therefore lacking the vital framework of reference you need to understand the various forces that are at play shaping even your very thoughts, perhaps making you an unwitting pawn in your own undoing.

Unless you enjoy being herded along like so many mindless cattle, you are then obliged to look discerningly upon not only your past, but that of your progenitors, the history of your country, and in a larger context the world you live in.

In this spirit of introspection, God urges us to look to the pit from where we were digged, and to the rock from where we were chipped. After such and evaluation you might find you’ve been living an upside down life that’s very much out of focus. Many different reasons may bring us to faith in God, but having arrived it is imperative that we take a serious look at the belief mechanism that either moves you, or that you are moved by.

As the church emerged from the long years of the Dark Ages, so did the cankerworms of the faith, and other vermins that crawl out of the grave of dead faiths, eager to warm up to the tolerance of unsuspecting hosts.

The history of the church is rife with fitful, tumultuous alterations to say the least. It can be best described as an automobile accident at night, where your vehicle rolled several times before coming to a stop in a dark ravine; now being out of focus, your correct orientation apart from the general inclination of gravity is anybody’s guess. When you look at the body of scriptures that the Judeo-Christian community of believers embrace for inspiration and spiritual guidance, based on the sketchy portions of it that is openly acknowledged, you have to wonder whether if this were an actual road map, it could actually serve any practical purpose. The idea of a road map is to have continuity in directions between points A and B clearly drawn out for anyone desiring to make the trip between the points successfully.

If the scriptures were a real map to guide the church, then it should be of some concern that there are gaps the size of which could swallow up the Queen Mary, and a few other similar class vessels. These gaps are not so much glaring omissions of scripture, but where the church has blatantly ignored clear instructions that are vital to the life and purpose of the church.

The chruch is on a perilous margin without the power of God active in the minsitry of reconciliation as Jesus gave instructions.

The truth never changes, but people’s opinions about the truth are always changing. The inconsistencies seen in the church is not a result of inconsistencies in scripture itself, nor are they even missing portions of scriptures. These are inexplicably ignored areas of scripture. Their omission puts us on a perilous margin. Power is not just another item on a list, it is another name for the Almighty, Jesus is the power of God; when you take him out of the operation of the church, you have only another form of godliness that does not give expression to, of all things, God, the power (the Almighty).

The real leap of faith is for the church to imagine making progress in the ministry of reconciling the world to God without the power of God, which he went quite out of the way to make conspicuously visible to world, when he was doing such work in Jesus, and by Moses.

These areas are of vital importance to the health of the church; without striking the proper balance where they play a vital role, what you have is just another instance of the church out of focus. The mainline, front-line, headline churches inexplicably choose to ignore these areas, and in spite of that. Their numbers seem to swell, because the new converts who have lately singed on must figure that everything has got to be OK; everyone seems to be going along with the program; after all, the church is the citadel of morality. What could possibly be wrong?

This just shamelessly begs the burning question; just how far could Israel have gotten coming out of Egyptian slavery, crossing the Red Sea, then a parched wilderness, defeating some of the mightiest empires of their day, and getting settled in the promised land without the conspicuously glaring display of God’s power for the world to see? God plainly said: (Romans 9:17 For the scripture saith (of) Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up , that I might shew my power in thee, and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth.) For this same reason, Jesus waited until Lazarus was dead for three days, buried and rotting…to show forth the glory (power) of God (in him also). This should be an eye opener, simply ask yourself just how far Jesus’s ministry could possibly have gotten in three years without the glaring display of God’s power. This he did to move God’s ministry of reconciling the world along, and we in some kind of deranged madness think we can now continue moving this ministry along without the same power that Jesus firmly instructed us to have as signs following the preached gospel. Today being grossly out of focus the church wants to insist that because they “walk in love” they don’t need the power of God demonstrated by signs following the preaching of the gospel, when by definition the gospel is the power of God working salvation.

The spirit of the Dark Ages is as much alive today as a half a century ago. It is seen where though people have the Bibles in their hands this spiritual cankerworm of the faith prevents them from believing the very plain, clear things that are written for them. The Church had traditionally suppressed, opposed, and forbidden the open use of the Bible. It was first officially forbidden to the people and placed on the index of Forbidden Books List by the Council of Valencia in 1229 A.D. The Council of Trent (1545-63 A.D.) also prohibited its use and pronounced a curse upon anyone who would dare oppose this decree. Many popes have issued decrees forbidding Bible reading in the common language of the people, condemning Bible societies and banning its possession and translation under penalty of mortal sin and death. The Roman Catholic Church has openly burned Bibles and those who translated it or promoted its study, reading, and use. Today though people have the Bible the darkness of the age prevents them from believing

That the church could possibly have survived over 1500 years of nothing short of draconian cannibalization, even in the present shadow of it’s former glory, speaks volumes of it’s proven permanence. Let no one think for a second that there are not dire repercussions, and rippled effects wrought by the epic scale of terrible violence leveled against the true body of Christ over such a protracted length of time. A man crossing the road, getting hit by a semi-trailer, even if grazed by it, he is likely to suffer blunt force trauma. Well the church has taken a direct hit in this regard. The collective psyche of the body bears the fruit of the proof, still having critical areas that are yet out of focus, that it hasn’t quite recovered yet.

At the onset of this wave of cannibalization, the healthy body of Christ that used to do all the reconciliation ministry works of Jesus: raising loved ones from the dead, all other manner of miracles did succumb to forces of the darkness, and remained so for the duration of the Dark Ages.

Well the church has taken a direct hit, and it’s collective psyche bears fruits in evidence of such a trauma, still having critical areas that are yet out of focus.

If the healthy church succumbed to the forces of the Dark Ages, those Dark Ages having come to an end, it is clear to see that the church that emerged, is not the one that existed before, but one that survived, having succumbed to those forces; and that’s the very reason it isn’t functioning as the church Jesus left, hence all the contradictions.


The heart that doesn’t acknowledge God’s love, and power in equal strength is a broken heart, the mind that doesn’t acknowledge the love and power of God, on equal footing is mind of the lame.

When pressed on the issue of the massive collapse in the area of the one thing that is prescribed by God to define and make them effective and garnish them favor around the world, instead of acknowledging any failing, the church deftly pulls the love card, and plays it like a master fiddler; as if it were the ‘get out of jail free card’ in Monopoly, and by doing so, everything Jesus told us to do is supposed to just go away. The idea being that we love everybody so that makes it ok for us not to demonstrate the power of God. A funny thing about this love, you should know; love being an act, whatever act they do to express love never goes beyond the boundary of man’s capability, whereas everything God told us to do goes far beyond man’s capabilities. This singular most defining aspect of the church’s life is treated as a non-issue in the church worldwide.

We don’t need to demonstrate the power of God because we love each other….we love everyone, and love is all you need. This is the church’s go-to ivory tower for copping out of Jesus’s command to continue doing his works in the ministry of reconciliation with signs following the preaching of the gospel. Where we fail to demonstrate the power of god; other powers assert themselves in the absence of God’s power being seen, and will advance where we withdraw. The church has inexplicably backed away from any effort to pursuing the demonstration of the power of God attending the preaching of the gospels as sings following; Satan has taken notice and quickened his pace in advancing where the church secedes from demonstrating the power of God.

Love and power are equally God, and are to be shown as such, not parsed out unequally according to our unbelief.

The sound mind that God has given to us in Christ constitutes the spirit of love, and power. The heart that doesn’t acknowledge God’s love, and power in equal strength is a broken heart, the mind that doesn’t acknowledge the love and power of God, on equal footing is mind of the lame. Yes God is love, and the church knows this, but like a child whose dysfunctional bond parental bond, doesn’t allow him know his parent with intimate clarity, the fact is hopelessly lost upon the church that not only is God love, he is in actuality equally power….he is power….he is love, and not to present a united front of love, and power is to be irreconcilably out of focus to the world. To do that is to present a to the world a form of godliness that denies the power of God. You then have a crisis of identity and confidence. You have bastards, masquerading as children.

Which parent in this modern day raises their child from a “love” only without any hardship perspective? NO ONE! The kingdom of God is in power and given to us; if you want it, it is to be taken by violence, …..not the bomb lobbing variety, but the smash- mouth all-on -the-line perservering type which today, we are not prepared to undertake in order to see the kingdom of God manifested….. Nobody uses the term bastards anymore, but God isn’t afraid to roll it out for Christians who can’t endure hardship like good soldiers. You don’t hear the term bastards used anymore in the world, and as the church has done throughout their past, taking their cue from the world; they don’t acknowledge the spirit of bastards, anymore, we just stamp over it with the necessary euphemisms and indulge in it where we shy away from enduring the hardship of taking the kingdom of God by this violence.

The healthy heart.

A healthy heart acknowledges both the love and power of God, practicing them in equal measure. In the ministry of reconciliation whose capacity is more effective, God’s or man’s. God says to that end he cannot tarry man, not for the sons of men, for their capacity is now up to the task of doing the work of God. Where we proceed in disobedience therefore in the ministry of reconciling the world without the requisite signs following the preaching, God says all the foundations of the earth remain out of alignment, and for our disobedience they are unaddressed though they groan in pain waiting for the manifestation of sons of god in us to be delivered. There are no Popes, or King Henry of the Chruch of England keeping the word from us and burning people at the sake, but there are spiritual wickedness in high places in the church setting arbitraty limits to what we can believe though God says all things are possible to them that believe.

Though the text is as plain as day they tell us no, no, no don’t believe what your lying eyes; it doesn’t mean that. let we who are men tell you what it means…. what would God know anyway. They then proceed to hearken back to the very language in which the word of God was kept locked away form us in the first place, to bring forth their spin on the very thing very thing that is before you as plain as day….. don’t trust your lying eyes; trust our lying lips. They show you the dungeon from which you were liberated and you are supposed to just mosey on in. They have enough customers, so I guess it works often enough for them to continue doing it. I think I’d rather believe someone like Tynsdale, who put his life on the line, or rather at the stake, to which he was tied, strangled, and burnt for translating the old original cryptic language into our native language to nourish us, rather than trust someone tucked away in their intellectual ivory tower reeling out all kinds of endless clever spins on the word to guarantee their employment security as hirelings.

Actions have to be consistent with belief.

You believe Jesus is coming back soon and you waited this long to tell me?.….GET OUT OF HERE!

Recently had an enlightening conversation with a friend who recounted her experience during a ministry outing. An old man answered the door she knocked at and wasn’t too eager to accept the literature she offered him along with her invitation to the church’s community outreach effort. He sharply examined her with some pointed questions from which she has difficulty maintaining her bearing. So Jesus is coming back soon? He sneered; not even you could possibly believe this. Of course I do, she replied. He closed the conversation by a final jab: “you believe that and you waited this long to come and tell me…..now get out or here”. Upon that, he slammed the door shut, ending that interview. When our actions do not correspond with our thinking, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Motivated! No problems meeting the enemy on any terms.

Men do not move over for other men, but they do for God. When they saw the power of God, Israel’s enemies had no more fight left in them. We are supposed to possess our possession; the world is given to us. The heart that doesn’t acknowledge God’s love, and power in equal strength is a broken heart, the mind that doesn’t acknowledge the love and power of God, on equal footing is mind of the lame. Like as the legs of the lame that are not equal: so is the truth of God’s word in the mouth of people who don’t believe God. All their ways are unstable. For instance: where they say they love God, and walk in love; they then deny the power of God, by walking in disobedience, in that they do not manifest forth the kingdom of God in power, neither care to do it as Jesus demonstrated for us to do. God’s very definition of love hinges upon our hearing and doing his word whereby his love is then perfected in us; that definition says that we are false, our love is not perfect, and our confession is contradicted in our lack of obedience. Jesus is the perfect will of God, he also is the word of God. When you keep the word, who is Jesus; the love of God who is also Jesus is perfected in us….we are perfected in Jesus; ….perfectly Jesus in God’s eyes. If you look at the perfect will of God in the word when he reveals it to you, and you walk away and do not do it, not only will you become of focus, you will totally forget who you are.

The church has come to find the challenge of manifesting the power of God too daunting, requiring too much violent effort so, their solution is to simply: ignore in disobedience, or slip into denial by deceitfully misinterpreting the clearly issued—acted-out-by-Christ’s-demonstrations-for-you-to-understand-without-fail command. Martin Luther, one of the luminaries of the church remorms coming out of the Dark Ages who himself put his life on the line warned: we are not only responsible for what we say but what we fail to say. We are responsible for not delivering God’s work in it’s full strength. Jesus advanced the obvious plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face truth expressed in Psalm 84 the we are gods because we are children of God. Not only has the church declined to declare that potent word, but has gone to great lengths to change the menning. As Jesus put it forth in it’s strentht this truth so offended the listeners in the first instance they picked up stones to kill him by stoning, in the second instance, 90% of the church left him leaving the core group of deciples who themselves wondered, aaaaaaahhhhhhh, where can we go, only you have the words of eternal life. Jesus didn’t keep this secret from them; most likely the reason they were able to act like Jesus in his ministry is because Jesus had more time to make this clear by further elaboration, as well as many other demonstrations where the wondered among themselves at him saying “what manner of man it this….(we humans don’t do these thing, it’s against the laws of nature and the elements of the world as we know it”). These are the things that Jesus told us to do.


If no man can, or has ever seen God, nor can ever approach him, yet he now invites us to do so in Christ that should be to us singular signal to us that there is way more to us than meets the eye. Jesus disciples looked at each other in bewilderment, asking: “what manner of man is this that even the wind and the waves obey him. Jesus looked at them as to say to them: you know, you could have done the same thing. He asked them “where is your faith” The things that are possible with Jesus are now possible with us; it is expected of us, even greater things. We need only remember what manner of men we are.

James 1:22-24 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only (25 …who looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer), deceiving your own selves. 23 For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass: 24 For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way , and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.

Forgetting God is self-deception, a crysis of identity: forgetting the manner of man that you are; for you are what he is…the living visible image of the invisible God “

Adam disobeyed God and consequently fell, he forgot what manner of man he was that used to keep company with God. This disobedience is an act of refusing to reflect the clear image of God; it is entering into self-deception, forgetting God, the manner of man that you are.

Disobedience causes us to forget who we are; to totally loose focus, forgetting who God is. It causes he image of God becomes out of focus in us.. It presupposes that we had opportunity to be instructed through the word; …to see ourselves in the word. To then walk away from such instructions and not do it, we become as a man that forgets who he is; textbook definition of dyslectic dysfunctional personality identity crisis. When we disobey god we play a trick on ourselves. When Adam disobeyed God and consequently fell, he forgot what manner of man he was that used to keep company with God. Not only did Adam forget, but we his children are now born without that knowledge. If you believe the scriptures you know that: (1 Tim. 6:16 — (God) only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honor and power); yet God and Adam used to regularly be in the company of each other. Two thousand years ago God perfected and implemented his plan that allows you and I to now enjoy that same fellowship that existed between them before Adam fell.

Take a GOD Look

Let the children of men strive with their fathers, who themselves are but men; but concerning the things appointed for my sons who are gods, let them ask me; then let them direct the hand of God to perform all the things I’ve appointed for them in the ministry of reconciling the world that I have left to them to do. They are my workmanship, and shall perform my pleasure, whom I have appointed to give counsel to me; therefore do they have my mind given to them in Christ Jesus.

What Can Separate You? NOTHING!”

Moses reflected that God spoke to them out of his great fire on Mt. Sinai, and gave to them only ten commandments; and added no more, yet we have added 603 for a grand total of 613 degrees of separation to keep us at a distance from God who wants to be close to us, his own kind who will not receive him, or acknowledge him as such.

To look at God is to know and be reminded what manner of man you are, because it is in his image you are made, and all that you are is defined by all that he is. The experience of sin has the power to rob us of our identity in God, it makes us forget about that part of us that is not just like God, God identifies that part of us as himself, yet it is we. This image is expressed into us from out of God in the essence of his breath or spirit, for that is what God is…..spirit. The spirit of God was expressed into Adam as a mother expresses milk to nourish the child she gives birth to. The trinity is said to be three persons as one God, well if all several billion current occupants of earth chose to be in Christ, it would not increase the godhead by one more than it is and has always been.

The only thing that can really separate you from God is failure to believe. To those who believe all things are possible. Overcoming dimensional separations to be with God is among those things that are possible. Those who hold to the contrary suffers from a crisis of identity; they see themselves as flesh and blood which cannot inherit the kingdom of God nor draw near to him; but to the spiritual man all things are possible.

Dimentsionas Separation? NOT!”

Today the mechanism of new-age denial concerning the immutable truth of God sounds like this: God has access to so many dimensions, of past, present, future…..yada, yada, yada, that we are not like him, in this regard, and won’t be until we get to heaven. I keep wondering which Bible they read, cause I missed that chapter. Sounds like more of those cankers of the faith that crawled out of the grave of the Dark Ages to cozy up for tolerance among the unwhitting believers resulting in….faith interrupted!. NEWS FLASH! Right there where you are, in denial, breathing, you are now come the heavenly Jerusalem if you are in Christ: (But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, 23 To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect , 24 And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel. 25 See that ye refuse not him that speaketh)

Focusing on Dimensional distinctions separating us from God is another of the many areas where the church goes out of Focus forgetting who they are when they resolve not to do the things Jesus told us to do. When you aren’t persuaded to do the will of God, you can’t possibly count the endless number rabbit holes into which unbelief allows you to slip away. When Israel couldn’t find sufficient spinal steel to face Goliath, they found plenty of holes, dens, and caves of the earth to hide in. Today’s church find these dimensions to be cover enough from God whose power they deny, and whose work they can’t see themselves doing; so these dimensions will have to do for now. When Adam fell into unbelief, the first thing he sought was cover form God.

If you are on a bus, you go where the bus goes, you are in God you go where God goes. People who tell you that dimensions separates you from God and highlight difference between God and ourselves unwittingly seek to undo by the traditions of man what God has done in Christ—broken down the middle wall of separation between God and man to make us inseparable. Among the things that cannot separate us from God you can add any number of dimensions where God has existential presence: (Romans 8:38-39—For I am persuaded , that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present , nor things to come, 39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.)

There are not just a few atheist in the church preaching in hight places,………where do you suppose they got their start. They start by denying the smaller things of God, then they wind up denying God himself. Little demons of denial, will eventually lead you to the king of denial; let therefore the light that is in you be single minded, otherwise how great is the darkness we will walk in. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Which dimension do you think angels are in? IF YOU WANT TO TALK DIMENSIONS, THEN WHICH DIMENSION DO YOU THINK THIS IS TALKING ABOUT, WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE RIGHT NOW IN CHRIST? God isn’t dyslexic, and dysfunctional in his personality as we are want to be. LOOK,… YOU ARE IN GOD, you are nothing less him—whatever he is that’s what you are… WHERREVER GOD IS…..THERE YOU ARE. ..past, present, future, wherever! If you just don’t want to believe God, there are millions of ways to disbelieve him. Once you start with cowardly denying the works of God that you are suppose to do, there’s just no stopping where this river of denial will take you.

DIMENSIONS? Just Another Wall Of Jericho….CRUSHED!”

Men who deny the power of God, and tell you these things, can’t go to the word to find existentialist philosophical notions about God and dementions that can help you perform like Jesus, but only where it will deprive you, because they are in the devil’s bible. None of it is in the word of God. They desire to take you back to the Dark Ages of disobedience. Now you have the word, and by their efforts, you just can’t believe it. If there wasn’t something to it, people would have tried to kill Jesus for sowing the seed, it speaking it to them. There is no offense in what these people is going to tell you; they are never going to interrupt a funeral procession to raise the dead that plans are presently in motion to burry. They are well versed in reeling out endless platitudes to cover their failings to obey God. Their other major cover is… we don’t know if it is the will of God. Well from the distance they maintain from God by in the traditions of men, disobeying him, did they think they could possibly know his will. They haven’t the fiber to get close enough to see the eye of God that leads them in ways that are not written down in any book, yet worketh no ill angaist the law of love. MORE NEWS FLASH! JESUS IS NOT JUST THE WILL OF GOD, HE HIS THE PERFECT WILL OF GOD, AND HAS ALREADY TOLD US TO GO AND DO THESE THINGS. It’s not that they don’t know the will of God they are just too CHICKEN to do it. If Jesus waited till enough people agreed with him to do God’s will, do you seriously think he would have gotten started? He told us clearly ……he would not tarry for man, nor for the sons of men; which is precicely what we are doing, waiting for enough people to agree with us to make us fashionable. It wasn’t fashionable to do any of what Jesus did, because it isn’t the fashion of men to do those things that he did; that’s why they asked what manner of man it that, as he started controlling the storm and other elements of the natural world.

The things God does are meant to be seen, known, and remembered, yet one of the other favorite cards they pull is: well in some remote part of the world these things are being done. How lame is that? That probably represents less than one half of one percent of the body. As the local village idiot, let me tell you; if you have gangrene in 99.5% percent of your body and no one is alarmed, your best laid plans forward is to make preparations to meet your maker.

I protest that the form in which the church exists today is the shape of the Monday morning board meetings you find across the global corporate culture, with considerable networks of motivational speech making club franchises, raking in the almighty bucks to keep them alive. The difference between this and the corporate world is here there is the smattering of religious language; if there is spiritual life, it is on life support, literally: and that support comes from the world mostly, if not government hand-outs. They gladly change their names to avoid any offense, in order to accommodate assistance from various government agencies. I might have to go look up the definition of spiritual prostitution again, cause I do think this might very well qualify. And this is the picture of today’s healthy church.

Clearly man is fallible. Across 2000 years fallible men at the helm of the church have been directing policy and setting spiritual climate of the church. At times women were largely excluded form making meaningful contributions to the church. Various expressions of the Holy Spirit were even discouraged; speaking in tongues is actually a fairly recent phenomenon that has emerged among believers. Not quite fifty years ago, a black person could not freely congregate with caucasian believers, even today in some congregations that issue still presents a problem. Leadership assert their fitness to make decisions on matters of doctrine, including other crucial life matters for the church yet allow this wide and expansive legacy of falterings that are times glaring in their appearance. On hundred years form not you just have to wonder what issue will appear to be grievously out of character which today we cannot see. I refuse to wait a hundred years to do the things that we have been told to do two thousand years age. I cannot wait another hundred years before the church sees it’s errors and allow me to accept and walk in my heritage that God has appointed for me; Before the church sees just how our of focus it is.



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