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We are all pretty well acquainted with the familiar twenty-third Psalm, the Lord is our shepherd who leads us besides still waters, and in green pastures. Not as many people however are familiar with his choice of leading, or guiding us. Psalm 32:8 reveals that God wants to guide us with his eyes, so that we have the eyes of God for guidance.

Psalm 32:8—I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go : I will guide thee with mine eye.


Seen through a giant telescope on the Chilean Mountains, “Eye Of God”, Helix nebula, watches our tiny world from 700 light years away in the Aquarius constellation of stars.

Before the advent of modern GPS navigation systems, early explorers and sailors used the various stars, and constellations to guide them vast distances across oceans, and continents. Seven hundred light years away from Earth in the Aquarius constellation of stars is a strange formation nicknamed by scientists, the Eye of God. First recorded by German astronomer Karl Ludwig Harding in 1824, the eye, known as the Helix nebula, lies in the Aquarius constellation.

A Boeing 777 flying nonstop at speed of 590 mph will get you around the world in 41 hours; light makes the trip 7.5 times in one second, and will get you to the Eye of God in a mere 700 years.

The Helix Nebula, “Eye Of God”, is the nearest of ten thousand planetary nebulae in our galaxy. It is seven hundred light years away, and two light years across. To get a sense of the distance we’re talking about, if you were traveling in our fastest commercial airplane the Boing 777, it would take you forty-one nonstop hours of flying to make one trip around Earth; that’s 41 hours. At the speed that light travels, by the time you can say, one one-thousand or in (one second), light travels around the world seven and one half times…..in one second. Let me state the obvious here, that is fast. From Earth, traveling at that speed, you would pass our sun in eight minutes; and seven hundred years later arrive at the Eye of God. It would take you two years to cross the breadth of it….that is large.

Not only did God make the stars, he used them as the medium with which to make a painting of what scientists call the “Eye of God”.

The most striking feature of this nebula, is the very reason for which scientists nicknamed it, the “Eye of God”; it has an uncanny resemblance the human eye. It is as though you were looking at one of Michael Angelo famous paintings in the Sistine Chapel. Psalm 19:1 points out that the heavens tell about the glory, and the greatness of God, and the firmament shows his workmanship. Not only did God make the stars, he used them as the medium with which to make a painting of what scientists call the “Eye of God”.


Burne Hogarth is one of the few virtual masters of anatomical draftsmanship the twentieth century produced. His rendering of the human eye showing its anatomical structure compares favorably with the natural phenomenon of the Helix nebula, the Eye of God. I’ve often admired the way he represented the dimensionality of the different structural planes, and shapes of the eye, as well as the complete human anatomy.

Just the construction of this alone is amazing. To think in the vast blackness of space as a canvas, you would see a perfectly round, blue, spherical disk shape, rendered as a blue iris, set against the white of the eye. This in turn, is then enclosed by the rendering of pinkish eyelids having flesh tones beyond them for the socket and other structures of a perfect eye.

These are not just colors thrown together as a result of an exploding star; they are arranged and rendered in the classical Chiaroscuro method of great paintings that describe dramatic contrast between lights and darks affecting the whole composition.

These are not just colors thrown together as a result of an exploding star; they are arranged and rendered in the classical Chiaroscuro method of great paintings that describe dramatic contrast between light and dark shades affecting the whole composition. This is a technique that requires great skill using light to depict the volumes of three-dimensional objects, and is usually the structural underlayment of a painting that gives it a three-dimensional appearance; over this, the life-like colors are then rendered to achieve amazing richness in-depth, contrast, and life-likeness in paintings. The bizarreness of this spectacle is enough to inspire any number of sarcastic remarks reserved for attempts at ridiculous hoaxes, not the least among them might be: “yeah, I’m really seeing that”.

Who else could own a canvas, and pallet of that magnitude; using the planets and stars for brushes, Magellanic clouds of gasses and dust for paint, to crate a masterpiece which hangs in the galleries of the heavens for man to see the virtuoso workmanship of God.

Nothing about this is short of amazing, especially when you consider that the blue iris is not a flattened roundish circular plane of blue color at all; it is the open end of a tunnel of heated, glowing gasses that is one trillion miles in length. The extraordinary length of this tunnel of gasses, and our direct head-on view enhances the perception the sphere-like volume and depth of dimension giving the overall fullness of the globular orb of the eye and the surrounding anatomical structure. That illusion of volume is what the “Chiaroscuro” technique of painting aims to achieve. Talk about a virtual masterpiece of artwork in the heavens; reality imitating art. Who else could own a canvas, and pallet of that magnitude; using the planets and stars for brushes, Magellanic clouds of gasses and dust for paint, to crate a masterpiece which hangs in the galleries of the heavens for man to see the virtuoso workmanship of God. If Earth was positioned at a less direct angle to this formation, it would in all likelihood not have this striking appearance of the Eye of God.


The leading that God offers by the language of the eye is calculated to get us operating in the capacity of his sons in the ministry of reconciliation, but no one wants to get close enough to read the messages. The lingering after-effects of the great fall effects man in a way where he can’t seem to shake off this inferiority complex when it comes to step up and look into the eye of God for this leading. This leading is the secret that is with God for those who will come close enough to him.

The works of God in the heavens and the firmament are glorious and honorable; they are done to be seen and remembered. The ministry of reconciliation works, that he did by the hands of Jesus also were done, as was said in the case of Lazarus, to show the glory of God, which is to be seen by the world, and remembered. The leading that God offers by the language of the eye is calculated to get us operating in the capacity of his sons in the ministry of reconciliation, but no one wants to get close enough to read the messages. The lingering after-effects of the great fall effects man in a way where he can’t seem to shake off this inferiority complex when it comes to step up, and look into the eye of God for this leading. This leading is the secret that is with God for those who will come close enough to him.

God isn’t just watching us from a distance; leading us by the language of the eye, he is deeply committed, heavily invested and is up-close in demonstrating his care for us, by helping us. As much as the “Eye of God” can be clearly seen, God clearly showed himself to the world in helping us, by delivering us through Jesus from all manner of distressing oppressions, brought on by various sicknesses, incurable wasting diseases, and even from death, literally and figuratively. As much as the Helix nebula is the work of God these also are the works of God, and Jesus told us to continue these very same works in his absence. When God did this work of reconciliation, or bringing people back to him, the dominion he gave to Adam, and reinstated in us through Jesus was regularly witnessed as the power of God moderating or asserting control over the very laws of nature itself, and even over of the elements of this world. Jesus is the power of God in action helping us, and those instances where he thus showed himself to the world through Jesus, are what we have come to call miracles. The idea of miracles is understood in the exercise of God’s dominion of over creation, where creation is out of line with God’s will. Because in Jesus’ absence the church has failed to step up, and do the works that Jesus did, God say in Palm 82:5 that all the foundations of the world are out of alignment with him as we walk on in darkness. *The dark ages were called that because the light of the church could not be seen; and where the reconciliation works of God are concerned, his light is still not seen... not that great light that arose in Jesus for them which sat in darkness by the region and shadow of death. To err is human; sometimes we get things wrong, but how could we possibly want to have people believe that what we are doing is that great light that makes everything God has done so far appear as a light that does not to shine in comparison? The truly sad thing is that, while it is totally possible, we simply don’t want to believe; and no one is as blind, a the one who doesn’t want to see.


Miracles give God a chance to speak for himself as Christ the power of God. The works of God that the church is to do are those that Jesus did: raise the dead, cure-all manner of sickness, exercise dominion over the elements which is the general premise of miracles. The church say they are doing the work of God, but the people who do it do not call themselves God...the gift that God has given to them.

That is precisely why it is utterly preposterous for the church to continue calling what we do “the work of God”; it does not show what God does, it shows what men do, and the men who do it, do not call themselves God. It is impossible for them to see this disconnect, or how they contradict themselves; they won’t even call themselves the son of God. Does no one see just how comical that is? When the ministry of reconciliation is done the way Jesus told us to do it, God is revealed in such works for men to see him in his works; and that cannot happen the way it is now done. He has made his works to be seen, but we cover it up in the unrighteousness of unbelief; doing what men do, and calling it the work of God. That is the real identity theft…..and what a come-down. The real affront to God here, is our unbelief.


As a man is, so is his strength; I have said you are gods, therefore I command you to do the works of God. God was in the world reconciling the world through Jesus, and has now left the ministry of reconciliation to you, the church… his body; the extension of his life and power.

We are the seed of God, which by a clandestine operation of great cunning, and skillful planning God has injected into the human stock. Though injected into the human stock, it will not grow up to be human, but is intended to transform the human subject into the sons of God; and they grow up into all the fullness of God in all things. The seed of God is printed with his DNA that is 100% dedicated to producing from that seed everything that God is; and we are the product of that seed in Christ.

Isaiah 45:9—Woe to him who quarrels with his Maker, to him who is but a potsherd among the potsherds on the ground. Does the clay say to the potter, ‘What are you making?’ Does your work say, ‘He has no hands’ Isaiah 29:16—Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay: for shall the work say of him that made it, He made me not? Or shall the thing framed say of him that framed it, He had no understanding?

With Gideon in the book of Judges, we are reminded that: as a man is, so is his strength. In Psalm 82 God says of us, I the mighty God say you are gods because you are my children, therefore I charge you to do the works of God. No man regarded him, therefore he said to them: as you walk on in darkness all the foundations of the earth remain out of alignment; you will die like men, and at your best state, fall like a prince, the son of men. When Jesus came a thousand years later, this same controversy was alive as he confronted the people with this same declaration of Psalm 82; asserting God’s position in that scripture saying it cannot be changed because the scripture cannot be broken. Jesus then issued the same directive to his disciples, and by extension to us also, that we are to do the works of God which he was doing among them.

“It is immaterial whether or not you like the answer if that answer is the correct one. The answer doesn’t beg to be liked, just acknowledged. The truth does offend, but such offense if no sin; the truth remains that man is still standing wrong in his approach to the ministry of reconciliation, and in terms of making corrections is almost unreachable….Jesus laments “when I return will I find faith on earth?'”

The result is often underwhelming when we do the ministry of reconciliation works as men; though we live in the flesh, we don't have to walk in the flesh, but as sons of God.

When the ministry of reconciliation works are done by demonstration of the power of God, Jesus is then seen as the glory of God revealed to be seen and remembered.


The flawed approach of today’s world-wide church in doing the ministry of reconciliation is highlighted in the Jesus’ feeding of the multitude. Peter’s plan exemplifies that of today church; his suggestion to Jesus is exactly what the church of today does. He suggests doing what man knows how to do; take a head count, go to the village and buy provisions for them, or else send them home. Upon hearing Peter’s suggestion, Jesus instructs them: seat the people, bless the few fish and loaves of bread and feed them. If Jesus was working with the script of what is possible with man Peter’s way could have worked. They had money; They could have bought, and planned ahead of time to have food delivered. That’s just what the Church does today; but done that way no one is going to see the see the power of God demonstrated. Everything Jesus did was calculated to show the power of God at work delivering people. Take that away and what you see is man doing things.

The works of Jesus demonstrates him to be the power of God. He is to be demonstrated as the same power in the same way in the work we do today for his glory is to be seen on earth, like the way his glory that the heavens declare are seen pointing to God.

The Church do what the people in the world of business, education and commerce do all the time. They strive for excellence in business, economics, law, medicine, politics, education, the arts. In everything the church does, the world can upstage them. That is exactly how the battle was lost to evolution in the courts, and classrooms of America. We are told to demonstrate the power of God, not make voluminous eloquent arguments of apologetics. This was not true of Jesus as he did God’s ministry of reconciliation works.

Through our disobedience, the battle was lost to evolution in the courts, and classrooms of America; waxing eloquent with arguments of apologetics instead of demonstrating the power of God, who is Christ as we are instructed to do. Not only did God tell us what to do, he also demonstrated those things in Christ and instructed us to do them also. We profess love to God and to men, yet are the very opposite of Gods definition of love. He that hears my words and obeys them, in him verily is the love of God perfected. We certainly do not prove our love to God by walking in disobedience, and we cannot prove anything lovely to our fellow men by turning things upside down in serving them according to the script of man instead of God. In this, the ugliness of our misdeed, with abundant clarity reveals our hypocrisy; by walking in disobedience, God says all the foundations of the earth remain out of their ordained courses. In truth, God’s plan is the foolproof panacea for all things that afflict the world, and we have turned our backs on it. If we truly had love at all for God, our fellow man, or nature, we would set ourselves in line with what God’s immutable plan dictates for our lives; instead of walking as men in the ministry of reconciliation which he has committed to us to continue doing in Jesus’ abssence.

Where the power is demonstrated bringing back to life man who was dead, what kind of argument can evolution make to the contrary. That’s why plans were considered to kill Lazarus whom Jesus raised back to life causing many people to believe in God. You cannot make any effective argument against the fact of a Lazarus. The best defense we have is this demonstration of Christ who is the power of God. The works of God are glorious and honorable, done to be seen and remembered. As the body of Christ we are called to walk in the reputation of Jesus, that means doing things the same way he did them; after all we are simply an extension of his life, as the power of God.

If for no other reason, simply desiring to be obedient to the command of our Lord should be all the reason needed to persuade the Church of the need to come around to such explicit instructions which were not just vocalized but demonstrated by Jesus himself. Various arguments are thrown out here and there abut it’s more important to love one another than focusing on miracles, but the fault there is large enough to drive a semi-trailer through with room to spare. God’s very definition of love is contingent on our obedience to him; he says if you obey my words my love is then perfected in you, and perfect love casts out all fear. Doubt and fear are twins, and their father is disobedience that’s why the church doesn’t manifest the works of God, they walk in disobedience, which genders fear and doubt making it impossible.


The language of the eye is inaudible; there are no sounds to listen for, so there are no language barriers.

The Helix nebula may be 700 light years away, but the eyes of God are even closer to us than we can imagine. The eye more than any of our several sensory endowments, is by far the most dominant in terms of information gathering capabilities.

The term: ‘don’t shoot till you see the white of their eye’ has become a sort of cliché; but in truth you have to get close enough to a person before you can see the white of their eyes. You have to get even closer before read the myriad of subtle communications that is the language of the eye. If you cannot discern those messages, you cannot read their instructions and be led by them. A certain closeness of proximity is required to really appreciate the subtle nuances of expressions seen through the window of our eyes that tells the real story of our souls.

If I could only see just one more translation, I could be sure of the meaning. Really I could!

To think that God who is in the midst of the deafening sub, and supersonic roar of galaxies, exploding super Novas, and giant black holes devouring planets and solar systems, would choose to lead us by something as subtle as the language of the eye. The language of the eye is inaudible; there is no sound to listen for, or words spoken, so there are no language barriers. Today unless we can be presented with fifty different translations of the text we cannot be persuaded of it’s meaning. The language of the eye is all about the spirit; dead letters need not apply.

It is precisely because God has given to us in Christ, everything that makes him what he is as God, that we who are in Christ have to take a God look at ourselves.

This is not making a run for the throne of God as did Satan. This is a reuniting with the very thing from which were carved...the chip returning to the block of it

Isaiah 51:1-6—1 Listen to me, ye that follow after righteousness, ye that seek the LORD: look unto the rock whence ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit whence ye are digged. Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bare you: …Lift up your eyes to the heavens, and look upon the earth beneath… my righteousness shall not be abolished.

If we rightly divide the word, we see that Jesus said God is the rock that is higher than we are; every word that proceeds out of his mouth upon which we should build out lives, we are therefore to look to him…look into his eyes and find our identity there. We are also to look to our human stock which is grounded in corruption, as a pit out to which God extricates us… from where he digged us; as we have borne the image of earthy man, we must also in like fashion now bear the image of God from heaven, and not after we die, but now while we live.

It is as though God held us by both shoulders so we are face to face, and he says to us look into my eyes and find your new identity; and we respond by looking everywhere else except into his eyes. God bears witness of our denying him saying: I came unto my own kind and they would not receive him. If he called them they would not answer, because they know not who they are; that as he is so are they in the world.


Unless you are an opthamologist, or optician performing and eye exam, there is something very personal about gazing into a persons eyes, and requires a certain degree of closeness. Without a foundation of close fellowship that invites this interaction, such an action is considered awkwardly intrusive; a violation of personal space, and intolerably rude and offensive. Jesus is the foundation for an intimate relationship with God who is inviting us to become integrated into godhead without increasing the number of the godhead; to sup with him and he with us. He has given to us the gift of God in Christ. Everything that makes God to be himself is given to us freely: his mind, spirit, kingdom, power, glory, life, death, heaven, things present, things to come, principalities, might, dominions, ….all are ours, we are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s

Take a GOD Look

Let the children of men strive with their fathers, who themselves are but men; but concerning the things appointed for my sons who are gods, let them ask me; then let them direct the hand of God to perform all the things I’ve appointed for them in the ministry of reconciling the world that I have left to them to do. They are my workmanship, and shall perform my pleasure, whom I have appointed to give counsel to me; therefore do they have my mind given to them in Christ Jesus.

Moses reflected that God spoke to them out of his great fire on Mt. Sinai, and gave to them only ten commandments; and added no more, yet we have added 603 for a grand total of 613 degrees of separation to keep us at a distance from God who wants to be close to us, his own kind who will not receive him, or acknowledge him as such.

All the fullness of the eternal godhead is bodily placed into Christ, and we are supposed to grow up into all the fulness of him; we are woven into the godhead, without increasing the number of the godhead. There is no awkward intrusion here; it is seamless, no presumptuous violation of divine domain, but a gift, and the invitation to receive what is held out to us as a given. Not only is it God who has chosen us to come this close to him, but he is the one that goes out of his way to cause us to come near to him by giving us the power to be the sons of God. Feel free to post a comment detailing one thing that makes God who he is, and that is not given to us in Christ. Unless we examine what is being proposed here the entire message will be lost upon us.

If God says that in Christ, you are God, as he is, then it is for the express purpose of enabling you to carry on and do the work of God, you cannot be anything other than what he is—it is not for our vanity that we are made so, it is so we can do the work of God which none other man but God alone can do….God does the work of God.

There can no comparison be made between Satan who tried to take God, and Jesus who gives us the gift God. God is a gift, given to Abraham four thousand years ago, and confirmed two thousand years later in Christ the seed of Abraham for all of humanity to receive, making Abraham the Father of many nations. As a person, God has given us himself but we have turned him into RELIGION: God, after the beauty of man…the wisdom of man…the strength, and measure of man…what man can do to keep himself spotless.

Religion is a form of godliness without the power of God. What man does to keep himself pure and unspotted from the world.

It is not possible for man to see God, yet God invites us to look into his eye for guidance.

When Moses requested that God reveal himself to him, God said no way, you cannot see my face; instead what he allowed Moses to see was a view of God from behind as he passed by. Even that indirect view of God was overwhelming for Moses. If man cannot see God, and he is inviting we who are in Christ to look into his eyes, that is saying to us, we are not sons of men, for to men, looking at God is not just forbidden, it is not possible. You need not be reminded that the eye is among the most prominent feature on the face; God does not allow his face to be seen by men, not even the great Moses. This is why Jesus said the least of those who are in me are greater than Moses.


1 Timothy makes this clear: 1 Tim. 6:16 — (God) who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honor and power everlasting. Amen. I think we haven’t quite come to terms as yet with what God has done for us in Christ. We are a new creation; old things are passed away. The label of man is passed away from us, as the pit of corruption out of which God has extricated us, and the Lord from heaven is who we now are in Christ, he is that rock from which we were taken, and are now again joined to him again so that what he is, is what we are, and have come to be again. By disobedience Adam fell away into corruption, by obedience in Christ we are again restored to incorruption.

Man cannot see the face of God yet he tells us to look into his eyes. Psalm 82:6 God says to us clearly, you are gods because you are my children; what I am is what you are: ‘as he is, so are you in this world’. In spite of that we have found seven ways till Sunday to deny that. Jesus is not spelt with a small “g” god, but God and that’s who we are, and exist no more as we were; for what he is, is what we are. Isaiah adds even further clarity: Isaiah 57:15 For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble (whom I have made to know hunger, thirst, nakedness, and to be still, to show him my life which is by every word that comes from my mouth), and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.


Except the scepter of a kings invitation is extended to you, you do not approach the king; such was Estser’s plight until the scepter was extended to her as a signal that she should draw near. This expression of favor is expressed in Psalm 65:5-6—Blessed is the man whom thou choosest , and causest to approach unto thee, that he may dwell in thy courts: we shall be satisfied with the goodness of thy house, even of thy holy temple. 5 By terrible things in righteousness wilt thou answer us, O God of our salvation; who art the confidence of all the ends of the earth, and of them that are afar off upon the sea:

This speaks volumes about the great disparity of values. Man having fallen cannot view himself with much value, nor allow the same for his fellow-man; he certainly cannot make allowance for what God says of him, to be true for him. He cannot allow the staggering value of God, which is given to him as a gift, to be reconciled with what he knows of himself to be true from birth. What we have known from our birth to be true of ourselves as men however, is the very thing that we are told is to pass away, and all things become new in Christ; yet we can’t seem to get over that terrible fall into the pit of corruption. Adam became corruptible when he sinned; he didn’t die that very day, but the process started that day making him corruptible. That seems to have so stained man’s psyche that we simply can’t seem to shake off its effect that holds us within the narrow bands, and limitations of corruption.

There is a process we are expected to undergo, a transformation by the renewing of our minds. Not when we are dead and buried, but while we live, we are to take on the nature of the Lord from heaven, who is incorruptible. Only five hundred years ago the man who translated the scriptures into the common language of the people for them to know the word of God was tied to a stake, strangled, and burned at the stake. Laws were issued making it illegal for any Christian to possess a Bible for which penalties for those who violated such laws included burning at the stake. In Italy, it was still illegal to own a Bible until 1870!

‘better be without he laws of God than to be without the laws of the pope.’

Men had to pay with their lives to make it possible for us to get access to the word of God. Our challenge today is not getting access to the word of God, but believing the word of God against the traditions of man. William Tyndale was spurred on to give up his life in bringing the word of God to us when a local clergy mocked his vision of everyone having the bible to read, saying to Tyndale: ‘better be without he laws of God than to be without the laws of the pope. It is this same kind of mindset, to the traditions of men that forbids us to receive this gift of God that is offered us in Christ Jesus.

If God says that in Christ, you are God, as he is, then it is for the express purpose of enabling you to carry on and do the work of God, you cannot be anything other than what he is—it is not for our vanity that we are made so, it is so we can do the work of God which none other man but God alone can do….God does the work of God.

Jesus did not do the ministry of reconciliation walking as a man, we cannot hope to walk in his reputation doing the same works a he if we walk as mere men. The past two thousand years if nothing else should make that abundantly clear to us; but then maybe our interests lie elsewhere.

He cannot tarry for man, nor for he son of man; he cannot be hamstrung by the limitations of the old wine skins, by the limits of label of man where the ministry of reconciliation is to be done. Micah 5:7-8—And the remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of many people as a dew from the LORD, as the showers upon the grass, that tarrieth not for man, nor waiteth for the sons of men. 8 And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles in the midst of many people as a lion among the beasts of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks of sheep: who, if he go through, both treadeth down, and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver. By the limitations of the old wine skins, instead of being an asset, we are a hindrance in the ministry of reconciliation. God has sought to urge us to provide new wineskins whereby we may facilitate his perfect will, but for all the urging man remains man, and seeks to do Gods work to no avail.

Nimrod, the mighty hunter of souls founded Political Babylon, the hammer of the earth that lay waste the cities thereof. God swore to take vengeance on Babylon, and would not meet this spiritual Babylon as a man. That is the work he has committed to us to carry on in Jesus’ absence, and not do so as men.

Nimrod is the founder of ancient Babylon whose spiritual influence keeps the world in darkness today; God’s promise is that when he delivers and takes vengeance on this spiritual Babylon in the ministry of reconciliation he will not meet Babylon as a man: Isaiah 47:3—I will take vengeance, and I will not meet thee as a man.

The Lord cautions us against entertaining a spirit of unbelief saying in Acts 13:41—Behold , ye despisers, and wonder, and perish: for I work a work in your days, a work which ye shall in no wise believe, though a man declare it unto you. This is that work that he declared in Plasm 84 saying: I have said ye are gods (to the intent that you might do my works, but you will not believe) because you are my children, but you will die like a man in unbelief.

As we can plainly see the “Eye of God”, his workmanship in the Helix nebula, we also are his workmanship of which the scriptures declare to be fearfully and worderfully made. As God has testified of the truthfulness of his workmanship we are obliged to believe it. The Promises that God holds out to us can be obtained as we follow the leading of the eye of God for guidance.



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