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If you believe what you hear in the secular press and in the various reports from the halls academia, God is actually not in league with his own creation, but science is always dropping the scoop on God—surprising him at every turn. The fact is that long before man stumbled upon the phenomenon of atoms, they were there, electricity was there for him to discover long before man came around to it. Whether in expressions of exousia, or dunamis: all power is of God, and without him is nothing at all period.

About 50 years before man forged his first atomic weapon or had airplanes to deliver such weapons there is the Tunguska Event—showing evidence of an atomic air blast bomb source 5 miles above the earth, 1000 time the force Hiroshima’s “fat man little boy” that flattened hundreds of square miles of dense mature forest. Strangely enough, no impact crater is found at ground zero that would indicate a comet crashing to the earth, but the forensic fingerprint of an atomic bomb that matched with uncanny precision that of the Hiroshima aftermath which is without disputation. It is arguably exceeded only by Tsar Bomb which surpasses it 5 times in destructive force and is on record as having the greatest destructive capacity devised by man’s hand; although man had nothing to do with the Tunguska Event only 5 times smaller. Dwarfing the man-made Tsar Bomb by 17 thousand times in explosive force is Caldera, a volcanic explosion which left in it’s wake the wonder of Yellowstone National Park. Not to be outdone by nature; who needs atomic bombs when you can swallow the planet with a black hole singularity which though built into the very physics of the universe man has only recently stumbled upon it and is suspected of gambling with it in the Large Hadron Collider, a lab 17 miles in circumference.



Nothing should be more familiar to us and better understood than the very medium into which we are born, move and experience all of our existence, yet science is now telling us that there is no aspect of time that is fully understood, and space is perhaps one of the most profoundly elusive concept they grapple struggle to understand. Time and space are as inseparably linked as north to south.

Absurd, imaginary, preposterous, ridiculous, irrational, unbelievable, confounding, voodoo, spooky, illegal, insane: According to these descriptions used by scientists to describe our of world, and are used by Atheists as well to describe God, you’d almost think our world was made of God, until you look at (Romans 1:20—For the invisible things of GOD from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that MEN are without excuse:)…1 Corinthians 8: 6 {But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things (made), and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things (made), and we by him.} and see that it is. We live and move and have our being in the medium which God describes as himself; this medium is alive and is: absurd, imaginary, preposterous, ridiculous, irrational, unbelievable, confounding, voodoo, spooky, illegal, insane to the mind of man; but is as the nature of angels, the messengers of God’s presence.

As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.—Albert Einstein

If people behaved like these particles you would see people walk right through other people; or in the case where Jesus where he actually walked right trough a wall into the room having the doors shut, where the disciples were gathered. There is no disagreement between quantum mechanics and any experiment that has been done by science; similarly there is no disagreement between what God says of himself and what science sees when it looks at the heavens and firmament which God says shows how he works. Scientists insist that these properties are not just descriptive of things at a subatomic scale but describe our everyday world because all things are made of them, their unworldly nature is however not as noticeable at out scale of things. The faith of God is what Jesus says is required for us to do all the things that he does, making us consistent with the universe of miracles in which we live move and have our beings.

The heavens tell us about the nature of God, and the firmament show how he works. As a Believer I have to wonder to what extent Christians believe anything that is written in the Bible. It was only about a hundred years ago that scientists discovered the biggest scoop in the history of science, that all things are made of light; two thousand years ago Jesus showed us how he is the light across the universe of which all things in the universe are made, as well as the light of man’s heart. Before the sun was created on day 4 in Genesis it was God’s light that illuminated the heavens and earth; Jesus shined in candlepower strength as the very sun. To what extent they believe that, the jury is still out. Jesus told us that those who believe in him, have to do the same works as he did throughout his three years of miracle-working; they don’t believe that either, cause last time I checked the Jerusalem Post, or the local paper no one was walking on water or telling storms to behave. We have become so much like Atheists who are comfortable with what they choose to believe that we are almost indistinguishable form them; they are comfortable believing nothing about God, the Christian’s comfort zone of things they believed apart from the salvation story, is not too different; for they do not believe anything possible with them apart from what is possible with men. In that way of thinking they proceed to do what men do, and call it the works of God.

All the miraculous attributes of Jesus's interaction with people and nature is seen in the world of quantum particles containing discrete unit measurements of power. The quantum laws governing them also describe our world as well as the world invisible to us. Scientists seem to think as things approach our scale of things those strange attributes fall away as we assume more fixed physical properties. With Jesus however these attributes were fully functional as he defied all the laws of nature to do the miracles that he demonstrated, and expected we should do them as well; it was as if one of those particles became a man possessing all the quantum world's strangeness. Galatians 4:4-10 indicates when the faith of God comes to us we are no longer bound under the elements, or laws of nature, or handwritten commandments of man.

The long list of hi-tech gadget shows the prolific contribution of Quantum mechanics

The long list of new fangled high-tech gadgets proclaim loudly the prolific contribution of quantum mechanics, the most successfully tested and proven theory ever advanced. If all the contributions of quantum mechanics were removed from our daily lives we would find ourselves back in the industrial age of steam engines and wire telegraphs. There would be no global markets, nor wireless telecommunications networks. Quantum theory is the most precisely tested and most successful theory in the history of science. Nevertheless, not only was quantum mechanics deeply disturbing to its founders, today—75 years after the theory was essentially cast in its current form—some of the luminaries of science remain dissatisfied with its foundations and its interpretation, even as they acknowledge its stunning power. A Brief History of Quantum Mechanics.

When you simplify everything it all comes down to particles of energy, and lots of space; nothing is as it seems. In reality the Empire State building is the size of a grain of rice without all the space between particles. All the great variety of substances surfaces that we see are a result of the varying spatial arrangements between atomic particles. Whether something is shiny, rough, soft, wet, gaseous, hard or transparent depends on how these particles of energy are arranged.

In it’s infancy science described what they called an inner spirit that was in all matter throughout the universe; they later applied the term vis viva to that living, hidden force. The respectability of Newtonian science walked away from such nonsense, but found they had to come back to it, to seal the deal with Einstein’s (celeritas)2 in e=mc2, the most famous equation the world over, that changed man’s fundamental understanding of his reality. This formula shows how all things are made of light. When God in his capacity where he would recover man from his perilous fall, made his first introduction to Moses, it was by the name I AM THAT I AM, The Living One; by which he identified himself; matter (stuff) that lives: light (electromagnetic radiation stuff) that lives and speaks. He recommended that name to Moses for his identification to all generations of mankind from that day forward.

Atheism has staked out a patch of ground the size of your shoe called the Ignorant Republic of Atheia. Beyond the shores of that miniscule piece of real estate nothing about God is possible to them.



If Atheists insist on being led by their senses and logical powers of reasoning they would be dead in the waters when it comes to making progress with God. Sooner or later they will be asked to do things outside the bounds of their logical ability to reason, and then there’s just no where for them to go. How is Mr./Mrs. Atheist going to speak in tongues when it comes time? How are they going to raise the dead or do any of the things Jesus did which we who follow him are asked to do? There are just no logical calculations that show how that is done, but where we are led by the spirit of God. It is they who are led by the spirit that are the sons of God and Atheists will not allow that.

Atheists have staked out a patch of ground the size of their shoe called the Ignorant Republic of Atheia. Beyond the shores of that miniscule piece of real estate nothing about God is possible to them. They refuse to venture into the vast Atlantic of the unknown where the possibility of the God cannot be ruled out. Their social demographics is among the most intelligent group of people walking the planet; so it’s not about intelligence, but about the amount of information they are willing to ignore when the ponder the question of God. If I give you directions to come to my house, so you could come to me, and you then you begin railing, saying I’m not there because you don’t like my directions to get to me; one has to wonder whether you are more interested in getting to me, or in finding a way that you like instead of the one given. If God who knows everything says that it is impossible to come to him any other way except the one he has made clear; you will waste great effort and time trying other ways.

We’ve had it wrong for a long time; it is not that God doesn’t want us to use our senses to look for him. He is saying that he is so far beyond the range of such information that our natural sensed can supply to give us any knowledge of him that it is impossible for those senses to serve us in that task. If we rely on logic or scientific evidence as the basis for our faith in God, we are relying on sight that requires no faith, so our faith is no faith; like Thomas who had to handle, and touch the risen Lord before believing. When our faith is guided by our senses our limitations are as profound as to be blind. God insists that there is a spirit component to man the man must engage in order to communicate with God who is spirit.

Everything we see and experience has to be filed away into some ordered arrangement that helps us make sense of the world for us…our reality scheme; if we see something that doesn’t make sense in that arrangement, then we tend to dismiss or trivialize it. I could show you what God said of himself consistent with the world you live in; you may not believe it. By the capabilities to see the world at the scale of invisible particles you could see how this world is now proven to be just as God said it when we had no tools to see it as such; you may still not believe it. I cold tell you what science will see tomorrow based on what God says of himself, and because it isn’t agreeable with your order of reality you may not believe it still only because it doesn’t suit your version of reality.

Imagine a kid who is asked to go find the Easter eggs that are traditionally hidden. The kid say: I don’t want to go looking for these eggs. Why couldn’t you just put them where I could just see them and go pick them up. To insist on that approach is to totally overlook the whole purpose of hiding the eggs in the first place. Where with the hidden Easter eggs, the point is the fun in hunting for and finding them. God has arranged a screening process to separate the proud who in whom he has no delight. The proud as well as the humble are invited to receive the personal being of God as a gift, but the proud will never humble himself to subscribe to Gods preferred way of receiving him by faith. It’s the old story again of how we got into this mess in the first place; relying on what appeals to our visual senses as good, and our intellect to make us wise as God. The way back form a fallen state doesn’t appeal to our senses, but our spirit.


Imagination is more important than knowledge. A person starts to live when he can live outside himself. The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.—Albert Einstein

The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth his handiwork, day unto day telling words, and night by night showing his knowledge.

Paul said he was brought up into the third heaven by a vision 14 years before the time he was reporting this. There he said he saw things that were unlawful for men to speak of. Physicists now report that it is basically illegal to ask questions like why or how what they see is the way it is. They just know that it is, and it’s illegal; it shouldn’t be but it is. They describe it as absurd, imaginary, preposterous, ridiculous, irrational, unbelievable, confounding, voodoo, spooky, illegal, insane. This describes the world we live, move, and have our beings in; literally in the medium of God who says we live,move, and have our being in him. His name I AM THAT I AM describes matter that lives (stuff that lives); he made man out of a lump of dirt (stuff) and made man to live too. You may argue the point of whether politics and religion can mix, but science and God are not mutually exclusive; they cant be separated because God is all there is, and what science is always looking at it God: Absurd, imaginary, preposterous, ridiculous, irrational, unbelievable, confounding, voodoo, spooky, illegal, insane…..stuff that lives).

Just right before a man is buried references are made to him as dust to dust, ashes to ashes. The man who is now called dust and ashes was living, breathing, and walking around only a short while before he is now called dust. Man is made of stuff that lives; when God is with that stuff it has God’s image life because God is life, according to God the stuff that man lives in and walks around in, is God. Science says that all things are made of light; before science knew that, God said I am Light; all thing are made of me. Now arises the age-old question; which came first the chicken or the egg: my 14-year-old son insists the chicken came first because God made the chicken and then told him to be fruitful and produce eggs. Is it science who said that all things are made of light and religion is trying to ride that coat-tail of science, or is it God who said that and science is now proving it.

Civilizations of the Ancient Near East, in fact Globally have managed to carry out feats of engineering and mathematical calculations that are as breathtaking, as they are simply baffling to consider. When skeptics look at the narratives of the Bible however they scratch their heads at the apparent stupidity of what is being presented to their genus level IQ. The science of God is simple enough for a child to understand, yet so advanced the most brilliant among us look at it and utter words like: Absurd, imaginary, preposterous, ridiculous, irrational, unbelievable, confounding, voodoo, spooky, illegal, insane).

Down through the last two millennia Christians have gotten into the inexplicable habit of not really thinking about what they read in scripture; to them all the thinking has been already worked out by some smart theologian generations before them, you just subscribe to their tidy little package of theology and you are all set. The science of God however is proving that approach to be as untenable as it is unproductive. Frankly the only things that appears to work is salvation by faith in Jesus Christ through grace. That gets you to heaven but beyond that there is the time between entering into salvation and your last day on earth; what do you do with that. If you mention going on to perfection, only a limited outlook is given serious thought; after you die you are perfected, or assume the rituals of a mature responsible human being.

Picture two parallel railroad tracks; one would be what God has communicated of about himself to us in the Bible, and the other would be what science is describing when they look at the world you live in right now: Absurd, imaginary, preposterous, ridiculous, irrational, unbelievable, confounding, voodoo, spooky, illegal, insane. Yes, that’s exactly what they see. This is the language that the leading physicists today are using to describe the medium in which we live move and have our being when they see it. Einstein died without arriving at the evidence he hoped would disprove these things. 60 years after his death a prominent physicist built a machine that could do the work that would bring to fruition Einstein’s assertions that such things are ridiculous what he called “spooky actions”; instead the disproving it, the results confirmed that such is the world of the medium we live in. People have always been wanting to put God under the microscope, well now they are seeing him, and describing him as: Absurd, imaginary, preposterous, ridiculous, irrational, unbelievable, confounding, voodoo, spooky, illegal, insane.

How much traveling is a man required to do to get from his ear to his toe. When you are entangled in God’s life, power, Spirit, divinity, nature, whatever affects you affects God also. God didn’t tell us to do these works only under the precondition that we understand why he told us to do them; he simply directed us to do them, and no one can point to any instance where he changed such instructions and then said to stop doing them, yet everyone has stopped so cold in their tracks that it never even intrudes upon anybody’s consciousness to even consider doing them as a possibility with them. We have become like birds with wings that never flies, and no one ever even wonders whatever such appendages as wings are for.

The works that Jesus asks the church to do makes them the panacea of the world, but they inexplicably walk away from it to do works of altruistic humanism that even Atheists can do without the power of God.

Busy ineffectiveness is just a step above apathy, but for all intents and purposes it still doesn’t measure up to what Jesus asked us to do. Without faith…specifically faith that is informed by love it is impossible to please God, and that includes works that are done without faith or as well as those done with faith in means other than the one God prescribed. We could even go so far as to give our bodies to be burnt, and we will still suffer loss because such faith was not driven by love, and the definition of that love is where God knows it is love because it is done in obedience to his directions. Disobedience is the opposite of love, and we the church have not yet obeyed the Lord where he commanded us to do the works that he himself did in the day of his flesh. We complain often about how the rich could end world hunger, and cure much of the world’s ills if they were less selfish with their resources. Jesus left power in the hands of the church to do that, but they are too resigned to cowardice and fear to follow through. People are starting to look around at the Christian faith and are asking some searching questions about what we are doing.

When the disciples saw Jesus working they were amazed and asked themselves: what manner of man is this? Well when we look in the mirror and do not do what Jesus told us to do as he had done we have forgotten the manner of man that we are….that is the manner of man that this same Jesus is. The reason the life that Christians have is called resurrection life is not because they believe in someone who is supposed to be dead, but because they do what Jesus who was dead use to do, to show that he is alive in them. When we read the word of God it says we are supposed to do what we hear and read the instructions saying to us to do, and if we don’t we deceive ourselves and forget what manner of man we were. As we look at scripture, we see Jesus working miracles and telling us to do likewise, and we were supposed to make necessary adjustments so the word could become flesh again in us by living in our flesh, but we walked away and forget that we are supposed to be Jesus in the works we do. When the world sees us they are supposed to take a second look and be impressed that we are Jesus come back form the dead because of the mighty works that show forth themselves in us. That is what resurrection life means; Jesus living in us so it is not we who live anymore, but Jesus living in us and continuing to do what he did in his three years of ministry on earth.

Our works are supposed to follow us not...fall-on-us, and those are to be borrowed from Jesus’ capabilities to produce his works in our generation. That trusting in God’s supply of power by Jesus is the works that are to follow. Whatsoever is not of faith is sin and no sin can enter heaven. If our works are not showcased in the gallery of what Jesus did and told us to do we run the risk of suffering great loss because it was not of faith, but where we trusted in our human abilities to do only what even unbelievers can do without Jesus, the power of God.

Faith comes by hearing the word of God, and is passed on from faith to faith, form one generation to the next generation. Herod thought that Jesus was John Baptist come back from the dead and that’s why mighty works were done by the hand of Jesus. When the world sees us they should get the impression that we are Jesus Christ come back from the dead accounting for the mighty works done by our hands according the exceeding greatness of the mighty power of God that is with us when we raise the dead and do all the other works of Jesus that he told us to do. Today everyone is busy making disciples but nobody is a disciple of Jesus in the ministry that he demonstrated across his 3 years on earth, and then told us to do the same and even greater things. Disciples should be as their masters but there is an open and I might say bogus acknowledgment that nobody can be like Jesus…..HELLO!! Jesus’ 12 disciples were like him; they did the same work. They raised the dead and many of the same works Jesus did. Talk about the missing link of the power of God between Jesus and we who profess to be his disciples. I suppose now the argument might arise: well, nobody can be like Jesus’ disciples? If disciples cannot be as their masters…as they should, they will continue making disciples after themselves; all new converts will be made like themselves instead of the masters image. Jesus warned of this; where leaders do not enter into the kingdom of God, but cross land and sea to evangelize, and make the new converts twice the child of hell as they.

Today you look across the globe and what you see is a stunning fulfillment of that warning. For the better part of the last 1000 years the church has produced some of fiercest most outspoken Atheists in history. Like Darwin, they all come from within the church, and are twice as smart, know the bible better than most of the clergy, and are exceeding vexed and bitter because of what they see as gross incompetence in them.

They have torn prayer and any spiritual expressions from out of the schools and public life of America so that even the nativity is a pariah in towns of America, produced the greatest killing fields in abortion than all the wars fought by humanity from the dawn of his inception, created doctrines of evolution that have swallow the world apostasy and chased Christianity from the public forums around the globe. Almost any of the worlds major religions are accepted and respected at face value, but Christianity is derided at every corner and every opportunity. This is the child of the clergy whom Jesus warned would be produced as twice the child of hell because they, the clergy would not enter into the kingdom of God nor would allow them, the converts (disciples of the new clergy) to go in either, so they have turned to burn the house down.


The common lay person is beginning to awaken to the gross lapse in the kind of ministry that Jesus demonstrated and what it has devolved into in the hands of these physicians of no value.

“Most of what is offered at many Western churches, across denominational lines and including the most progressive Emerging/Emergent churches, can be accomplished by human effort and willpower alone. We cannot offer the wider world, a world reeling from personal, systemic and global evils, anything that they cannot get elsewhere. Honestly, sometimes I feel we may as well just be the Boy Scouts or Rotary Club. Do we honestly believe that Jesus’ Incarnation, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Glorification and our Baptism with the Holy Spirit all happened so that we could be one of many organizations that help people? To be one more source of morality and ethics?” …speakfaithfully.wordpress.com

At first the leaders told the world that it was unlawful for them to read the word of God, and now the would tell you it is unlawful to speak the word of God

What do you suspect is going to happen if you chance speak the word or God? Are you going to go up in a puff of smoke or experience a veil lifting from your faculties that prevented you from grasping spiritual truths beyond saving grace. The word of God is like a seed which if you don’t sow it, it can never produce after its kind in us the life of God that we should have. If you want to sow the work of God you have to say the word of God.We need to find out how these things are true and how to say them to honor God instead of men. God said if you ask for wisdom he will give it to you and not brow beat you down with insults.

BY FAITH IN CHRIST…Old things are passed away, and all things are become a new creation in you. Whoever now lives in you therefore, is not you anymore, but it is God…God is God and he is in you; because you being old in Adam, are passed away with old things. Having passed away, you are dead, yet still you are living as Christ, and Christ is God; but there is a gag order and you can’t say that?

God’s life belongs to God
You are living his life, so you must be ———

The foundation of the church is based on the confession that Jesus is the Son of God, and so are you because you believe on his finished work that makes it so.

If you see the Son, you see the Father, the Father is God
You are his son, I see you, so you must be ———

Whatever the father is, that’s what his sons are
The Father is God, we’re his sons, so we must be ———

What ever the Son is, that’s what we are
The Son is God, so we must be ———

What ever God says is true
He said we are gods, so you must be ————

Only God can do God’s work
God told us to do his kind of works, so we must be ———

The glory of God cannot go to anyone else but God
God gave his glory to us, so we must be ———

The heaven, and the heaven of heavens belong to the Lord God
He has given it to us, so we must be ———

Whatever you do to me, you do to God
So God must be ——

God’s mind belong to God,
He gave us his mind, so we must be ———

God’s name belongs to God
He gave us his name, so we must be ———

All God’s possessions belong to God
He gave them to us; we have them, so we must be ———

God told us that we are gods
God cannot lie, so we must be————

It was the same people who’s been leading us, and have lived in disobedience to the expressed will of God over 2000 years now. If you believe what men say, then what God says is of greater force, and deserves infinitely greater respect. When we refuse to do what God tells us to do we deceive ourselves, and rob ourselves of God’s glory which we are called to inherit as his sons. The church is based on the foundation that we who believe in Jesus are the sons of God as well as Jesus.

Philippians 3:3 says that we are the circumcision who worship God in spirit and have no confidence in doing things according to human ability. Well if not in human ability what other ability then do we have confidence in to do all things. We are to do things the way Christ does them but if we are honest, all our confidence is squarely in our human abilities when we do things. Think for a moment what was the last thing you did just the way Jesus did them when he ministered on earth? Hive knowledge will never allow us to operate on the level of Jesus in ministry, that’s why we have to break with hive knowledge, because it has gone wrong.







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