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Religion is a form of Godlinesss, and there are many forms of godliness; none of which gives evidence of the life of God. The definition rendered in scripture is: James (1:27—Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.) Here religion is defined as the various expressions of godliness as seen in observing certain rituals and moral conducts none of which require the you actually have the life of God in you to do it. It says you may be doing something nice, but you are the one who under your own human steam are performing the doing of it, in this case the keeping of yourself form worldly pollutions. This covers all the Greek, Roman, and all other pagan religions.

True religion is actually a dubious distinction because it describes things that are done which have a show of wisdom and form of godliness but are accomplished by the exertion of mans will. Spirituality on the other hand is where God distributes abroad exceeding greatness of his power, even ministering spirits to be received for the life of those who become his sons/daughters. More than believing for life after the grave, they do the works of the Lord Jesus which God started in him, and left for adopted sons to continue doing. Where it was said in Old Testament...God is with you while you are with him; now it is said, God is in you as you are in God. Sons of God have their hands on the pulse of the power of God to do the Works of God.

Those that are sons of God actually receive power to become so, and are the power of God in robes of flesh…God in the flesh: John 1:11-13— reveals more of these forms of godliness which are not to be confused with the actual life of God: (11 He came unto his own, and his own received him not.12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: 13 Which were born, not of BLOOD, nor of the WILL OF THE FLESH, nor of WILL OF MAN, but of God. In this regard atlruistic humanism may show great compassion toward a fellow man.) Again here some people’s form of godliness expresses various codes of morality that the family of BLOOD relatives they are born into practices— another is the will of the WILL OF THE FLESH which Colossians 2:23 describes as “will worship” [Which things have indeed an (appearance) of wisdom in will worship, and humility, and neglecting of the body; not in any way conceding to the satisfy of the flesh.] These are things done to show great self restraint in abstaining from various known excesses and indulgences— yet another is THE WILL OF MAN; Paul writes that some men are forced to be eunuchs. People are sometimes coerced into certain behaviors or practices by peer pressures or other kinds of pressures being brought to bear on their manner of conduct, which may even include throwing bombs on other people, committing genocide in the name of religion.

These are only some of the forms of godliness that are expressive of religion. Spirituality is the actual life of God, religion is the proverbial “corn maze” that people wonder through to find him consisting of all the myriad exercises that make them look godly, but they may not be spiritual, they may actually not have the life of God, though they appear godly. Those who God calls his children receive power to become sons…..Jesus is the power of God, and God’s children are God’s power expressed to do the things he does. Mothers express milk for their infants, God expresses his image into his offspring so his offspring are the express image of God in the power of God. You and I in Christ are the expression of God’s power in the earth to do the things that Jesus saw God doing and did them himself as are we who believe in him to do likewise. He said his Father will show us also all things that himself does so we may do them too, for power is expressed to the intent of accomplishing something.

God didn’t tell us to do these works only under the precondition that we understand why he told us to do them; he simply directed us to do them, and no one can point to any instance where he changed such instructions and then said to stop doing tham, yet everyone has stopped so cold in their tracks that it never even intrudes upon anybody’s consciousness to even consider doing them as a possibility with them. We have become like birds with wings that never flies, and no one ever even wonders whatever such appendages as wings are for.

The works that Jesus asks the church to do makes them the panacea of the world, but they inexplicably walk away from it to do works of altruistic humanism that even Atheists can do without the power of God.

Busy ineffectiveness is just a step above apathy, but for all intents and purposes it still doesn’t measure up to what Jesus asked us to do. Without faith…specifically faith that is informed by love it is impossible to please God, and that includes works that are done without faith or as well as those done with faith in means other than the one God prescribed. We could even go so far as to give our bodies to be burnt, and we will still suffer loss because such faith was not driven by love, and the definition of that love is where God knows it is love because it is done in obedience to his directions. Disobedience is the opposite of love, and we the church have not yet obeyed the Lord where he commanded us to do the works that he himself did in the day of his flesh. We complain often about how the rich could end world hunger, and cure much of the world’s ills if they were less selfish with their resources. Jesus left power in the hands of the church to do that, but they are too resigned to cowardice and fear to follow through. People are starting to look around at the Christian faith and are asking some searching questions about what we are doing.

When the disciples saw Jesus working they were amazed and asked themselves: what manner of man is this? Well when we look in the mirror and do not do what Jesus told us to do as he had done we have forgotten the manner of man that we are….that is the manner of man that this same Jesus is. The reason the life that Christians have is called resurrection life is not because they believe in someone who is supposed to be dead, but because they do what Jesus who was dead use to do, to show that he is alive in them. When we read the word of God it says we are supposed to do what we hear and read the instructions saying to us to do, and if we don’t we deceive ourselves and forget what manner of man we were. As we look at scripture, we see Jesus working miracles and telling us to do likewise, and we were supposed to make necessary adjustments so the word could become flesh again in us by living in our flesh, but we walked away and forget that we are supposed to be Jesus in the works we do. When the world sees us they are supposed to take a second look and be impressed that we are Jesus come back form the dead because of the mighty works that show forth themselves in us. That is what resurrection life means; Jesus living in us so it is not we who live anymore, but Jesus living in us and continuing to do what he did in his three years of ministry on earth.

Our works are supposed to follow us not...fall-on-us, and those are to be borrowed from Jesus’ capabilities to produce his works in our generation. That trusting in God’s supply of power by Jesus is the works that are to follow. Whatsoever is not of faith is sin and no sin can enter heaven. If our works are not showcased in the gallery of what Jesus did and told us to do we run the risk of suffering great loss because it was not of faith, but where we trusted in our human abilities to do only what even unbelievers can do without Jesus, the power of God.

Faith comes by hearing the word of God, and is passed on from faith to faith, form one generation to the next generation. Herod thought that Jesus was John Baptist come back from the dead and that’s why mighty works were done by the hand of Jesus. When the world sees us they should get the impression that we are Jesus Christ come back from the dead accounting for the mighty works done by our hands according the exceeding greatness of the mighty power of God that is with us when we raise the dead and do all the other works of Jesus that he told us to do. Today everyone is busy making disciples but nobody is a disciple of Jesus in the ministry that he demonstrated across his 3 years on earth, and then told us to do the same and even greater things. Disciples should be as their masters but there is an open and I might say bogus acknowledgment that nobody can be like Jesus…..HELLO!! Jesus’ 12 disciples were like him; they did the same work. They raised the dead and many of the same works Jesus did. Talk about the missing link of the power of God between Jesus and we who profess to be his disciples. I suppose now the argument might arise: well, nobody can be like Jesus’ disciples? If disciples cannot be as their masters…as they should, they will continue making disciples after themselves; all new converts will be made like themselves instead of the masters image. Jesus warned of this; where leaders do not enter into the kingdom of God, but cross land and sea to evangelize, and make the new converts twice the child of hell as they.

Today you look across the globe and what you see is a stunning fulfillment of that warning. For the better part of the last 1000 years the church has produced some of fiercest most outspoken Atheists in history. Like Darwin, they all come from within the church, and are twice as smart, know the bible better than most of the clergy, and are exceeding vexed and bitter because of what they see as gross incompetence in them.

They have torn prayer and any spiritual expressions from out of the schools and public life of America so that even the nativity is a pariah in towns of America, produced the greatest killing fields in abortion than all the wars fought by humanity from the dawn of his inception, created doctrines of evolution that have swallow the world apostasy and chased Christianity from the public forums around the globe. Almost any of the worlds major religions are accepted and respected at face value, but Christianity is derided at every corner and every opportunity. This is the child of the clergy whom Jesus warned would be produced as twice the child of hell because they, the clergy would not enter into the kingdom of God nor would allow them, the converts (disciples of the new clergy) to go in either, so they have turned to burn the house down.


The common lay person is beginning to awaken to the gross lapse in the kind of ministry that Jesus demonstrated and what it has devolved into in the hands of these physicians of no value.

“Most of what is offered at many Western churches, across denominational lines and including the most progressive Emerging/Emergent churches, can be accomplished by human effort and willpower alone. We cannot offer the wider world, a world reeling from personal, systemic and global evils, anything that they cannot get elsewhere. Honestly, sometimes I feel we may as well just be the Boy Scouts or Rotary Club. Do we honestly believe that Jesus’ Incarnation, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Glorification and our Baptism with the Holy Spirit all happened so that we could be one of many organizations that help people? To be one more source of morality and ethics?” …speakfaithfully.wordpress.com

At first the leaders told the world that it was unlawful for them to read the word of God, and now the would tell you it is unlawful to speak the word of God

What do you suspect is going to happen if you chance speak the word or God? Are you going to go up in a puff of smoke or experience a veil lifting from your faculties that prevented you from grasping spiritual truths beyond saving grace. The word of God is like a seed which if you don’t sow it, it can never produce after its kind in us the life of God that we should have. If you want to sow the work of God you have to say the word of God.We need to find out how these things are true and how to say them to honor God instead of men. God said if you ask for wisdom he will give it to you and not brow beat you down with insults.

BY FAITH IN CHRIST…Old things are passed away, and all things are become a new creation in you. Whoever now lives in you therefore, is not you anymore, but it is God…God is God and he is in you; because you being old in Adam, are passed away with old things. Having passed away, you are dead, yet still you are living as Christ, and Christ is God; but there is a gag order and you can’t say that?

God’s life belongs to God
You are living his life, so you must be ———

The foundation of the church is based on the confession that Jesus is the Son of God, and so are you because you believe on his finished work that makes it so.

If you see the Son, you see the Father, the Father is God
You are his son, I see you, so you must be ———

Whatever the father is, that’s what his sons are
The Father is God, we’re his sons, so we must be ———

What ever the Son is, that’s what we are
The Son is God, so we must be ———

What ever God says is true
He said we are gods, so you must be ————

Only God can do God’s work
God told us to do his kind of works, so we must be ———

The glory of God cannot go to anyone else but God
God gave his glory to us, so we must be ———

The heaven, and the heaven of heavens belong to the Lord God
He has given it to us, so we must be ———

Whatever you do to me, you do to God
So God must be ——

God’s mind belong to God,
He gave us his mind, so we must be ———

God’s name belongs to God
He gave us his name, so we must be ———

All God’s possessions belong to God
He gave them to us; we have them, so we must be ———

God told us that we are gods
God cannot lie, so we must be————

It was the same people who’s been leading us, and have lived in disobedience to the expressed will of God over 2000 years now. If you believe what men say, then what God says is of greater force, and deserves infinitely greater respect. When we refuse to do what God tells us to do we deceive ourselves, and rob ourselves of God’s glory which we are called to inherit as his sons. The church is based on the foundation that we who believe in Jesus are the sons of God as well as Jesus.

Philippians 3:3 says that we are the circumcision who worship God in spirit and have no confidence in doing things according to human ability. Well if not in human ability what other ability then do we have confidence in to do all things. We are to do things the way Christ does them but if we are honest, all our confidence is squarely in our human abilities when we do things. Think for a moment what was the last thing you did just the way Jesus did them when he ministered on earth? Hive knowledge will never allow us to operate on the level of Jesus in ministry, that’s why we have to break with hive knowledge, because it has gone wrong.







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