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God Paid What? ……For What? Are You Kidding

They don’t even look like him, they don’t act like him either.

A time, or age of Incredulity inspires people to roll out the endless questions about things, that might have slipped by under the radar at better times. Times get hard, and you don’t want to take a loss.

You buy a product, it usually comes with operating manual that shows how the product functions. With the question of man, we know what he does. Do we really need an operating manual for understanding him? Several thousand years of history gives the game away for him….no surprises. Maybe? Couple thousand years ago, he was made all over; brand new and all, although his current mode of operating belies that fact, so you wouldn’t know.

If he was made over brand new, what was supposed to be so different about him, that it cost God his life to complete that renovation. How many projects of grand, colossal scale are carried off without the visionary loosing his life over it; yet here, God, no less, takes the big fall to carry off this project. If it cost God his life, there must have been some heavy investing going on, to pay that kind of price. What was the trade-off? I’m going to go out on a limb, and speculate that, that kind of value trading wouldn’t happen for a bird, or a sheep, or a turtle; but for a man, and his kind, it happened. Really, could you see God dying for a bird, a snake, a fish? Even people’d know better than that. Are God, and man of equal value? A life, for a life; did God know something that we don’t. That’s probably mostly why he is God, you figure; in all likelihood, he did know something that we are not factoring into this line of questioning.

You go into a store to buy something, and come up to the cashier with it. You hear the “ca-ching” and payment is required, so you pull out the cowhide, and fork over the dough. The script is, whatever the thing is worth, that’s what you pay for it. So, God has numberless angels of varying ranks, all of whom were made in higher standings than that, of man. You mean, God couldn’t have thrown one of them into the old boiler, for man’s renovation coast; or maybe a whole bunch of them, or maybe all of them? Surely God is worth more that all the angels together are worth, so that would have been a total loss. Why should the big cheese take the hit? If ever there was a time to pass the buck, this was it; any leader worth his salt knows that. How many top dogs take a bullet for something at the bottom of the food chain?

That old feel'n of buyer's remorse coming on

Ever bought something, brought it home, and upon closer examination, the inescapable reality of buyer’s remorse settles in, when it doesn’t live up to expectation? Well there you have it; that’s the story of man, and God’s grand expectations for him. But as you know, God is eternal, and an optimist to boot. You, and I would have returned man for cash value, or even store credit, but keeping him would be off the table; he just simply soiled the bed, one time too many. So, just what does God see in man, to remain optimistic about him? He must have bought some manufacturer’s warranty thing in case conditions turned out to be what they are. Oh….., they didn’t have manufacturer’s warranty back then, so, whatever is going on here at face value must be real. God sees something in man that was worth the life of God.

Oh, I see; it is his image, that God sees in man. That was the thing of equal value, that no angel or host of angels could redeem. Even though man cannot see it because of a horribly mangled, and twisted psyche, from the unspeakable fall of his fore-parents; God has no doubts about his workmanship. He knows in time to come, though for now, man is virtually clueless; when they see his Son who ransomed them, they will then become like him in every way, but for now there is this age of incredulity to get over. God paid what? ……for whom? Are you kidding, they don’t even look like him, they don’t act like him either.

See “GIFT OF GOD” and “God’s Offspring“, for further details of the true value that is the Gift of God in man.


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