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The nature of God is reflected in the nature of the universe; electron particles among the fundamental building blocks of the universe are fluid in their disposition, and are not inclined to be either here or there no more that be one or the other of their several properties. Even the only name that God has gone on record insisting it be that one presented to all generations of mankind for him to be known and remembered by, reflects that same character— I AM THAT I AM….a jumble of possibilities as the electrons are; not one or the other, but waiting for you to exercise faith in one or the other of such possibilities. Particle waves don’t show you where the particles are but where they are likely to be if you look for them.



Space is the stuff in which all things exist. Physicists admit there is no one aspect of space or time that they understand completely though it is the most ubiquitous thing in the universe. If you were to take away everything…..
absolutely everything, yet space would not be empty, but teaming with ferocious activity: particles emerging in and out of existence. To better understand it they are trying to chip off a piece of space containing the God particle.

God says we live, move and have our beings in him. Now if we could only figure out just what that is, in which we live, move and have our being, then according to God’s own word we might, get to know just what he is.
Instead of distorting the truth to fit man’s concept of God we just might consider following the truth about what God says about himself to discover who and what God is. He says the heavens and the firmament tells about his power “glowing energy”(glory); and being his handiwork shows how he works. Pantheist philosophy entertain the concept that the complete cosmos can be called God; but if you follow the scriptures, it says not all the cosmos can contain him. Because we live, move and have our beings in him, his is the cosmos and way beyond it. All things exist in space which is inextricably linked with time as Einstein described mathematically. It is not all that strange then that the fundamentals of the universe behave like God in the quantum science of God.

Remove all the space between the particles of atoms that makes up the human body and he would become so small he’d be invisible, yet having the same weight as before. The Empire state building would be reduced to the size of a grain of rice in size, weighing hundreds of millions of pounds.

All of science, is simply the refinement of our everyday thinking. Everyday thinking is refined through various observations, measurements, and calculations using the considerable array of bristling high-tech instruments science has crafted. With the naked eye, and our natural senses, you and I are greatly limited in gathering information about our world, and the observable universe. Aiding our natural senses, these scientific instruments push our senses to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, and help us probe the invisible world of subatomic particles. We now have a bulging portfolio of observations to appreciate, ranging from the tiniest of invisible particles, to the human scale observable world around us, to the distant remote invisible spectrum of the cosmos; beyond the farthest reaches of the universe.

What could reduce the Empire State Building to the size of a grain of rice? Just simply remove all the space that there is between the atomic particles in the Empire state building and it would be reduced in size to a grain of rice weighing hundreds of millions of pounds; and by that reckoning, a man would be so small he would be invisible to the naked eye. All that space almost makes us biological holograms.

As scientists examine our world more closely the evidence shows that ours is a world of chances, otherwise expressed as probabilities. From every particle, to every atom, to every piece of matter in the universe, the laws of quantum mechanic, the most successfully tested theory in the history of science is telling us that our world is one of chances. When you act according to limited clouded vision as though looking through a glass darkly, you are taking chances. This is descriptive of the walk of faith to which we are called. Faith and chances are parallel, compatible principles.

Let’s look then at what this stuff is in which we live, move and have our beings. The stuff in which we do all three things is called “matter”, and that stuff, if it is God, it is living, …“The Living One”; God made man out of it, and made man to live, having life in him.

Total natural raw material cost that makes up the human body; a whopping ninety-eight cents.

An electron is a subatomic particle that has specific unit measurement of energy.

Everything is made of light; energy is the essence of everything; That’s what God’s name “the Almighty” says…God doesn’t have power he is power—energy is power. Without it, there would be no universe – not even one single atom. An atom is among the tiniest of particles, having a core of smaller sub-particles some of which orbit the atom which is almost entirely empty space like the space between the planets orbiting the sun. Some move at lightening speeds to create the diverse things and forces of Nature. According to Psalm 19:1, the heavens are telling us about the power of God, while day and night the world is showing to us how God works. It is said, in God we live, and move, and have our being.



The most famous experiment, the “double slit experiment”, demonstrated just how fundamentally unpredictable our world is when you get to the heart of the matter. Two slits were made in a panel that was bombarded with particles like bullets. These particles could only get through these slits in the panel and hit the wall behind it in two columns that should line up with those two slits in the panel, but instead these particles were distributed across the entire wall not only in two, but in several columns even in places where there were no slits in the panel for them to get through and hit the wall. What this revealed was the shocking truth that contradicted our previous understanding of our invisible and visible world. THE COLUMNS DO NOT SHOW WHERE THE PARTICLES ACTUALLY ARE, BUT WHERE THE CHANCES ARE THAT YOU WOULD FIND THEM, IF YOU LOOKED FOR THEM. You may think this has nothing to do with your everyday thinking and living but if you look around you; every piece of high technology device at work and in your home is result of what this experiment predicts about the “chance-like” nature of the energy/power/electricity that makes possible how they are designed, and how these devices are driven. Without it you'd have no global village or market, like a return to the industrial age of steam engines and wire telegraphs.

Perhaps the most familiar thing to us from the time we daily wake up till we go to sleep in this world is the time in which we live move and have our beings. It’s just about the one thing that’s always on our mind: what time it is. What time am I going to sleep now, what time do I need to get up, and what time do I need to go, or come. In that regard, did you know that the official time-keeper of the world that orders our lives in nothing that we can see with the naked eye; not the earth in it’s 24 hour rotations, nor the 364 calendar day path of the earth around the sun; our lives are ordered by the rate at which the rare cesium atom of the world atomic clock vibrates. Your watch or clock may go off by 1 second per month, but this clock might miss 1 second every 100 million years. We have gone to that length to be accurate, because people like to be certain about things.


Much of the language and culture appropriate terminology in the Bible were used to explain to an agrarian culture, in friendly understandable terminology, things which in the esoteric language of science today probably 90% of the global population still struggle to grasp; never mind expecting a stone age culture would have understood it if put to them in today’s terms. So when you hear critics say, O that sounds like fairy tale; you can’t help wondering if they expected Jesus might have said….. I am the electromagnetic radiation of the world, instead of saying the light. YEAH, they really would have understood that. Now today if you assert that which Jesus not only said, but he demonstrated; you get the…… O, you are just anther preacher of that “New Agey” phycho-babble nonsense. It’s like either way you can’t win against someone who will not engaged to move.

Now arises the age-old question; which came first the chicken or the egg: my 14-year-old son insists the chicken came first because God first made and then told the chicken to be fruitful and produce eggs. Is it science who said that all things are made of light, and religion is now just trying to ride the coat-tail of science, or is it that thousands years ago, God said so, and science is just now proving it. For centuries skeptics have sneered that the Bible reads like a fairy tale, but now the same science that has given to us every modern technological convenience is showing our world to be even literally stranger than fiction.

According to Einstein, all that science is, is just a more precise way to measure, weigh and arrive at more accurate conclusions in our everyday thinking. Well, where the heavens tells us about the power of God, and the firmament shows us how he works; our everyday thinking, or our science of God in the Bible, is a perfect match with what our science of the universe is now revealing, and then some.

Our assumptions of reality are constantly being challenged by what physicists are discovering as they study our universe. Centuries ago the first shock was having to face a world that was actually not flat, but round. Had we even bothered to take notice, according to Isaiah we would have seen centuries before this flat earth concept, the science of God described the earth as a circle with God sitting upon the circle (sphere) of the earth. Isaiah 40:22 says God sits above “the circle of the earth” (the Hebrew word for “circle” can also mean a “sphere”). The latest repercussion of things discovered within the last few decades is that our universe is not a place where you are limited to making changes to things that are only near you. What that means is that changes made to things that are way at the opposite side of the universe can be affected by local actions as though they were right on top of each other, or beside each other; this is made all the more bizarre because this happens without anything (observable) passing between them. That reduces the cosmos to a universe village.



Absurd, imaginary, preposterous, ridiculous, irrational, unbelievable, confounding, voodoo, spooky, illegal, insane….. words that Atheists and scientists alike are using to describe the same thing…. God.

The human body is made of 98 cents worth of raw natural material, it can be process and sold for upwards of a quarter million dollars, but what’s your true value; what are you really worth? God doesn’t think you can put a price on your value; you are priceless. The universe is literally waiting for you to make your impression on it. In the quantum world nothing is really set in stone until you look at it, or measure it; it is waiting for you to describe it. Usually at a funeral you hear words like ashes to ashes, dust to dust describing a person who not too long before was living, breathing, and walking around; now they are dust and ashes, but all this dust and ash was alive only a short while before. Scientists are discovering that we may be more permanent than we think. Their studies reveal that the past, present, and the future are not separate, but are all out there; like the way all of space is out there, we are out there along with it. For centuries theologians have discussed this, but now science is seeing it. Where God described himself as past, present, and future, most folks have thought that to be weird but science is now seeing the world in which we live, move and have our being to be consistent with the nature of God in whom we have our existence: the past, present and future existing together.

When you see yourself the way God sees you, in Christ, you are a bran new creation, the perfection of beauty in all things; for you are his image—his image bearer…. chosen to be so out of all the wonders of God’s creations of magnificent angelic beings: living ones, shining ones, burning ones, nameless ones; the singular distinction is fallen to man, to be the image bearer of God Almighty.


Remove all the space from between these particles that are the building blocks of the universe and a huge structure like the Empire State Building would be reduced to a grain of rice weighing hundreds of millions of pounds. Very important to note that they are essentially discrete units of power— quantizes power as are the nature of angels said to be assigned various measures of power; greater or lesser in degree. When two of these particles are entangled (associate), there properties are shared and when separated even to the most remote part of the universe without communication; when you change the property of one, the other is immediately altered to reflect the change made locally. There is some form of communication between the two that is faster than the speed of light which scientists believe impossible; being unexplainable Einstein called this: “spooky action from a distance” ….. “voodoo”. The way this natural phenomenon works, corresponds seamlessly with the science of God where he interacts with us on earth when we look by faith to him, and choose from among his promises our welfare on earth as it is in heaven; God then confirms that choice so the two places, heaven and earth agree.

The universe is fluid and responsive in nature, waiting for you to make your imprint on it. In the quantum world, particles are not inclined to be in one place or another, but instead are practically anywhere until you look for them; until you measure them. When you do that, they give up all their other possibilities and hold on to your description, or your measurement. Once you see them, they relinquish the other possibilities that might otherwise have applied to them. Much the same way as it works for natural things here, with spiritual things when in faith you look to God, and have your identity cemented in his image, you might have been something else. When you choose the image of Christ for yourself, whatever else you could have chosen no longer applies to you, or they are as all old things that passed away. Jesus said look steadfastly on him and measure yourself, or describe yourself through the word of God, and you can be transformed; changed from degree of glory to degree of glory. Physicists insist once you understand the quantum mechanics view of the world where everything is so different from what you thought it was, it changes you fundamentally; you are never the same again, and you never look at the world the same again. This appears to me as peculiar language for scientists to be using. You could hear this sort of thing at any revival meeting; but their vocabulary is constantly expanding to include many words that hitherto was reserved for describing The Almighty God whose transcendent nature being so contradictory to what we see as real, can only be described by scientists as: Absurd, imaginary, preposterous, ridiculous, irrational, unbelievable, confounding, voodoo, spooky, illegal, insane in the Quantum science of God.

Though the vacuüm of space is devoid of all substance, yet it is teaming with cycles of ferocious activities where particles emerge out of nothingness, annihilate each other and retire into nothingness… almost as if the emptiness of the space in which we live, move, and have our being is itself alive and breathing.

Absurd, imaginary, preposterous, ridiculous, irrational, unbelievable, confounding, voodoo, spooky, illegal, insane

You’d almost think this world were made of God. There are two groups of people using these adjectives these days. I gathered them form criticisms that atheists used to describe my comments about God that I posted to their blog where they complained of 10 reasons the crucifixion of Jesus makes no sense. Atheists used them to characterize my comments about God, but these same words are also used by scientists to describe our world: absurd, imaginary, preposterous, ridiculous, irrational, unbelievable, confounding, voodoo, spooky, illegal, insane. These adjectives are descriptive of the nature of God by Atheists who don’t believe God; they are also used by scientists to describe the nature of subatomic particles, the basic fundamental building blocks of our world when scientists look at how they behave. They say the laws governing these particles do not just describe these particles, but because we are made of them and they are everywhere, they describe we, and the world we live in as well; but for unknown reasons these characteristics much less noticeable with us than with these particles though we are made of them. These particles demonstrate properties that are characteristic of the miracles of Jesus who said when you act according to the faith of God these things are possible with you too.



Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind. The only real valuable thing is intuition. Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. —Albert Einstein

To see just how consistent this is with the witness of God, you only need recall the account of Elijah crossing the valley with his servant Gehazi when they found themselves surrounded by the Syrian army. Elijah’s composure was unshaken while his servant was trembling in fear. Taking notice of this Elijah asked the Lord to open Gehazi’s eyes upon which he at once noticed the a great host of angels and chariots of fire encircling the army which encircled them. Before that Elijah’s servant was only informed by his natural senses about the world he knew from earliest childhood to be real, but his world was only a shadow of the invisible world, and our lives like a dream. The Same science that has brought to us every modern convenience now tells us that as real as we think we are, we may in fact be no more than the projection of an image (from the invisible world).

Most people are more familiar with the Caduceus of Greek mythology, the medical symbol than they are with another meaning behind the brass serpent. As the narrative goes; God told Moses to make a brass serpent, a typology of sin, which symbolizes Jesus who had no sin, becoming sin for us, so we could be delivered from sin. Moses was to place that serpent where those who were bitten by the venomous serpents in the camp could come and look steadily at the serpent, that so doing they would not die. The message there is that we should look steadily at God’s word that speaks to the solution for the wretchedness of our human condition and such conditions can be transformed on earth, to be the way it is in heaven. This is the what the “Our Father” prayer alludes to where it says: thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.....be perfect therefore, as your Father in heaven is perfect.



The first of these science series that caught my attention was a PBS broadcast from back in the early 1980s titled “The Creation Of The Universe” which concluded with a comment suggesting that investigations into the creation of the universe have led science to the back door of the supernatural. My ears perked right up though I was virtually clueless about what they meant until across some twenty years, and several series later the meaning has become unmistakably clear.
As scientists peer deeper into the mysteries of the universe, science is confronting bizarre observations that matches with uncanny accuracy the information within the pages of the Bible, which when they were penned, no technology existed that could offer precise observations at to the certainty of such things. We are told that knowledge would increase as we’ve seen within the last 100 years the exponential explosion of knowledge to the point where most of the scientists that have ever lived are alive today pushing ever wider the boundaries of such knowledge. As we observe closer the reality of things are appearing to be more bizarre than fiction, and the narratives of the Bible seem quite conservative by comparison to some of these predictions by science.

Scientists compare the “spooky action from a distance” that the entanglement theory reveals to be something so strange, it is like voodoo action where, what you do with a doll affects the person represented by the doll even over vast distances. With the entanglement theory the particles are not moving across the distances between each other, but only the information contained in the particles. By very definition that is what angels are: messengers that carry information and move swiftly. The word celeritas in e=mc2 expresses the swiftness of light speed, but angelic intelligence is swifter that light; in fact they create the way for light to travel.

When you describe yourself using to the word of God’s power by which he upholds all things, you look at yourself as God sees you, and you hold on to that view. Looking at yourself as God sees you in Christ, you separate this view from all the other images of what you might otherwise be; once you do that God can then respond to confirm that choice in heaven, as you have chosen on earth. Jesus said if you keep my word, I and the Father, will come and join with the Holy spirit who is already with you, and will together have supper with you, or be entangled with you. Such a supper refers back to where Jesus made reference of us eating his flesh and drinking his blood to make us become what his is. When locally here on earth, you take actions that are consistent with Gods promises in Christ, he says nothing can separate you from him, not: things past, present, or future, nor dimensions of heights, nor depths, nor powers of principalities or dominions; but you are entangled with him and as you keep his word he responds to you from heaven to perfect you in his image where all things are possible with you as with him. Identifying that choice to be what Jesus is eliminates the other options from which you choose. When you choose Christ you eliminate the shape of all those other choices you could have described for yourself.

Earth is a shadow of things in heaven. There is every bit of correlation between the way things work in the natural and the spiritual. On earth as it is in heaven. Changing one particle causes changes in remote entangled particle regardless of distance. The quantum laws governing these particles describe our world as well, though not as noticeably.

Civilizations of the Ancient Near East, in fact globally have managed to carry out feats of engineering and mathematical calculations that are as breathtaking, as they are simply baffling to consider. When skeptics look at the narratives of the Bible however they scratch their heads at the apparent stupidity of what is being presented to their genus level IQ and say words like: absurd, imaginary, preposterous, ridiculous, irrational, unbelievable, confounding, voodoo, spooky, illegal, insane to describe the Quantum Science of God.

As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.—Albert Einstein







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