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Though God’s glory faded in Adam, it is returned unto us in Christ Jesus. It is the credit of God-given to man, for man to continue Jesus's ministry of reconciling the world through the wonder of miraculous works which God began and continued in him till he ascended with promise to return. Man has no glory to begin with, but he is supposed to wind up obtaining the glory of God in Christ Jesus, for man is the visible image and glory of the invisible God. It’s like getting someone’s credit card to go and do stuff with it…..do stuff or buy stuff with it. Well the glory of God goes where God is. If God comes to man well guess where the glory goes. Somehow we seem to think it is possible that God is going to come to man but not his glory; that glory is going to stay somewhere else cause the glory of God is more important than God himself. It’s the one thing from a kid I’ve heard preachers harp on. God will never give his glory to man. That is a spectacular lie.



A PERSON’S CONCEPT OF GOD WILL DICTATE WHO HE\SHE THINKS THEY ARE, FOR GOD IS THE SOURCE OF THE IMAGE WE REFLECT: WE ARE HIS IMAGE AND GLORY. As it is there is a desperate contrast between the source and the image we reflect because man cannot imagine God except it be in some human terms, and certainly cannot imagine himself except where he is separate form the divine.

BEHOLD I STAND AT THE DOOR AND KNOCK. Psalm 24:7-10 Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up , ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. 8 Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle. 9 Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. 10 Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, he is the King of glory.

The keys of the kingdom opens the kingdom for us to come and find rest, and to go and find good pastures. I have an acquaintance who’s got the most brilliant of mental faculties. He could perhaps recite the Bible cover to cover to you; yet he is by philosophy, an Atheist, and the Kingdom of God is shut up against him. Unless the open door of utterance to speak and hear the gospel is given to you and I, we can neither speak nor hear the mystery of the gospel that has been kept hidden but now revealed. God has given to us his spirit whereby we can know all things that are freely given to us.

Man cannot give expression to the God-size void that is in him until God gives the open door of utterance to speak it, to hear it and to unleash it from within him. God gave the word for his kingdom to be revealed from within us; great was the company that published it.

When man fell into sin and was driven out of the Garden, the gates to the garden, and the everlasting door to the kingdom of heaven was shut up against his return. Though the kingdom of God is within man yet he could not access it. Jesus has come and given to us the keys to that kingdom, to return the glory of God to man. Man has a God-size void within him where the kingdom of God is shut in by everlasting doors and he refuses to give expression to it. Unless God shows you Jesus, you cannot see him, unless Jesus shows you the Father, you cannot know him. Man was created the image and glory of God, but that image and glory has long since faded in Adam, and now God would restore it in Christ Jesus. So God stand at the door of man’s heart and call to man: BEHOLD I STAND AT THE DOOR AND KNOCK…. lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be lift up, ye everlasting doors, and let the king of glory come in to his kingdom which is within you. No other of God’s creatures is entrusted with the honor of being the image bearer of God. Man having fallen through Adam’s transgression, has for a long time hung his head down in shame, and unable to bear the image of God once committed to him keeping. God’s glory faded in Adam but is returned unto us in Christ Jesus.


According to “City Room Press”, 18 million people die daily of starvation not counting diseases and all other human woes because we keep the lie of the “real” human stain alive.

The HUMAN STAIN stars A. Hopkins as a man born to black parents but who in all appears looks white. He upends his life and tears apart his heart in order to maintain his white identity instead of succumbing to the apparent human stain of being “black” at that time period. He looses him worshipful mother who adoringly called him her golden child, his sister, brother; and in the end the greatest love of his life, his wife never knowing the truth dies of shock under stress defending him against charges of being racist. Up to the point where he forcefully decries such charges as: “Not only false, they are spectacularly false” the viewer doesn’t know he is black and wonders at his adamant rejection of even the suspicion of that charge. He might have prevented all this by acknowledging his heritage but gave way to much carnage and death to embrace a white lie.

The glory of God is not more important than God, and it goes wherever God goes; if God has come to man why is his glory not seen with man as it was seen with Jesus. Jesus said he waited till Lazarus was dead so we could see the glory of God in him raising up Lazarus from the dead. Is it that man lives in denial of the glory of God. Jesus said you cannot hide a fire under a bush; it will burn up the bush, but that’s just one of the few miracles that man is capable of (the bush that doesn’t burn) while he is hiding the fire under that bush. We can always argue the point that God here, but you just can’t see him. The glory of God on the other hand is something that is supposed to be seen, so man is always going to argue that the glory of God is not for man. The glory of God is the manifestation of God. Man is not just the image of God, he is also the glory of God; the invisible God that is seen. He is the image and glory of God as much as Jesus was the express image and glory of God: the first fruits and archetype of we who are called to do what he did.

Christians are referred to as sons/daughters of God, or children of God. In Old Testament era that designation would have gotten you a death sentence. Not even Moses was so distinguished; that’s why Jesus said the least in his kingdom is greater than Moses. Jesus told them he was the son of God, and immediately found himself on death row: they gathered stones to stone him because they knew that to be God’s son made him what God is, as well it should for we who claim the faith of the sons of God. We are humans because we are sons and daughters of human parents; so we don’t have any problem saying we are human. God says the same way it works in the natural relationship is the same way it works in the spiritual relationship with him and his children; end of story.

The glory of God is risen upon us to be seen upon us so that we are the manifestations of the sons of God. Many will assert that back in Jesus’s day miracles were commonplace occurrences. What about today; to us God says: arise for the glory of god is come to us…risen upon us for us to be the manifestation of the sons of God. To say we are sons of God is like saying we are just like God. Little Havana is just like Havana (Havana all over again): much as true for Little Italy, Little Jamaica, etc, ect, etc. We are supposed to be the manifestation of God called the manifestation the sons of God, …..which is as good a saying “the manifestation of God”.

The manifestation of God, is God present in his show of power and glory. The glory of God was all over Moses until he had to put a veil over his head so he wouldn’t look like Lester the light bulb. He had the credit of God behind him in the parting of the Red Sea, the destruction of the mightiest empire on earth at the time, all the attendant miracles in the camp of Israel from sunrise till sunset 24/7. That’s what Jesus is supposed to be for us today. We are supposed to be operating in his credit; we are supposed to be the continuation of his life; to have all that mighty work of his behind us as a witness of his life that we now live, as we bring forth more of that same working of mighty miracles to validate our testimony of him. He said if you believe me you should do the works that I do to show the world that my life is continued in you. We did not make ourselves, neither do we write our own mission statement. We are not our workmanship, we are God’s workmanship and he said that’s what we should do; end of story—do the same works as Jesus because we are an extension of his life by our confession. Hereunto God called you by our gospel, to obtain of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. God’s glory faded in Adam but is returned to us in Christ Jesus.

The Glory of God is that attribute of God that is meant to be seen as the manifestation of the sons of God. Jesus said I waited till Lazarus was dead so you could see the glory of God in me bringing him back to life. It was the glory of God that raised up Jesus from the dead also.

The desperate wickedness of man is seen where though he believes that miracle are possible, he don’t think miracles are necessary because it doesn’t fit in with the human stain of man’s doctrine that makes the power of God of no effect. There were always those people who wanted Jesus to undo his healing the woman who was bound by satan for 18 years, and throw the donkey back into the pit because it was delivered on the Sabbath; or have Lazarus dead again be consistent with their theology. We are too sophisticated for miracles.

I’ve never heard a person who needed a miracle argue against a miracle. Critics argue about the validity of miracles. Critics don’t even argue whether or not miracles are possible, but whether or not miracles should be, even if it means killing Lazarus. Over the last 2000 years we haven’t killed any Lazarus; we have just left him dead and buried in the grave to suit our powerless, form of godliness theology.

Caring about what the critics think has become more important than caring for the critically, terminally, chronically ill who groans in pain waiting for the manifestation of God glory in us to deliver them. Since when did it become a priority to care more about what the critics think than obeying the command of God; like the negotiating human stain.

They always take the side of appeasing or justifying some skeptics in their skepticism, as though the skeptics were the only ones to be considered, as though a miracle was just something tossed out there into the open air like a cheap pointless magician’s trick with no one to benefit from it. Lets not deliver the dying causes the skeptics won’t believe us. Who cares if the skeptics don’t believe, some people are never going to sign on anyway, but should that stop or prevent us from doing what God made us, and commanded us to do. .The piece of crumb from the table could make a world of difference to those who need the crumb. How about these who could be prevented from dying, or restored to life to continue serving their spouse and children, or even society at large; extricated out of the darkened dungeon of blindness, or uncleanness of leprosy, cancer or crippling bonds of polio and arthritis. We seldom if ever look through the eyes of those who would have the weight of a great hill lifted from off their waning existence, but must always be seeing those skeptics, those all important skeptics.

In the mind of man it is equally irreconcilable and inconceivable to receive the glory of God, as it is to do the work of God. Deny it as much as he wants to, but man is the image and glory of God, and is expected to do the works of God. He does the work of man instead, hoping to pass it off as the works of God and he manages to pull of that lie, but the glory of God now, that is what comes with the real works of God and man cannot pull that one off; so he puts it out there that man cannot get the glory of God in spite of the fact that, the contrary of that lie is written all over the scripture, He knows the gullible masses will somehow listen to his fabrication rather than believe the word they read, if the masses even bother to read beyond what man tells them. All of Christendom condemn Frank Senatra’s famous song “I Did It My Way”, but in our hypocrisy is seen where we have been doing it man’s way for over 2000 years and it’s apparently of no trouble to our sanctimonious minds.

God extends his credentials to us so we can continue to do his mighty works in reconciling the world in love and power unto him

Jesus had a bit of the human stain about his earthly dwelling; men would inquire: can anything good come from his place of Nazareth? Jesus did not come in his glory because that is what he has hidden in us to be revealed by our faith in believing. His glory is what we have to believe unto….obtaining the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and operate in his credit because it is his life we live.







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