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Make a joyful noise unto the LORD all ye lands. Serve the LORD with gladness, come before his presence with singing. So many people claim that they are not musically inclined, so much so that they couldn’t hold a note. It’s been of late observed that even new-born babies, when they cry, that sound conform to identifiable measurements of musical principles. They cry in musical patterns. We come into this world with music in us. Even if we were born deaf with limited auditory input the crying of such babies were of negligible difference with those of hearing babies, Music is in us. We my later practice resisting such inclination, or cast off all restraints and throw ourselves into it, body and soul, but music will be and is a part of our world, more so than we can imagine.

Lets say we’re not musically inclined, can’t hold a note; well that doesn’t exempt you from the all inclusive exhortation to make a Joyful noise. Music moves us. It is energy. Energy is the potential to do work. Music charges us like a battery cell with energy, the potential to do work. The Joy of the Lord is our strength (energy). You may be strong, but that doesn’t mean that you are presently using your strength, though being in possesion of that strength is desirable; the same is true for energy. Sounds, including musical sound is energy traveling in waves of compressed air with the potential to do work. Sound can be weaponized to do the work necessary to destroy things. You are asked to make a noise; a joyful noise. Lets be clear, it’s not just any noise, nor any joyful noise; but a joyful noise unto the lord. Even when we get that right the mistake is all too often made where that joyful noise is made as unto someone out there beyond the sky, in some nebulous realm we know not where.

weaponized sound

Sound can be weaponized to destroy physical things; it can also be used against spiritual forces that would otherwise oppress you in ways you are unaware. Notice how the variety of antidepressant drugs are multiplying these days.

Paul says if I utter sounds in an unknown tongue then my spirit is edified, I build up my spirit…now that spirit is the Lord from heaven in whom we are lost, we loose ourselves in him, and so find our lives: if we find our lives otherwise we will loose it; Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is a fullness of joy. We are exhorted to sing to ourselves in psalms, hymn, and spiritual songs, to the building up or ourselves in the Lord’s image. When we make a joyful sound we are making ourselves look more like the Lord; building ourselves up into his image.

In his presence there is a fullness Joy. When you make that sound you are being transported into his image. We are to be his visible representation to the world. The power to do this starts in heaven, and the kingdom of heaven is within you. Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk , O LORD, in the light of thy countenance. That joyful sound brings out the kingdom of God from within you so you can walk in it. This joyful sound is like a weapon against the enemy. It totally destroys his strongholds; bringing it to ruins, causing the glory of the Lord to arise for you, and upon you. When set in battle formation, God instructed Israel to set Judah in the place at the front of the formation; the name Judah, means praise. That joyful sound should be always issuing forth from us, as from a well springing up into everlasting life.

We are wired for sound, both to make it and to hear it. The walls of the impenetr -able Jericho came crashing down at the sounding of the trumpet. People have been healed and delivered from so many things by engaing in praise and worship. Not just because of the physical properties of music, but simply in walking in obedience to conform to that kind of walk. If you go, and make joyful sounds in front of the wall of China there’s a good chance that wall won’t go anywhere just because of the energy of those sound waves, but when we obey the Lord other factors come into play that we’re not aware of. We should cover ourselves with a garment of praise being led by the Spirit who gives us the joyful sounds for the utterances of praises unto the image of the Lord. As you engage in the making of joyful sonds you are making a mark on your environment; if we refrain, we are making ourselves a mark. We are either acting upon, are being acted upon by outside forces. People become depressed just walking about the daily routines, not realizing what kind of forces are acting upon them.

As you are lead by the Spirit of the Lord, he causes you to hear a jouful sound (niose); long, or short notes of varying pitches, or whatever it is, it is joyful spirit; and it is given to you as the fruit of the Spirit, and you are to give expression to it in sounds. You go with that spirit, and words are added unto it afterwards. Those words chagne from one hymn, to parts of melodies of psalms you learned in childhood, even old church choruses, are stirred up by this spirit that carries you along in a river of praise. You even from time to time find yourself emulating musical instruments, even the music of various creatures that sing. This is like a well springing up from within you; revitalizing, and refreshing you throughout the day. God wants you to go to the world looking like him; these things are done unto the work of building you up into him, until it is no more you but him that is seen it you. The glory of the Lord, and your glory are not different, but one; you need his glory, and it is given to you…risen upon you as the flame that over shadowed the bush before Moses, didn’t burn but added another dimension to the otherwise provincial ordinary bush.

We do not have to remain sidelined at the grand spectacle of life, never being possessed by all the glory we behold; but we can be raputously transformed, and carried away in the glory of the Lord. The earth is the Lord’s and he has given it, and all the fullness of it to us. Whether Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas, or the world, or life, or death, or things present, or things to come; all are our’s; and is given to us. The exhortation to make a joyful noise is an exhortation to join with all of creation which is constantly in praise, and making of joyful sounds; acquaint yourself with the Lord of them, and the stones of the field will be in league with you.


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