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I AM UNWILLING TO WAIT ANOTHER 100 YEAR TO DO WHAT 2000 YEARS AGO JESUS TOLD US TO DO; and that was not to just go and peach the gospel, because the kingdom of God is not in word but in power, and that power is Jesus, without whom we have only the appearance, or just another form of godliness.

The “works of God” that Jesus told us to do are the works of God because they are accomplished by the demonstration of the spirit and power of God; works of altruistic humanism that Atheists do are accomplished under man’s steam, and are different. For clarity simply reference the mighty works of Jesus in his 3 years of ministry, which is what God is asking us to continue forasmuch as Jesus’ life is continued in us.

By our inventions we can turn things upside down. Revivals are a function of acknowledging old forgotten truths....it's a revisiting the of the original plan.

Just right before Martin Luther published the “Just shall live by his faith”; how long do you suppose those people lived under the prevailing order of things. Before the ground-breaking revival at the turn of the 20th century; again, just how long do you suppose people lived in error under that spiritually static mode of life. The book of Acts is still being written and people are still awaking to, not so much new truths, as they are an acknowledgment of old truths that have been written of old times. The Just shall live by faith was not new, just newly acknowledged. That is the fundamental of any revival, ….an acknowledgment of bedrock truths that have been forgotten.

“As a result (of denying our spiritual heritage), many Western Churches that have chosen to deny the spiritual realm beyond salvation, and as a result have devolved into a powerless civil religion that can only give people hope after they die. Most of what is offered at many Honestly, sometimes I feel we may as well just be the Boy Scouts or Rotary Club. Do we honestly believe that Jesus’ Incarnation, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Glorification and our Baptism with the Holy Spirit all happened so that we could be one of many organizations that help people? To be one more source of morality and ethics?”


The better mousetrap trap cost Saul his kingdom. God asks us for obedience, not a better plan.

Saul lost his kingdom when he received clear instructions about what to do concerning the Amalekite who tried to ambush Israel as they left Egyptian bondage to find refuge in a new home. In spite of the fact that Saul knew what the clear instructions given him were, he modified it to be more consistent with what was obviously more reasonable. Today Pastors knew exactly what Jesus did in ministry, and know also that Jesus told us to duplicate those work of God, but we have changed it to be more consistent with what is obviously more reasonably altruistic humanism that atheists can do as well without the power of God displayed as a witness for men to see. Regardless if the world believes or not, the world should have the benefit of that witness of God's works to consider. These signs are to follow us as the credentials of our faith, and as a sampling of the powers of the world to come in the kingdom of God that is near to them…..at the very threshold of breaking forth upon this world. That kingdom is in power not word.

When a person becomes a “believer” they are spoon fed by leaders. That's the beginning of troubles. If you are taught by human leaders you learn humanism; and take that approach to the kingdom of God to no avail.

Jesus made it a point of choosing his disciples from among the societies most unlikely group to make the point that no special qualifications are required to do what he does; only believe. When a person becomes a “believer” they are spoon fed by leaders. That’s the beginning of troubles. If you are taught by human leaders you learn humanism; and take that approach to the kingdom of God to no avail. The leaders didn’t make it and you being taught by them won’t make it either. Martin Luther said we are not only responsible for what we say, but also for what we do not say. What will never be heard coming out of the mouths of any of those who lead, is anything that purports to what Jesus expects of they that believe him. Why should they tell it to new believers when they themselves as leaders do not believe it. Paul referenced the prophets who said: I believe, therefore have I spoken; and indeed we also believe and do speak. If people are to speak about what they believe, then our silence on these things speak volumes about our unbelief. Leaders deny it and omit it from their offerings of services to a needy world, and God cries against the leaders saying my pastors have healed the hurt of the children of my people slightly saying peace peace, where God insists that there is no peace made with afflictions of sin, sickness, disease, death, but as spirits they are utterly ruined in defeat by Jesus who triumphed gloriously over them trampling them under foot in an open show of three years in his ministry.


Non-Christians can do development work, be competent counselors, and run successful service programs. If we claim to have the very Spirit of God within us, shouldn’t we be able to offer something distinct from altruistic atheists?


A fault too big to fix. There is a monumental seismic shift from the marked character of the Jesus' ministry to works of altruistic humanism done today by church leaders who call such works "the works of God". Today everyone is busy making disciples but nobody is a disciple of Jesus in the ministry that he demonstrated across his 3 years on earth, and then told us to do the same and even greater things. Disciples should be as there masters but there is an open and I might say bogus acknowledgment that nobody can be like Jesus.....HELLO!! Jesus' 12 disciples were like him; they did the same work. They raised the dead and many of the same works Jesus did. Talk about the missing link of the power of God between Jesus and we who profess to be his disciples. I suppose now the argument might come back: well, nobody can be like Jesus's disciples? If disciples cannot be as their masters...as they should, they will continue making disciples after themselves; all new converts will be made like themselves instead of the masters image. Jesus warned of this; where leaders do not enter into the kingdom of God, but cross land and sea to evangelize, and make the new converts twice the child of hell as they.

Jesus had 12 disciples and at one time sent 70 others out to minister with instruction to heal the sick that they encountered and tell them that the kingdom of God is near them. It is near them because that kingdom is not in word, but the power that just healed them: a sample of the power of the kingdom that is near to come. If we do not demonstrate the power of God what kind of message can we possibly have to declare? If you were to check you would find that everyone of them did what Jesus himself did, and told them to do. When he told us to go made disciples of men, the assumption was taken for granted that the men making disciples would have been men who did what did. Today everyone is making disciples but nobody is a disciple of Jesus in the ministry that he demonstrated across his 3 years on earth and told us to do the same and greater things.

Where we are instructed to go and heal those we encounter in the way, and tell them that the kingdom of God is near; Jesus is having us pass out samples of the power of the world to come. Today however with the singular exception of salvation, we put off everything of the kingdom God that is given, deferring them to a future time, and a world that is to come, and only offer words as comfort to a suffering world. Jesus clearly sent message to John before he was executed saying: tell John the gospel is preached to the poor, and the dead like Lazarus are raised (to the comfort of they who would have suffered that loss). Jesus himself said: that you may be assured of sins forgiven, I say to the sick of the palsy; arise and be made whole. Demonstrated power witnesses of the kingdom of God that is to come, not words.

If you were one of Israel’s children, you moved into Canaan which God gave by promised to Abraham. God says it is his good pleasure to give us his kingdom. He has given to us everything in heaven and earth. We are supposed to be now occupying this planet by enforcing the rule of the world to come now in this world, till that world come. It is supposed to flow outward from within us. There is supposed to be this sampling of it, and then later the actual permanent physical bringing in of that kingdom when Jesus returns.

How is it that the kingdom is hidden in us when it is plainly declared to be in us? Well you have to be saved to go to heaven, but you can still be saved and not be able to operate in or “enter into” the kingdom of heaven. There is the kingdom of heaven occupation force that heralds to the world, telling of that permanent kingdom of heaven that is soon to come, replacing the default fallen order of things. For now though, it is about occupying by means of the powers of that world to come till Jesus returns, or till you go to him. Drawing on powers of the coming kingdom to enforce the principles of that world now before it comes is what we are told to do. You have to be led into that capacity of ministry by the Spirit of God; it is not something you can go read up on and then follow ten steps and you are there. Jesus said my sheep hear my voice and know it. If you cannot discern God’s leading by his Spirit you cannot be led into that kingdom (sphere of operation).

We are called to operate on credit of the world to come, doing the mighty works of Jesus and even greater works. Arguably the only thing the church has gotten right is the message of saving faith in Christ through grace, and that is courtesy of the Martin Luther’s reformation efforts. Apart from saving faith, because church leadership proceed on a false premise, almost every argument they offer in apologetics is fundamentally flawed and cannot produce the mighty works of Jesus any more than you might have found someone walking by faith before Luther published the “Just must live by faith” proclamation for the world to wake up to it. No sooner than you start speaking like a true son of God, these leaders rise up…Bible in hand to condemn your soul to hell as a heretic, much like Luther or Tyndale might have witnessed who were either violently murdered or brought within inches of their lives. Paul said concerning this Jesus who we are now supposed to be and no more ourselves: there are many thing to be said, but hard to be spoken because dull of hearing, people do not wake up easily.

If you are led by human leaders, they will lead you into humanism. This kingdom is kept guarded by the powers of that same world. Where the kingdom is spoken of plainly, there are also other utterances that when you will read them, they will turn you aside unless you are led by the spirit of boldness in sons of God. That’s why today church leaders quibble: we don’t know how to do these things that Jesus did, we don’t even think they are for us to do them, because they were only done by Jesus as a one-time showcasing of things that are coming. An uglier lie that ever crawled out form the pit of hell never got sight of daylight. This is the kingdom of power that we inherit whereas before us Israel inherited and entered into Canaan. Somehow we cannot seem to find our way into operating in this kingdom of power given us to inherit so we have covered it with lies and excuses to save our human face. Because church leaders operate under false premise, almost every argument they offer in apolagetics is either false, or irrelevant.

It is impossible for the eye to see what the mind is not prepared to conceive. If we don't have the mind of Christ, we cannot see the things of God. If you are not looking for it, you are not going to see it. Without the mind engaged to see; the eye may very well look, but never recognize it. Ever blew right through a red light before you recognized what you did, and then afterwords in shock you thought ….OMG! Well you did see the red light, you just did not recognize it at the time you blew through it, because your mind was otherwise occupied. God says the eyes of man have not seen, nor ears heard, nor his heart understood the things that he has prepared for the ways, and the thoughts of the new man that we are supposed have, and to be in Christ because, that mind of Christ by which they are recognized had not yet given to men until the fullness of time came 2000 years ago.


Ever blew through a traffic light without seeing it? We've been doing something similar in ministry for almost 2000 years.

If you convinced yourself you’re already doing the works of God, even though such works of human efforts were so missing the mark, in spite of that, you are not going to give it a second thought cause you’re so sure you are already doing what you are supposed to be doing. How could you be so sure? Cause that’s what your were taught, and that’s what everyone else does who are supposed to be doing these things. That’s why you are so sure that you are right. THE POWER OF GOD CANNOT BE TAUGHT… ONLY DEMONSTRATED, SO YOU WOULD NOT HAVE LEARNED IT ALONG WITH OTHER THINGS LEARNED: FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NOT IN WORD BUT IN HIS POWER DEMONSTRATED. THE WORKS OF GOD IS THE PERSON OF JESUS SHOWING UP AS MIRACLES. THEY ARE THE SIGNS THAT FOLLOW OUR PREPARING HIS WAY FOR HIS COMING AS SUCH MIRACLES BY OUR CONFESSION FOR HIM TO SHOW UP AS SUCH MIRACLES. BECAUSE WE HAVE KEPT SILENT ABOUT THESE SIGNS, WE SEE NO MORE OUR SIGNS. Before Herod executed John, Jesus said go tell John that the gospel is preached, and the dead are raised. We preach the gospel well enough, but forget all about the sings. No one speaks of raising the dead seriously. How many times throughout history have most of the people been wrong before? You just are not able to learn what you think you already know even if the demonstrable facts point to the contrary you are just going to keep going.

When we fail to appreciate the true grandeur and majesty of God, and what that means for complementing the eternal void in us making us strong for him; inevitably some irresistibly awesome feature of his creation is going to compete with and mine away our attraction from him, and just as inevitably we will have an impossibly difficult time reconciling ourselves in that error when confronted by it

For want of seeing the bigger picture most religious leaders are power-drunk and have great difficulty discerning the difference between religious immunity and religious impunity. Their pathology is a fatal blend of both where they can do no wrong. When confronted with error they pull the old how dare you question me card. When we fail to appreciate the true grandeur and majesty of God, and what that means for complementing the eternal void in us making us strong for him; inevitably some irresistibly awesome feature of his creation is going to compete with and mine away our attraction from him, and just as inevitably we will have an impossibly difficult time reconciling ourselves in that error when confronted by it. Two examples in history serve as object lessons for our betterment here. When David was confronted by Nathan the prophet who pointed the finger at him in the famous… “thou art the man”; David had power over that prophet to kill him as well as Bathsehba’s husband whose death he was responsible for, but instead he dissolved in repentance. The other less noble example is Amaziah to whom God raised up Amos, a cow heards-man from Tecoah, and sent him to this priest in God’s house at Behtel with a message of repentance. After he delivered the message, Amaziah railed on Amos, who then answered: am I no prophet, neither a phophet’s son but a cow hearder whom God raised up and sent to you who have become immune to corrections. Needless to say Amazia remained unrepentant and had an ugly end.

Trading down the power of God’s mighty works ordained of our glory for the works of altruistic humanism that even Atheists can do, is the great church fault for which there is no remedy but an about face return to the original bedrock confession of Jesus, and they who believe in him being the sons of God together in life and mighty works.

The ways of God in which Jesus did God’s works in the ministry of reconciling the world was ordained to bring us that glory that God compares to the brilliance of the sun which eclipses the moon by so much that the moon has no glory by contrast. So this glory that god prescribed for us is supposed to be so much greater than what was revealed by Moses ministry that Jesus said the least in his kingdom is greater than Moses. Have you seen any greater than Mosses lately, or have we consigned this promise to some other future world to come, as well as all other things that God has ordained for us? We haven’t seen anyone greater than Moses, nor are any doing the works of Jesus because the leaders and those that they lead as blind leaders of blind have traded down the mighty works of God to works of mere altruistic humanism that even Atheists can do; how can God’s glory then be revealed. In this way, neither the leaders not they that are led of them can enter into the kingdom of God. This is the church fault that is too big to fix; a missing link between disciples and discipled: the power of God is made void by their tradition altruistic humanism where the church is supposed to be built upon the foundation confession of Jesus being the son of God as well as they who believe him are to be as sons of God like Jesus in ministry.






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