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Man lumbers along through life in a lack luster, parochial, dysfunctional mindset that restricts him from rightly appreciating God, himself, his fellow-man, and his world at large; all the while his glorious heritage is eluding him...hidden in plain sight. In Christ, God recreates us, a new creation; we are gendered by the word of his power. You are the thing that gendered you, as marble taken from marble. The place of his nativity, and conception of the new man is in the cradle of God


It is only of late in his collective history that man arrived at the understanding that matter, and energy are one and the same. The same as saying all the power, and material things of the universe are one. That’s as significant in his progress as the discovery of fire, or the curvature of the earth, and the proper mechanics of the solar system; and this latest discovery has only happened within the last century, giving rise to the atomic age. Just think what other historic, even galactic discovery we might be laboring in ignorance of and what benefit that might have for us.

We are connected to everything that God is connected to, yet through ignorance man sees himself as an individual stand-alone unit of carbon based life, among several billion others like him, in a world with the universe as a backdrop, and smatterings of various notions about God that may, or may not have relevance for him.

The view that God has shared is quite different however. God says he is all, and is in all; that in him we have our existence…living, and moving in him. One of the initial modifier names of God, by which he was first referenced is the Almighty, or all power…Omnipotent. Whether we are talking, authority, or the mechanics of energy causing things to happen or, that does things to things…he is “that”. That pretty much sums it all up; He is all the accountable, and unaccountable matter, energy, and life throughout, and beyond the universe; The Almighty. Consistent with the witness of God, all matter has it’s origin in power. Science says there was an explosion, then things cooled down resulting in the material universe, including our lifeforms. What can be proven is that energy, or power, and the visible universe, are two different states of the same thing; like ice, and water are the same thing, energy and matter, are one…God claims he is “that” which is energy, and “that” which is matter.


We live, move, and have our being in a soup of miracles, and yet manage to remain virtually clueless about those miracles to an extent that is nothing short of scandalous. Much of what we routinely dismiss, overlook, or otherwise simply walk right by, are the very things that reveal God to us in a way that should increase our appreciation not only of him, but by virtue of our connected or shared existence, help us to appreciate ourselves, and others to a greater degree

How often have we seen God, and not known it was him? That’s perhaps just because, he was just not what we had envisioned him to be.

Before man was made, God was there in the beginning, and there was no man in the beginning with him. Just what exactly did God look like then, I mean before the time of man’s beginning?

It is almost as though God has one copy of the scriptures and man is reading from another. Clearly in the book of Job reference is made to God sitting upon the “circle of the earth”. Apparently organized religion didn’t get that memo, cause they ran with the square flat earth theory. For years men lived in fear of falling off t he edge of the earth should they sail beyond known boundaries. Today we entertain notions about God that are just as archaic and resistance to change is ever bit as fierce as letting go of the square flat earth notion.

Humanizing God

There was no man for him to look like, so my guess is that probably didn’t look like man, …go figure! You see, unless we can picture Jesus as an Anglo-Saxon version of a Jewish male, as seen in so many paintings through the centuries, and then see God as his father, looking something like old father time, with a long white beard wearing a gown of the same color; we can’t seem to grasp what exactly God is, though he’s told us in so many ways over and over. Would it make a difference in our lives, as far as our actionable goals are concerned, if we were moved by a more representational view of God?

Traditional view of the Godhead. Humanized, but what do they really look like? Is that important for us to know?

We have somewhat of an idea what Jesus looked like in the flesh, and even what he looked like after his resurrection. Not withstanding, the scripture in light of that fact says: beloved now are we the sons of God; it does not does not yet appear what we shall look like, but when we see Jesus, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. We saw him already, so what’s with the cliff-hanger? Implied here, is that even though we saw him in the flesh, that is not his true appearance. His mission was to bring us to the father, who no man has seen yet, therefore he took on the form of a man so he wouldn’t freak us out…that would be a real mission spoiler. Though we have seen Jesus, yet his Father, and our Father: we have not seen his form, or shape, which remains unchanged from the times before there was any man created in the beginning. Whatever power looks like, that’s what we will look like—the spirit behind the robe of flesh.

The power of God is vast, and all-consuming. It comprehends all things, visible, and invisible: things in heaven, and things in earth. All things are upheld by the word of God’s power, which is different from saying the “power of his word”. The power of his word suggests power specific to this, or to that word; the word of his power, however speaks of the place where he hides his power….in his word; like Sampson’s power was in his hair, the word of God’s power is where his power is…all of it, and that is what gendered you, and I.. it is what we are, even before our first thought of this world came to us. It’s not difficult therefore to understand where it says, that Jesus is the word, the power of God, and there was nothing made, that was not made by him, and made of God.

For there is no power, but of God: therefore are all things of God, and are by Christ, The POWER of God

God is all, and is in all...We live, move, and have our existence in the medium that he is—the rock from which we are taken.

Since God is all that there is, then all the things that “is”, are made of him, and without him was not anything made, that was made by Christ. There wasn’t anything made that isn’t made of him, and by Christ Jesus. He has declared as much in scripture. All things are of God (made), and are made by Christ Jesus, who made all things. It is (in him) that we live, and move; and have our very being.

Living…Moving…And Being, …In The POWER Of God.

Ours, and a long line of generations before us, in this new covenant, have been working with an “old square flat earth version” of God for centuries. Even though at the end of the day this version doesn’t allow us to fulfill the churches charter purpose, we are quite content to revise the charter purpose, to have it accommodate our galactic lapse in mission objective. It’s like we’ve outsmarted God. We have already signed on the dotted line to go to heaven, and now we don’t have to do anything, but wait for heaven, so keeping the old square, flat earth, version of God is not a problem with us.

In him we live, move, and have our being.

The power of God is seen is two dimensions: dunamis, that speaks of the mechanical force that acts on things; and exousia, the kind of power of authority that kings, and potentates exercise. Where the word of a king is, there is power. Jesus is the word and power of God.

Why is it necessary to delineate these three concepts concerning ourselves that apparently are interacting with, and also in whatever God says he is: ….that being, we live (in him), …..move (in him),……and have our being (in him),—in whatever God is. Might do well to figure out what exactly this quantity of stuff is that we happen to be (“living, moving, and having our being”) in, which happens to be in whatever God is.

Sometimes the questions asked can be as revealing as the answers themselves. For instance….why was it that God, being a person, the first time he choose to introduce himself by name, he used the impersonal pronoun “that” instead of “who”….(I AM “THAT” I AM), instead of (I AM WHO I AM). You know, like “that” thing, …that time, or that… whatever. Whatever it is “that” is God, we live, move, and have our being in it, or in “that”.

In the upcoming posts we will explore the various expressions of the power of God in wich we live move and have our being…..TO BE CONTINUED


His platoon laughed at him, but his testimony led his sergeant to Christ.