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If the photo above was a snapshot of you…..well, actually a snapshot of the absolutely smallest visible speck on one of your fingernails, and your next move was to direct your gaze upon a little planet called earth, thereupon locate man, and introduce yourself to him; how could you possibly relate to him…explain yourself to him so he could understand what, or who you are? God’s answer to that was,…… “I Am That I Am, that is my name”. It was a voice speaking out of a great column or pillar of fire, other times a bush that burned without kindling...engulfed in a field of energy, or later the appearance of a dove.

In addition to that he says; The heavens declare my glory, and the firmament shows my workmanship, in the things that I have done. I suppose if we were going to digest this, we might want to start with understanding what is this glory that is connected to the heavens which tells us about God; and what exactly is it telling us about God any way. One thing that is known about this glory is that, it is the glory of God that raised up Jesus from the dead. God is spirit.

A large group of atoms in a physical object appear to have substance, not because of the tiny particles inside them, but because of the forces that their internal energy fields exert. This is what gives humans the sense of touch, hearing, vision, taste, smell, pain, pleasure, emotions, temperature, and our kinesthetic sense of movement / motion / balance / direction. Delve deep within a human body, at the theoretical quantum-physics “Planck’s Scale” level, and what you will find is a whole lot of EMPTINESS and ENERGY.(Like outer-space, but we're talking inner-space here; the inside of an atom that is inside everything including ourselves. (excerpt from energy is the essence_http://www.emeraldecocity.com/Zero%20Energy.html)

God is spirit, spirit is synonymous with glory, glory pertains to that which glows or causes to shine (rise and shine for the glory of God is come to you), glory is shining energy. When science began to look at the world to understand the underlying reality of things, among the existence of atoms, they theorized also an unquantifiable force for which the term vis viva was later coined to express the idea of an inner spirit, a living force that was within all things. When God introduced himself as I Am That I Am, any alert mind begins to think, hmmmm, that is not the typical name; doesn’t even sound like the name of a person; sounds more like what a person does. We want to think of God a person, because we have no other frame of reference to categorize something that lives and doesn’t conform to our corporeal idea of person-hood. It makes it easy to do so since he took or the form of a man in order to relate to us, but before he did that he was not the human persons we are familiar with. That was all done to give us a sense of the way God wants to relate to us. I mean who knew that energy could have all the qualities of a person minus the body, yet be the unquantifiable power of energy that courses under the skin of the entire universe, and beyond.

Rise and shine for thy light is come, and the glory of God is risen upon thee. This really takes on significant meaning when contemplated in light of the account of Adam and Eve. When they fell, they discovered they were naked. Before that, they had a covering of light covering them like a garment. That light that was taken from them because of their disobedience, is now returned to us in Christ, because of his obedience. If you are in Christ, that light is now hidden in you, but will later be expressed outwardly, like Moses who had to cover his face that was glowing, but only more intensely. This is the light that God brings back to us; Jesus the light of men, and of the world.

Energy, huh? You mean like a shining light that talks?,…a pillar of fire that says things, and pillar of cloud that leads a nation through the wilderness? O.K. Somebody get the straight jacket, I mean the really straight one. Apparently that’s what was reported by Paul on the Damascus road, and Moses in Mt. Sanai_God spoke to them out of his “great fire”.

It was like the standing part of a thermal nuclear explosion; you know the part that spans the expanse between heaven and earth, but without that spreading mushroom cloud of radiation fallout. Habakkuk says his shining was the light; the light that was shining was him. The one that really stays with us, almost to the exclusion of all the others; is the only one that has any real meaning that we can relate to, the one where he took on a human flesh, and blood body. What is totally amazing is the amount of this science fiction-like stuff that we accept without thinking, because everybody else goes along with it; then on the flip side, is the huge amount that we dismiss, not because it isn’t so, but others haven’t warmed up to it yet, so why should we.

We all know what human form looks like, right? You have one! Yet the scripture says: beloved now are we the sons of God, although it isn’t clear what we are going to look like; but when we see Jesus we are going to be like him for we are going to see him like he (really) is. Didn’t everybody see him when he was with us, and when he was taken up into the clouds. So what’s the big mystery, you mean that’s not what he really looks like. My understanding is probably about as good as yours, and it tells me before he had a human form he commanded some kind of presence which was not that of angels, because it says he took on not the form of an angel but of man when he came to us. That excludes two possibilities; angels, and man; I’m not going to hazard to guess, but it is kind of interesting; a life form that has no corporeal presence. Apparently our corporeal presence is considered corruption which we shall put off.

Is God what he tells us that he is, or is he what we want to believe that he is? You’d kinda think the answer should be rather academic, but the reality says otherwise when you look at what people believe.

If we let the record speak for itself, then this much is clear: of all the spiritual voices, and religious icons that are out there, only one managed to divide time in half, so that all things before him, and all things after him are reckoned according the times of his life; A.D., and B.C. That’s the kind of landmark that’s pretty hard to miss. You kinda have to make the effort to miss it, if you miss it. All things past, present, and future are gathered up together into one; in him. Kinda makes sense, cause he is light and that’s just what light does; it is everything gathered together. It is the cosmic speed limit for all the energy and matter in the universe.

If the heavens declare, or reveals God, then is it possible perhaps to see him in the study of the heavens? People are generally reluctant to take a direct approach, and simply ask the question, point blank…what is God. God phrased his answer to that question in very similar terms….”I Am That I Am”; that’s what, and who I am. How different is that from: I am Zeus, or Apollo, or Diana. “I Am That I Am, that is my name for ever”. As God is eternal, it is only for the briefest of time that we know him to have taken on the form a man, and visited mankind as such; but throughout the ages he was there. What did he look like?

The glory of God, and the Spirit of God are synonymous. The heavens declare the (spirit) of God, spirit is energy; energy translates into power; which explains God’s other Character description, the Almighty…all-mighty…all power….all spirit. That’s what a study of the heavens reveal. Energy is the essence of everything. Without abundant energy, there would be no universe – not even one single atom as we know it today. Since Albert Einstein’s e=mc2 enlightenment in 1905, Physicists have understood that energy and matter are both essentially the very same thing. If we could somehow “see” inside a single atom, it is almost entirely empty space (99.99% empty) – the tiniest of particles separated by enormous distances relative to their size – some moving at lightening speeds to create the diverse things and forces of Nature.

Science has some of the most wonderful devices for made close examination of our world possible, but before science became so thoroughly armed with this vast compliment of bristling new-fangled technology to probe the heavens and earth, the sixth century B.C. pioneers of Western Science, took a hard look at our world with an interest in understanding as much of it as they could. Spurred by the unsettling changeable nature of our world they wanted answers to what was the more permanent, maybe eternal underlying reality of our world; the permanent, deathless stuff of which things are made. The two schools of thinking which continues in some fashion until today were the Idealists— reality consists not of the objects per say, but of abstract ideal thought of the object expressed in rational, or mathematical terms. The other was the materialist—unchanging, eternal entities of a physical nature called, atoms and empty space accounted for all of reality, the different arrangements of these atoms giving us the vast variety of objects in our visible world. You don’t even have to think hard to see scripture reflected in both approaches. Both schools were studying the heavens, and the heavens declare the glory of God. 1—We do not look on things after the outward appearance, and 2) the visible things of this world are held up by the invisible things that do not appear. The heavens declare the glory of God and it all bears up under the close scrutiny of science to point to the invisible God, I Am That I Am.


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