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The measure that you measure out for yourself by the word of God, sets the parameters for your transformation; and are according to the word you believe in your heart, and speak. You can therefore set the parameters of a transformation into the limitations of the strait jacket of mortal man; or into the glorious liberties of the sons of God. Which ever choice you go with, God will give you more revelations unto the increase of those parameters that are either the glorious liberty of sons, or the inglorious constraints of the ways of man’s limitations, whereof even Moses could only go so far therein.

Israel had a pillar of fire to stand watch over them by night, and a cloud by day. These signs were visible for all the nations around them to see, and come to fear God by them. The disciples were distinguished by cloven tongues of fire when the received from on high, Jesus the power of God, to go and demonstrate him to all nations. Although the symbol of fire distinguished the first twelve disciples, the sings that were to distinguish those that believe on Jesus are detailed by Jesus himself, and are not to be absent at the preaching of the gospel. Christ is formed in us as diamond is formed under great pressure....even enormous pressure, through fiery trials which form in us this Lord from heaven.

There are two known groups of people who have an enormously difficult time coping with the principles of the kingdom of heaven which requires not understanding, but believing. These two groups are the rich, of whom it is said even camels can go through the eye of a needle easier than they can access the kingdom of heaven. The other is the urbane, and wise among men to whom the things of the kingdom are simply foolish. We start out as babes knowing nothing, yet believing much, we at last invert the quantities as we progress to procure mountains of the knowledge of this world, where we come to know much, but believe nothing.

Children are not asked to understand much, yet God said, of such believing nature as children possess, are those who are of the Kingdom of heaven.

God by far exceeds immeasurably our capacity to understand him by our natural senses; we are asked to interact with him therefore through our spirits in believing him, subsequent to which our understanding becoming fruitful in knowing him.

As a human how do you relate to an ant? You go down to his state, or bring the ant up to your state, so you can have fellowship with him and visa/versa. In Christ, God has done both for us. He's come down to our sate under the natural laws of the elements, and the handwritten ordinances of man's commandments to deliver we who were under their bondage. He has also lifted us up to his state so we can have fellowship with him, but all our focus seems to be trained onto where he came down, and so much so to the disregarding of the very purpose of his coming down...to lift us up. But up to where are we lifted? Jesus is God's son, and is God also...that is what God gives to us—the gift of God, our original state; we are joint heirs of God, and as he is we also share God's divine nature. For all the difference the big "G" or little "g" makes in the spelling of the word God; at the end of the day we share God's divine nature in Christ; and grow up into him in all things. In all things it behooved him to be made like unto us; likewise we grow up into him in all things. He is the son of God, as are we, and he is God, which is what God says of us... Psalm 82, which Jesus also confirms in the gospels, I say you are gods (

Language is not something that is taught to us as children, but by constant exposure we come into it, by reason of use; in fact we actually know, and fluently speak our native language before we enter the first grade of preschool. In the same way the faith of God is not something that is to be taught, but we are to come into it because the adults around us model it.

Here in the church the princes do not model the faith of Jesus, but are busy coining words or otherwise finding Greek, Latin, or Hebrew ones that tell us not to be what Jesus modeled for us to do, and to be. There are no adults for us to model after, so we emulate the babies that stand as leaders, and so everything about this vapid, atrophied faith seem to be normal, when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

To such qualities that children possess in a great capacity to believe, is the kingdom of God opened. The learned, and the wise know a great deal, but believe nothing.

So often without understanding what forces are acting upon us for good or ill, we succumb to such forces without the least bit of resistance. Though it is a fact, the word trinity doesn’t even appear in scripture; it is a concept that is corroborated by certain circumstances for which we coin that term to represent.

Though we do not quite understand the "trinity" we have to coin a word to represent that concept where that word never occurs in scripture. Other areas however, where the scripture is abundantly clear, we dismiss it by spiritual wickedness in high places as the princes of the church do not believe, so we join them in not believing the obvious truth of God. This is the spirit of emulation or peer pressure at work suppressing the truth.

We have no problem believing the concept of the trinity, because we are born into a culture that believe in it, and come into its belief with our neighbors who also by and large believe the same thing. Makes it easier for us to believe it too. Water follows the path of least resistance. That was Reuben’s flaw, Genesis 49: 4.

Jesus said blessed are they who can believe without having to see like doubting Thomas who had to see the wounds, and touch them.

Reuben was unstable as water, suggesting double-mindedness as waves of the sea go back and forth; so he could not excel. Other areas of scripture where we are told plainly, so we don’t have to coin words, or phrases to represent ideas, we simply refuse to believe. Yes, there it is plainly stated, yet because others around us don’t believe it, we shy away from it; as though we have no steel of character for ourselves.

God says because ye are my children ye are gods, like Jesus is his son, and he is god, so are we in this world—just as he is; though plainly stated we don’t believe this pivotal truth for growing up into him in all things. If you’re on a bus, don’t you need to know where you’re going? If you’re to grow up, don’t you need to know into what you will grow up and become?

If you are going to grow up into him in all things, that includes the fact of his deity. We don’t understand the trinity for which we have to mint like a coin a new word to represent, but where it is told to us plainly, how we are reckoned in God’s created order, and in such a way that we should, and in fact do know how that order works in the natural, we allow some dark force of the prince of this world to suppress this truth in the unrighteousness of unbelief in us without offering any resistance at all. That is in principle because the princes of he church do not believe it, so as individuals we
have no backbone to embrace the truth of God, against the pressures of our peers, or the popular mood of the day. If you truly want to embrace Jesus’ life, you have to go against what is popularly embraced; never mind what other men believe, you have to go even against the known and familiar spirits of your own life, so that you can have Jesus’ life.

We are called to inherit the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. He prayed that the Father would glorify him with the glory he had before the world began. If we are joint heirs together with him, it is because we inherit with him all things of God, and his glory, now in this world. All the powers of the darkness of this world is bent to the task of keeping you in the dark about this transformative revelation. God says look to the pit from where you are digged out of, and look to the rock from which you are taken... we are taken out of God, and are what he is. How can you take a block of marble form a slab of marble, and that block of marble be something other than the marble from which it is taken?

In order to inherit the glory of Jesus, to which we are called as joint heirs with him, though we’ve not been made to understand plainly by the princes in the church, we have to cross over from our humanity through this transformation into Christ.

Yes, by Adam’s transgression we’ve fallen away from this heritage of God who made us so, but the purpose of all the redemptive work of God is to bring us back to our first estate as sons of God. To this end God cries:

Tthe ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master’s crib: Yea the Storks in the heaven knoweth her appointed times, and the turtle, and the crane, and the swallow observe the time of their coming; but my people do not know, my people doth not consider. (The reason God came down to man, is to lift man up to him.)They know not, neither will they understand; so they walk on in darkness: therefore all the foundations of the earth are out of course. God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods. I have said, Ye are gods; because all of you are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes. Cease ye from man’s ways, whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of? His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day he dies, his thoughts perish…but the word of God abideth forever, though the earth be no more, and the heavens be removed.

Where it is spoken of Reuben being as unstable as water, and so cannot excel, the same is true of us, where we hold to our thoughts, which are not God’s thoughts. Our thoughts are as unstable as water….literally; before we had one such thought God knew us—He saw our thoughts before they came to us Psalm 139. It is that part of us that God knew before our thoughts came to us that survives mortal death, when our thoughts that came to us afterwards perish. Our thoughts being as unstable as water is true in a literal sense. Our thoughts originate as chemical interaction in our brains which generate electrical impulses that drives our sensory gathering faculties translating into thoughts as we observe and respond to our environment.

Henceforth even though that man who you are, were Christ himself, yet you are to know him no more according to the ways of man that your mother gave birth to by your name, but instead know yourself as he that is born of God. So God humbled you, allowed you to hunger, and fed you with manna (the word of God) which you did not know, nor did your fathers know, that He might make you know that man also has a life that is not sustained by bread alone; but man lives also by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the LORD.

In our brains chemical interactions like a battery, produces electricity. These electrical impulses stimulate our sensory organs. These impulses are translated into thoughts about how your environment is acting upon you. Your thoughts are borne of, and driven by your environment whereas the word of God is from above, and existed even before your environment was formed.

We know our thoughts since the earliest times from our births; and by these thoughts we believe we know ourselves. They are the bedrock of our reality; yet at the time of our deaths, those thoughts that we hold to be our reality perish, and the person we thought was ourselves too. You don’t even have to wait until you die to prove this to be true,…exactly just how tenuous, and faulty our grasp on reality is.

Unlike God's thoughts which are eternal, our thoughts are as unstable as water, and can be proven to be so. Our thoughts can be reduced to liquid mush before they finally terminate at death. Serene Branson experienced a mild stroke which interrupted her speech pattern making them incoherent . This can be replicated by disrupting the electrical circuitry in our brains.

To test this, first be sure you are seated, or securely reclining; then if you can obtain a “MRI” grade magnet, the strength of 1.5 Tesla, have someone bring that magnet within a centimeter of your of your head, all the while trying to maintain your hold on just one thought that is a signature of your world reality. Try counting up, or down to thirty… your thought, and speech will dissolve into liquid mush like Serene Branson the news reporter who suffered a mild stroke while doing a live news broadcast. At death however you are not simply suffering some form of stroke; but your thoughts end, because thoughts were a function of chemical interaction that your brain converted into electricity like a battery; the electric current thus generated, fired up various sensory circuits that allow those senses to process information about the world you are navigating, so you can establish your bearing in that world.

In the mount of transfiguration Jesus demonstrated that he is light by shining in candle power greater in strength than the sun. The two components of light which are electricity, and magnetism are responsible for sustaing our thought life. God says his thoughts are not like our thoughts which are generated from chemical/electrical stimulation and are borne of our environmental association. See just how easy it is to dissolve our thoughts while we live, which at our death cease with our chemical/electrical activities.

Electricity, and magnetism are two principal components of light, which is electromagnetic radiation. When a magnet the strength of 1.5 Tesla comes within close proximity to the electric circuit in your brain, that magnet disrupts the function of such circuits that sustain your conscious thoughts.

God is saying to us that our thoughts that emerge from chemical reaction in the brain, are not like his thoughts. That chemical interaction ceases with our other bodily function at our mortal death. In this way the word of God is different from our thoughts.

God says he knows our thoughts before they come to us, and they are not his thoughts, as are our way as human beings. God says his thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are his ways the ways of man, yet we keep trying to squeeze him into the ways of man instead of crossing over to his ways. He didn’t tell us this like presenting to us a fence of separation between us that we ought to observe, but to alert us to the need for us to cross over to him by transformation in Jesus who tore down the middle wall of partition between God and man. Though the wall’s been down two thousand years man won’t cross over into his fullness but remain only in the caccoon state as babes in Christ, who cannot yet carry out the mighty works of Jesus. Yet for all the long trail of failure, they adhere to the traditions of man above the exhortation of God.

The word of God requires no chemical reaction to be…like the fire that burned before Moses, but did not need the fuel source of the bush to sustain it, so the bush was not consumed though the fire burned. The word of God existed before the world was, it sustains the world, and is eternal.

Our ways, and our thoughts are not those of Gods thoughts or ways therefore in order to be reconciled with him he exhorts us to cease from mans' ways and from man's thoughts, so we can be as he is in Christ.

While we live, we are to take every one of those word of God, and find a miraculous life in them, a life-like Jesus had, that was above the natural laws of the elements of this world, or the handwritten ordinances of man’s commandments.

If we do not exercise ourself in these glorious liberties of the sons of God, we do not exercise dominion over the works of God’s hands which is given to us in Christ,…or as Christ, who we are supposed to be by transformation—and cease from having our being merely as the chemical reaction that is man; take hold instead on every word that precede out of the mouth of God, and live by them. We are more than the output of some chemical reaction that has bases in the temporal elements of this world.

While we were yet unperfect, before any thoughts of this world visited us; then it was that God did see us, and that part of us it is that most resembles him.

The Psalms says the eyes of God did see you when your tangible physical presence could at best be described as an imperfect substance, (like the chemicals that generate the spark of life we call man). In a book were all your members written, and then in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them. He saw your thoughts before they came to you. You existed before you had thoughts; it is that part of you that transcends secession of mortal chemical reaction death.

One thing to walk around in the awareness of a particular verse of scripture, and altogether another thing to experience an assortment of verses in scripture coming on-line, and pointing to a particular leading form Our Father who is in heaven.

God makes his ministers a flaming fire. The real key to our transformation is to keep active in us as many truths as God shares with us. These are the rhema (word comes alive as fire) of the word; and live out of them all.

Actually more than just pointing to a particular leading, those scripture references offer an actual spiritual disposition in which you begin to walk. You begin to walk in the spirit of those scriptural concepts of truth. According to the way some Christmas trees are configured you may see a light blink in one zone, then two, or more blink in another zone, and this pattern continues until all the zones light up at once, and stay lit for a while, then this looped pattern starts over. Think of these lights as verses, an individual verse or a few verses that portray a concept; you get these verses, and concepts activated simultaneously in a sustained mode, and they actually drive a new consciousness out of which we can act, and live in a way that is otherwise not possible. By the particular nature of this consciousness all things become possible for us. Instead of having a consciousness that is informed by the world around us driving our senses, we have a revelation based consciousness.

It’s not uncommon to get a revelation on a verse or concept, then go forward, and be graced by another, till you have a collection of these revelations. The true challenge for us is to keep these revelations active like a juggler keeping several items in play at once. If I have not so far made a big deal about spiritual purity, and cleanliness, it is because the assumption is taken for granted here that if you are reading this blog you take your spiritual life very seriously. People who take their spiritual life seriously know that spiritual purity is not a negotiable issue, but indispensable.

Without purity you cannot sustain the life of God….you will not be able to see him; and consequently never be doing his work, because the work of reconciliation is that work which we are to see God showing us how to do, as he did show Jesus so he could do that same work he’s told us to follow him and do. Spirituality and carnality are mutually exclusive; they do not live together; they have no fellowship together.

There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh, but are led by the Spirit in the Glorious liberty of Sons of God.

If there is carnality in your life it will cause you to forget the truths that God shares with you; you can never strike an effective blow against the darkness of this world. At one point Jesus noted….here comes the prince of this world who goes to and fro in the earth, he also said he, concerning the prince of this world, he has nothing in me. If you have darkness in you, you cannot fight darkness. If you are leaning toward perfection you are resisting the darkness of this world, and the devil will flee from you. Therefore there is no condemnation to them that are in Christ who walk not according the lust of the flesh, but according the leading of the Spirit…leaning toward perfection.


Read Creator or liar and see how we can be reconciled with God the builder, and measure of all things.