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The Gift of Righteousness that is God.

The Kingdom of God according to Jesus is easy enough for children to understand and navigate; so much so that it is ordained to come from out of the mouths of babes and sucklings, for it is within us, and comes from within us. That being said you have to wonder why the movers and shakers of this kingdom are the apparent poster-boy of erudition. They are everywhere; you hear them across the airwaves, see them on the silver/plasma screen, and all over the internet blogosphere. At the end of the day you look at the net effect of all the moving, and shaking that’s done, and what’s clear is the question of whether all that moving and shaking was done in the kingdom. Perhaps they are neither moving, or shaking in this kingdom at all. This is not just any kingdom, it is the kingdom of God. It is called that for just the reason that the house that Kelly owns is called Kelly’s house. It isn’t Jimmy’s, or Mary’s, or Jennefer’s house; it is Kelly’s. In this kingdom that belongs to God, the person vested with powers to effect the goings on in the kingdom is to no one’s surprise God. If man want’s to participate in that capacity, ownership of the kingdom must be transferred to him or the state of man must be altered or so transformed to the currency of God that he can operate free of offense as the chief steward of the kingdom. This is where the principle of righteousness enters the picture.

By the gift of righteousness God lives his life through us vicariously in this world . It is no longer we who live, but God who live in us. This righteousness is not just an attribute of God, but the virtual person of God in us. The photos above shows person in virtual reality suit manifesting his actions through his avatar character above him in the virtual world.

Righteousness is a gift, or an exchange of gifts , the gift is God himself; all of himself. God gives to us his life, and we give to him our death imputed by sin, which only he is able to then submit the payment called for in that death by laying down his life, yet retaining the power to raise it up again. That’s what God promised to Abraham, and did in Christ for us. God made of himself a gift given to us, and we receiving that gift is righteousness.

God is our robe of righteousness.

Most people understand the idea of virtual reality; it is not different form vicarious reality. For instance, Christ’s death applies to your death vicariously or virtually. Your life is now Jesus coming alive in you, and living through you vicariously or virtually. The first and original expression of this sort of substitutionary reality is image. Imaging something is projection something to a remote location, while the source remains at a point of origin. God projects all of himself to us in Christ who became man; we receive all that he projected and, and are transformed from what we were to a whole new creation.

When you look to God, he tells you that all things are possible when you reach out with the faith of God. Man is quick to step in and seek to bring you into bondage by modifying your liberties by the traditions of man's concept of reality.

Abraham was declared righteous without actually following through and killing Isaac; by faith he killed him virtually, which God accepted as good as if he had done the thing itself. Righteousness is not something that is given, but someone who is given, who we are to virtually become; the being of God that exists by believing through the faith to be God, according to the knowledge of God.

In Christ Jesus we are the righteousness of God. We become he who we are not, by believing through the faith to be God virtually, or vicariously in the first person.

Where God calls us to be perfect, according to Paul we don’t need to be actually perfect to be perfect, but virtually or, vicariously perfect because like Abraham who had the mind to kill Isaac and righteousness was imputed to him; having the mind to be perfect, God imputes this to us.

It's been said the only thing in life you own is a piece of ground the size of your shoe. If you won't fight for it,if you let someone else do your thinking, you become irrelevant.