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Consciously or not, over the years we have come to refine our mode of operating as human beings till the script is acted out in a somnambulant matter of fact fashion. From birth you go through the child care, day care, early childhood ritual. Then comes the pre-teen, teen, and young adult rite of passage. From high school on to college, grad school and get a job, retire and die—more or less. All this time various social norms are drummed into us and we start chasing various models of acceptability, and respectability. Well when you find that life God says you will have lost your real life and if you as lost it you would have found your real life. “We begin by knowing little, and believing much, and we sometimes end by inverting the quantities—knowing much and believing nothing. ” — George Eliot. With God, all things are always possible. He seems to think it is possible with your too when we part company with the spirit of doubt.

God is a gift that we sow not so much into our lives, but for our lives. He becomes our lives as we grow up into him in all things. If we sow God himself for our lives we don’t have to worry about the things for this life, because they belong to him, and as he shows up where we sow him, his things comes to him who is actually the new us. We don’t have to even labor to be rich, the real challenge for us is to be the one who is rich, and his wealth comes to us…I mean him…who is us, but not really us, because while we live we die daily so his life is manifested in us. YEAH! I know, you know what I mean. As his image, do what God does: call those things which be not as though they were. JUST SAY IT.Romans 4:17-18—(As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, [even] God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were. 18 Who against hope believed in hope, that he might become the father of many nations, according to that which was spoken, So shall thy seed be. God called things that are not as though they already existed. He asked Abraham to walk before him and be perfect. That’s just the place where you want a mirror to be; right in front of you. God wanted his image in Abraham to be perfect, This same is true for us, the seed of Abraham. Jesus said to us, be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. When he spoke to Moses he told Moses plainly…..be a god to Pharaoh.

We are the knowledge of God personalized in the first person. Echos do not return to the source in the second, or third person, but he first person only. The image in your mirror has no artifact of anything but you. God asks us to stand before him and be a perfect image of him in the first person. Jesus is the image of God in the first person representation. That's our calling to inherit the glory of the Lord Jesus and walk as he did.

The image of God in us must be perfect. When the farmer sows seeds he is broadcasting seeds in his field. Television, and radio broadcast is commonplace with us. They broadcast messages. When the farmer broadcast seeds into his field, the seeds in due time spring up and grow up into the parent plant in all things. Much like a natural plant, we grow up into Christ in all things. To reconcile means to bring something up to standard so one side of the equation is the same as the other. God made us in his image so we are the exact same kind as he is, but Adam punted the ball to Satan when he fell. Jesus came, and wrestled it back from Satan and gave in back to us.

We sow the word of God not so much into our lives bur to be our lives, all our lives.

If we don’t do our due diligence in learning the way God has laid out for us to navigate he hazards of life, we find ourselves in the exercise of futility; routinely praying over, and over for certain things which God has clearly handed to us the keys to success and expects us to participate according to the clear guidelines. We ask for the things we need and often don’t get them, not because God says no, but if you go to your atm and punch in the wrong code the money is yours, but the wrong code wont get it for you.

He didn’t do this to make us less than what he created us to be in the first place, but at the very least reconciled as the same. We should be able to accept that but we don’t. We just want to keep assuming this helpless fetal position in the dark.

The tendency of all things that live is to grow. In spirit we grow up into Christ in all things, but the church has been very resistant to that growth process.

Doing that, the message to us is—you’ll just keep wondering while you perish; though you are like a prince in the church you’ll still die like a man according to Psalm 82:7 (New Living Translation “But you will die like mere mortals and fall like every other ruler.”) because you refuse to believe you are like me—gods. By clear implication here God expects us to be more than mere mortals, or even rulers among men. Clearly where some interpret the little “g” in god to mean not really gods but rulers; God here distinctly identifies the two concepts separately when he says you will die like rulers (princes) because you don’t believe you are Gods. I don’t know exactly how on earth we managed to snivel out of the way God asked us to do things in such on such a massive scale.The repertoire of excuses that are given is simply baffling. God was reconciling the world in Jesus, and left us to do that Job in the same tradition. How simple can it get. God was doing a job which he left us to do. Told us how to do it. We go to do that job and approach it as a man ( in the tradition of the way man does things which you really don’t need faith to do man’s traditions.)

The way man traditionally does things will keep you in the traditions of man box. Breaking our traditions usually require some traumatic episode that shakes us to the core of our beings. Once you've made a house, it's hard to tear it down and walk away from it.

The faith comes in when we have to do things the way God does them. You don’t need faith to be a man; that’s what you were born to. You need faith to be god. We are exhorted to have the faith of God. The whole purpose is to do things the way God does it, so Jesus who is the power of God can be revealed in these undertakings. We hide the power of God in unrighteous unbelief, do things after the traditions of man, and by so doing think that we are just being humble. Is there any compelling reason to actually believe that you are God, as God insists you do. Consider this…the work God asks us to do was done by God who said, this work I will not do as a man. Do you actually think you can do it as a man. God in no uncertain terms said—this work I will not do as a man. How is it then that you should think it possible to do it as men. God expects these things to be done the way he specified them to be done because in the absence of his physical bodily form as Jesus of Nazareth, you his new body are to manifest forth his power as a witness of him to unbeliever so they may believe your witness for the very works sake. The things of God for this work that we suit up with is God himself, presented again by your faith. These things are hard to be said, and particularly so if we remain at a distance from God. You can’t be God from a distance…you have to personalize him, you have to get up close and personal with him. Paul said this is not just the word of God…. It is my gospel. You have to make it yours so you don’t have an opinion; you are the knowledge of God—living, breathing, walking around knowledge of God, not in theology but doing the works of God. We can keep sniveling our way out of this by various rationalizations or take up the challenge before us and get to work, giving God a chance of reconciling the world through adequate room in us to be God in us, by us putting him on — personalizing him in the first person…..no artifacts of the old man.


Take a look at the alternate versions of your life. What it was, and what it could be as Christ.