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When all is said and done it amounts to God giving to us himself which fulfills his covenant made to Abraham, and to his seed, where God gave himself to them as a gift. One knows not whether it is false humility, or simply self-loathing, but when it comes to enforcing this will on our parts; where  we have to speak these things for ourselves, they are hard to be spoken. It seem unlawful for us to personalize the things of God that he willed for you. This pictures for our instruction, the image of Adam having fallen, taking to cowering, and hiding from God in garden. Its hard to say these things because there is a thin veil of separation between the old man that hides from God, and for whom they are actually unlawful, and the new man that you are become, for whom these things are foreordained by God. When you go to the lawyer's office to receive inheritance left for you, you say whatever you want but at he end of the day, if you want them, you reach forth your hand and take monies, titles, credits, objects, and so forth. If you want the things left by God for you, you have to speak them, they can't be handled by hands, before procuring them unto you by Christ the power of God, ordained to come out of your mouth to receive Christ, the things of God.

The glorious liberty of the sons of God allow them to exercise exclusive privileges that are not extended to servants who are under tutors, governors, and schoolmasters. The things of God that are hard to be spoken, ….. the very things that before the foundations of this earth were laid in place; these things are ordained of God, to by means of inheritance, transfer over to us, God’s glory which is: (his credit, reputation, wealth, and authority). Some things just happen, and others are scripted…planned out before they happen.

When God projected his image into the earth like a great light, He is what happens in you. When he speaks, your voice is his echo in the earth…..echos only occur in the first person—as is true of mirrored images. You do not want artifacts of other things in your image in the mirror, or in the echo of your voice…neither does God. That’s why your death is required daily…cause you still live. When you look in the mirror you are seeing something else other than yourself, something is wrong with that mirror or with you.

A building doesn’t just happen; a blueprint is first drawn up before the construction phase, followed by the occupancy permit. You’d be surprised to know that a brand new building could be just sitting there and no one can go live in it till the occupancy permit is secured. The occupancy permit in this case is the spirit of boldness in his sons and daughters without which no one would dare touch these things of God. This is a plan that was laid out before the world was in

There is a prevailing spirit of false piety, and false modesty that says I'm too humble and too pious to receive these things of God. You are God's mirror image. As a mirrored image you do not determine what you are, what you are, is determined by the source of the reflected image in you. What kind of a mirror doesn't reflect all of what is projected into in it. No one will have such a mirror. You are not the cause, you are the effect of the creator. When he projected his image into the earth like a great light, He is what happens in you. When he speaks, your voice is his echo in the earth.....echos only occur in the first person—as is true of mirrored images. You do not want artifacts of other things in your image in the mirror, or in the echo of your voice. False piety and false humility in not receiving these things are inexplicable; a living, breathing , walking around oxymoron of contradiction.

Angels being intrigued, greatly desire to look into these things. More than just angels, a formidable malevolent force has set his will against your chances of receiving these things he lost his entire estate attempting to gain by force, and arrogance. His plan is virtual stroke of genius; using the princes and powers in the church, make these things appear off limits to you, by telling you just that, so shall you have no chance  of using them against him. As he cannot have them, you are the object of Satan's unassuaged envy, as he envied God. He caused Adam to loose his bid, and would turn your steps aside as well. As this is true of Jesus, so is it true of you: Micah 5:4—And he shall stand and feed in the strength of the LORD, in the majesty of the name of the LORD his God; and they shall abide: for now shall he be great unto the ends of the earth.

place; a plan that greatly intrigued and fascinated the angels, who desired to look into these things—man was going to be elevated above them to be as God, the gift that is given to them, by inheritance entitlement. How is this going to happen they must have asked, because God doesn’t disclose his plans to his angels as he does to we whom he calls his friends, and sons. Now these things given us are such things as we should already know. They are his divine nature, his glory, kingdom, power, mind, Spirit, and much, much more; they are commuted to us by means of inheritance after Christ who willed them to us died. Unless the one who made the will dies, the will cannot be of any force, for they still belong to him…the testator that still lives.

These things that God has given to us are of such exceeding greatness in majesty that by way of comparison, all the things that he has before done for the families of the earth so far is like setting the moon in the same light as the sun and noticing how the moon does not shine. So great is what God is doing for us today as compared to times before Christ. The two examples cannot be mentioned in the same breath, or set in the same light. Psalm 115:16(The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD'S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men. God gave to Israel the land of Canaan, but to the sons of God is given the heaven of heavens. He says we, his sheep have access to the sheepfold, for rest in (the kingdom of God) by keys given them, and can go also out into the pastures and find food.

If you've seen the Father, you've also seen the son—you've seen the son, you've seen the Father

We’ve all had the pleasure of receiving desirable gifts on special occasions, as well as those we don’t really care much for. In either case we’ve had a fairly good idea just what to do with them, but the prospect now of receiving a life; what do you do with a life? Where do you keep it? By whatever circumstance people may receive a lives, purchased or otherwise, such lives becomes slaves to those who own it; in this case the opposite is true here. It was once told me that if you take a pet into your home just the presence of that little pet requires you to make considerable changed to accommodate it adequately. If that pet happened to have been an elephant, now everything is going to be seriously impacted by the presence of that huge animal; God is huge but some recipients of his life have had to make no adjustments to accommodate him—go figure.

Having received the life of God as a gift, the privilege we have is to speak in the first person according to the knowledge of God. By knowledge it is said, my righteous servant shall justify many. Jesus said if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father, and if you’ve seen the Father you’ve seen me. The same is true of you. If you give the least of mine a cup of cold water, it is I to whom you gave it, and giving it to me is giving it to the Father. This is like one of those verses in the Psalms after which the word “selah” appears. By implication it pictures walking along a path, and finding yourself suddenly at the rim of the Grand Canyon, staring at the breath taking majesty before you. SELAH!……consider it. You just don’t pass by something like this. It’s like receiving an elephant in your home and not even having to rearrange the furniture for his accommodation.

We all make claim to be the sons of God, well Jesus is the archetype son after which you are made; all things that apply to him applies to you…..people throw out all kinds of things to squirm away from the reality of it, but if you grow up, you are to grow up into him in all things. The seed has the potential for the entire tree….bud, leaf, flower, and fruit—just plant it; you don’t have to figure out how it happens….just plant it, and leave it.

In the parable of the farmer:(Mark 2:27_And he said, So is the kingdom of God (that you are to inherit), as if a man should cast seed into the ground; should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how. For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear. But when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he putteth in the sickle, because the harvest is come.)

If you’ve noticed Jesus speaking, it was not in the 2nd or 3rd person, like someone with a psychotic break episode. He always spoke in the first person by the knowledge of God. Concerning these things of him that you have received, they are calculated to allow you to speak in the first person. No person before us have ever received the life of another person, which life is intended for you not to have. but for that life to be you, and you to be that life…. to speak, and live as that person.

Jesus who being God said, I didn't come to have men serve me, but to serve men, and give his life as a ransom for them.....the greater serves by the lesser. To whom much is given, much is required, and he that is the greatest among you shall be the servant of all......to aspire to be the greatest, is to aspire to be the least as well. God at no time ever showed us his glory except where it was his design to give it to us....all things that God reveled to us including himself, belong to us, and to our children forever.

No person has ever spoken, and his true echo comes back to him in the third, or second person, but the first always. God says we are his image. That’s what an image is. It is an echo, the audio component of that image. This first person perspective of God for you is moderated and balanced by a clause in the knowledge of God which exhorts us to esteem each other better than ourselves.

Where the knowledge of God says that we have received the spirit, and we know all things. We speak according to that knowledge in the first person—e.g. “I have received the spirit, I know all things”. God gives me permission to be perfect; I lean toward perfection by saying that “I am perfect”. A person with a headache doesn’t say I am healed because he is feeling great, but because he wants to be healed he speaks that word of healing. If a man gives you a seed of corn and you don’t plant it, it cannot grow. Those who can believe something before they see it, will be successful in the kingdom of God. They that say these things testify that they seek these things in the Lord from Heaven whom God has prepared for them for the present life as a covering from all things—Therefore God is not ashamed to be called there God (Hebrews 11:16).

I used to think that where it says: they overcame by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony, that it meant they who overcame told others of their trials for the purpose of encouraging others who would then overcome their trials by this encouragement. New revelation on this made me understand that when Jesus’ blood is applied to you, it makes your body God’s body—that’s the power of Jesus’ blood, it brings you within the inner circle of the Godhead—that’s within the veil. When you call for healing it isn’t you calling for healing, but God calling for healing of your body which he now owns. Who will deny him…who will resist him?

Read Creator or liar and see how we can be reconciled with God the builder, and measure of all things.


You have to personalize... say in the first person all the things of Christ as seeds that are sown for God to make them grow up into all things of Christ in you. Just say all things including "I am the resurrection and the life" ... you are a life giving spirit. That and so much more.