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Some of the most effective Atheists working against the church are not wearing tattoos, with long scraggly beards. They are the well cultured, urbane, and eloquent men of erudition. They use the church's own assets against them. Mix a little tradition with it and it's done. It didn't take much to get peter going under the water; a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.

Here’s the real kicker, atheists are now pontificating about what God would, and would not do. This may sound surprising but we’ve had atheists preaching in churches for over 2000 years. The main goal here is to keep God out of the church and maintain the façade of a religion as defined in James 1:27—Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, [and] to keep himself unspotted from the world. Prue religion is doing what man does or is has with him such capacity of doing—he keeps himself, not what God does. All the soup kitchens, feed the homeless, walk for hunger, and charitable efforts are what man does, and can do. These things are good and acceptable, done in the tradition as man does them….. but there is the perfect will of God, done by the perfect man which we are commanded to be.

Be perfect as your father is in heaven. That’s a tall order. This is Jesus who said that. Be reconciled with God so you are perfect as he is….doing on earth what he shows you of himself doing in heaven. If Jesus can believe in you, you can believe in yourself…that is what God has done in you to extend your capabilities to the reach of the measure of God himself, the perfect man. God has drawn so many parallels between himself and we and in every instance we walk away reaching for the pacifier as some helpless, powerless, meaningless, nothingness. All the things that God divested himself of we are to put them on as be as Christ trusting in God.

I posted a comment at an atheist website answering the question of what the work of God is.

This is the reply form one of the visitors:

No infinitely powerful being would ever need the contributions of finitely powerful beings. The belief that one is doing the work of such a “god” is simply delusion, with a heavy dose of arrogance.

All we need is enough faith to receive the word into the soil of our hearth. God has built into the fabric of that seed the doing of the rest, because the doing of th rest is all his work to do.

Doing, or leaning toward doing things the way God shows us how to do them as he does them in heaven may seem like the heights of arrogance to the atheists but the contrary is actually true…. Unbelief is the heights of arrogance. God says we tempt him and limit him jus about all the time. First of all, the life that we live in Christ is no longer us but Christ. Second, Christ is not limited in power. According to Colossians 1:11 (King James Bible We are—Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power,unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness;) We are strengthened with all the might to made us all mighty—as Christ who we are supposed to be—not man.This, man still cannot believe.

To walk in his perfect will you have the be the perfect man. The failure so far has been man's unengaged will....ignorance of the will. No man as blind as he who will not see.

We are so enamored with the idea of man, we can’t get away from it long enough to be gods. God said he does for us more than we are capable of thinking or even asking of him. Concerning these works that men do, look around you very carefully. Is it only Christians who are doing this food pantry, soup kitchen, walk for hunger thing? NO. God distinguishes between those kinds of work and his work. Things that man does, God calls it religion. He can keep himself spotless by virtue of will-worship. That’s nothing new.

The perfect man has a life that has no origin on earth. His life is the Lord from heaven. His works also are not like the manner of man's works, but such as are done in heaven. When there is casting down he can say there is lifting up. Really can you see Jesus going around in a medical airplane with medical supplies for the suffering. That is a good thing to do. But Jesus would do the perfect thing, things we know he does and have done. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. I any man says he has the life of Jesus in him, he should walk as Jesus also walked.

People can be born again according to the will of their own selves, (the flesh’s will power to do or not to do), by the will of other men influencing them, or according to the will of God. God has a good, acceptable, and a perfect will. You could do what is good, or acceptable by man’s standard—walk for hunger, or do the thing like Jesus, the perfect man whom we are to be like in all things— take two fish and three loaves of bread and feed five thousand.

The whole purpose is to do things the way God does it, so Jesus who is the power of God can be revealed in these undertakings. We hide the power of God in unrighteous unbelief, do things after the traditions of man, and by so doing think that we are just being humble. Do you think Jesus walked on water so Peter would not want to. We should desire these things but we hide in spiritual dens an caves. Jesus did these things to show us that they are the new order of things with those who believe in him. Anyone who believes them to be true, unbelieving folks just write them off as arrogant fools.

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