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If I were an atheist, by that claim the assumption should be taken for granted that I’ve explored fully to my satisfaction the question about God, and having concluded there is no such thing, I would wash my hands clean of that subject and move on. I wouldn’t set up a website and publish posts under religion to examine any further a question that I have disposed of thoroughly. That is unless I had an axe to grind against that God that doesn’t exist, which is utterly inane because if he doesn’t exist, he cannot know my vituperation against him or his followers, so why bother….just move on! Couple of days ago having just published a post I went to see what other posts were published in under the tag for religion along with mine. I saw one by the title “What Are The Works of God”.

LAZARUS, COME FORTH! The works of God can no man do, as much as no man can see God—or has seen God at any time. If you remain unperfect as men you will not see God, and so will not be able to do what works God does and shows to his sons. Jesus both saw God work the works he did, and said we who believe him will do the same works. By virtue of the fact that we do not do these works of God what does that say about our claim to believe in him. Jesus asks the question when I return will I find faith on earth? We may have saving faith, but not that faith to do the works of God. What we do is not the works of God but what the scripture defines as religion. Man can't see God to do the works of God but he can do religion which he does not need to see God in order to accomplish.

What has playing marbles got to do with, doing the works of God? NOTHING.
We should be telling people that we are doing not the “works of God”, but “RELIGION”.

When you remove the power of God from the preaching of the Gospel what you have is something that begins to compete on the same platform as all other religions, because it has now become a religion, a form of godliness. That's what religion is—a form of godliness

That subject happens to be of greatest interest to me so I followed the link to that site. I glanced something is a kind of indirect peripheral sort of way about atheism, but neither made the connect, nor expected committed atheist forums filed under religion, unless atheism has become a religion. I hastily skimmed through the post, which aggressively and with much animation called into question that subject of the “work of God” as men claim to be doing. I have to say it was a line of inquiry I entirely supported because, he gave voice to the very same sentiments I have about man’s claims to be doing the works of God. Since we have decided consciously or not to go about doing things as men, and have clearly, blatantly amended beyond recognition, the clear directives that Jesus gave us about doing his works, which God in heaven showed him, and is prepared to show us also; we should not be calling what we do the “works of God”, but religion.

What has playing marbles got to do with, doing the works of God? NOTHING.
We should be telling people that we are doing not the “works of God”, but “RELIGION”. That’s what we are doing, religion, and the Bible defines it as clearly as it defines what the works of God are. This is how we are confusing people… Like these Atheists, who for lack of us doing the true works of God they don’t believe. God said, let men believe on me for the very work’s sake, and that we do not give them for them to believe. When people saw Lazarus who was dead sitting at the table many believed, and their faiths were established on the power of the works of God.

Concerning Jesus, Paul said there are many things to be said to enable us to do the works of God, but they are hard to be said, and we are dull of hearing, like our hearts were hard so divorce became the option of choice.

Much like everything down the line that we do, divorce was not the plan of God for us, but it is here because of the hardness of our hearts. The same is true for preaching the gospel without the power of God in signs following, and we know what those signs are.

God said that in the beginning divorce was not the thing to do, but because of the hardness of our hearts Moses had no recourse. The told us that we should not need that any man should teach us, or tell us to know the Lord…He was prepared to teach us, but we have multiplied teachers. He was to be our King, but we have chosen us a king so we could have a say in the matter like all the other nations. He gave us the firm commandment to do his work, but since we will not be reconciled into the life of his sons but remain as mere men he has offered us the choice of RELIGION. Men can do religion, so do religion if you will not do the works of God.

By definition, according to scripture, RELIGION— is what we do:

James 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

James 1:26 If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.

Acts 26:5 Which knew me from the beginning, if they would testify , that after the most straitest sect of our religion I lived a Pharisee.

Galatians 1:14 And profited in the Jews’ religion above many my equals in mine own nation, being more exceedingly zealous of the traditions of my fathers.

The following is the comment that I posted in answer to their question about the work of God:
All the problems that exist down here in the world God stepped up and took the rap for it. He said it’s not our fault why all these things are so screwed up so he was not going to have us do the fixing. He started to resolve them in the person named Jesus Christ who as necessary would raise the dead to assert mans restored liberty from that power, or walk on water to let man know he’s not at the mercy of the elements anymore. He would at times cure leprosy blindness all manner of congenital disorders, often times over the objection of the religious order of the day who threatened his life and eventually was instrumental in crucifying him out of envy. He said he didn’t come to have man serve me, but to the contrary he came to aid mankind and deliver them from out of all their distresses.

This is what he said concerning the works of God. He said all things that he is credited for doing, he did them not of himself but they were all the things that he saw his Father, and our Father doing in heaven. Heaven and earth are worlds that are patterned after each other —things in heaven are to flow into the pattern of things on earth. They are mirror images of each other the pattern of things that are in heaven or {in the (spirit / energy realm) that sustain the visible tangible realm on earth} are the pattern of their visible representations on earth. So goes the saying in the prayer we are taught to pray from earliest years—thy will (God’s work) be the thing that is done on the earth to make things the way they are in heaven as God it.

When he made Adam he asked Adam to do this and Adam agreed to do it—be the caretaker of the planet, and that agreement stood. When Adam eventually fell, all the foundations of the earth fell into disorder both in nature and in man because he abdicated his pivotal role as source of the earth’s stability, the earth’s caretaker. When the storm whipped up the sea into a frenzied cauldron, Jesus who is called the last Adam did what the first Adam was appointed to either prevent or correct— he directed peace to replace madness in nature, and in other cases perfect health to replace disorders in man.
All miracles are, are simply the assertion of the invisible things or (works of God) in heaven over the visible disorders on earth. Adam, the planet’s caretaker, and image-bearer of God on earth made a conscious decision he’d rather be with his wife who being deceived would be forever separated from him if he held his post.

Sometimes we like to think of Adam as a stupid simpleton, but he was even wiser than Solomon before he fell. Here is the wisdom and love of Adam that is never spoken of. He calculated the long, long odds, but knowing God, was sure he could win. He couldn’t prevent the calamity that had already befallen his wife, but he would hazard his life and fortune to rectify it. He consciously chose to relinquish his dominion on earth to fall in, and be with his wife…. and at this point I speculate, he trusted that God would come looking for him in search and rescue mode. In a way he was right, God, as did Adam put his own life up on the block to effect Adam, and his children rescue—thus begins the story of Jesus the Last Adam who beforehand accepted death by Roman crucifixion so Adam’s children would again live and regain dominion lost.

At this point Jesus clearly told those he had groomed and trained, that the “work of God” he was doing, God would show those works to them so they could do them as he had done while he was with them. They were also told that they were to do even greater works. They started out not perfect but great however before too long all was lost to the traditions of man of which they were warned. That if they tried to do things the way men do things it would nullify the power of God displayed in Christ. And so this Saga has continued to this day. Yes a lot of evil still happens but the agreement that stands between heaven and earth is ignored by man who holds the key. God already puts forth the power and ordained the fix, but man thinks he’d rather do it his own way…. having no regard for his apparent learning disability.