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The Kingdom of God comes from within us. It is not in word but in power, and Jesus is the power of God. Jesus said if you see me you've seen the Father, and if you have seen the Father you have seen the Son. Everyone in the room will raise his/her hands to affirm that he/she are sons/daughters of God, but none will declare to you that if you have seen them you've seen the God the Father, and if you have seen God the Father you have seen them. There is mysterious disconnect which does not allow the children of God to claim their rightful heritage. If you met Jesus, and power wasn't manifesting around him, you didn't meet Jesus; for as a man is so are his ways, and his is the power of God who says to us if you believe me, so are your ways to be also. When the Jews took up stones to stone him because he said he was the son of God, they knew what he meant. In that culture the sons were equals with the fathers in all but chronological age according to the flesh. I am putting the words of these posts out without there now without the power of God that is to validate them afterwords. As sure as night follows day the power of God will manifest himself to validate these words. Those whose lips keep the knowledge of God are the messengers of God. God says he will perform the counsels of his messenger when he says to the foundations—be layed, and the rivers—be dried up; God says he will confirm those words. There shall be according the word of God noted in these posts the sons of God manifesting the reconciliation ministry works of God in the very same tradition as Jesus and doing the greater works of which of Jesus spoke

His name, mind, spirit, material possessions, glory, reputation, kingdom, power both {(“authority” (exusia), and “power” (dynamis) pure energy—having all the might to make you all-mighty or the Almighty} are all given for us to receive and manifest them in the work of reconciling the world.

Jesus is the Kingdom of God and comes from within us by our confessions which he calls the keys of the kingdom. If there is truth to the saying that the way it is in the natural is the way it is also in the spiritual, then God has here offered us some insight into the parallel patterns of both these worlds. The content of these worlds mirror each other, and it is the intent of God to have the content of the spirit, or things of heaven overtake and flow into the things that are in the natural or on earth.

Of the things God has given to us, in any other instance were any man to give those things to another man, that other man would then effectively be the man who gave them—except here we cannot allow this when the giver is God.

Just like we cannot allow God’s offspring whom he names as man to be gods, as God insist—because they are his children. His name, mind, spirit, material possessions, glory, reputation, kingdom, power both {(“authority” (exusia), and “power” (dynamis) pure energy—having all the might to make you all-mighty or the Almighty} are all given for us to receive and manifest them in the work of reconciling the world. If you are doing the work of God without them you are not doing the work of God, you are doing some other work. The faith of those to be reconciled is to stand not in word, but in the power we manifest. Guess what happens if all we bring them is a kingdom in word. We disobey God; Eve thought it was a little thing from which no evil could arise. Don’t remove the fence until you know why it was put up; you may not like what you get coming at you.

Matthew 9:16-17 No man putteth a piece of new cloth unto an old garment, for that which is put in to fill it up taketh from the garment, and the rent is made worse. do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved.

They say toothpaste out of the tube can’t go back. Once given, were they not received, the giver now widely vulnerable to the hazard of inadequate to no accommodation would then be in peril because those things either perish or migrate to another destination to be the life there. Until I saw this, I never quite understood what God meant when he said; both would perish if we don’t get new wine skins to receive the new wine. I never saw God as perishable in nature, but where he died for us and we don’t receive him, his death was lost upon us, and we will perish because we didn’t receive him. Once a life is given, the giver has to be dead all the way for it to be received as a full life. If not received, the giver of that life would have laid down his life in vain. If we don’t personally receive Christ, then he died in vain for us personally. The zeal of God is seen in that he committed himself to dying for us before we committed ourselves to accommodate him—no greater love has any man.

We are supposed to grow up into him, in all things becoming him. Christians seem to live as though they have received only a part of that life that Jesus laid down; certainly not enough to overwhelm and so subsume the old life identity until there’s a new identity address out of which we think and act. It’s like recording over an old tape and when you play it back instead of hearing the new recording you hear the old track competing against the new.

We’re not even talking about identity theft here. This is a case where this identity is actually and clearly given.

You show up to work as this person. If you can’t be this person on the job, maybe you have to rethink what you’re doing for a job. If the content of these worlds mirror each other and God in on that side is spirit in heaven, what does his mirror representation on this side in the natural look like? That is what Adam was all about until he lost that image which is now restored in Christ for you and I to have.

Salesman shows up at your door, if interested you buy the package he sells. If content of package is material in nature you inspect parts and see that it works as advertised. If such package is of intellectual property in nature, you exercise yourself in that concept as advertised and verify that it works. Christ being not mutually exclusive but inclusive of both areas has been grossly underrepresented across the centuries. What we’ve bought is that under-representation. You may well be faithful to what you’ve bought, but that cannot be excluded from the scope of the problem since it is a combination of what is sold and bought. The other half of the problem is that, what was sold, was not faithfully sold, but underrepresented. Every once and again across the centuries there is an instance where this loop is circumvented, and there is a rare glimpse of what God intended. The Azusa Street Revival at the turn of the 20th century is reportedly the greatest manifestation of the miracles as God intention for the church since Christ walked the earth.

His platoon laughed at him, but his testimony led his sergeant to Christ.

What you are is what you do; you don’t need to think about it. What we are is suppose to cause miracles to manifest without even thinking about it—it is the fact of your existence in Christ. We cannot steal from God what he’s already given to us…..his miracle-working identity.