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The more I think about this faith we own the more I feel like someone walking through some post apocalyptic world marked by a terrible rift in the knowledge stream between what was, and what now is. Some of the dwellers might even have an armed hydrogen bomb for a coffee table, or for a decorative relic motif not knowing the function of such a thing, that knowledge having perished on the other side of the rift. I am stunned…. actually increasingly amazed at the extent to which Christendom manages to exercise itself in a museum like stasis, reduced to being on par with, even overtaken by other prevailing thoughts of the day. It’s certainly been driven out of town by science, kicked out of the schools and marginalized in the courtrooms of America, and indeed largely the world. I think we are flat-out lying to ourselves and simply can’t even stomach the body counts, so we look away.

I find the only way I might be at peace with the present state of things is of I don’t think at all, but just amble along like a drone. It calls to mind where Ezekiel was brought up to the temple to see what was going on and notice all the leaders had their backs turned to God. It didn’t say they weren’t busy. They were busy all right, in some other religion. Remove the power of God and all that remains is religion—a form of godliness. This may seem harsh, but does anyone not see clearly that Jesus is not just the 6 ft. 1+in Anglo-Saxon version of a Jewish male that we see in paintings, on postcards, and in the traditional Easter movies? Is it not abundantly clear that he is the power of God, who simply assumed a human shape so we could somehow relate to him? He didn’t come to join us in our humanity like the first Adam who though he was not deceived went anyway and joined Eve in her fallen state; he came to bring us over to him, but instead of leaving our human comfort zone by the required transformation we want to embalm him in our humanity.

We have so divested ourselves of God’s original pattern for us that at every turn there is now a snare looming because of our sustained apathy. The defense that was mounted in keeping “Outpost Harry” in the Korean War finds few words that begin to tell the heroics that were played out during that fateful week on a tiny hilltop. Just imagine a tiny hilltop that you just can’t help but hit when you aim. In only eight days the Chinese rained down 88 thousand 8mm rounds in that little hill where 300 US, Greek, and UN troops were dug in with orders to hold that hill at all cost. Coming at them were 13 thousand Chinese troops with orders to take it that hill at all cost against 300 troops who daily rotated out and re-supplied fresh troops for the wounded and dead. One survivor declared with a beleaguered blank stare, “It’s easy to give orders to keep at all cost, when you are not one of the cost. They were outnumbered roughly 50 to 1. At times they had to radio in the code for friendly artillery to empty their arsenal on them because they were so overrun by the enemy they could not be extricated so they were to share a common grave them. They repeated that scenario for eight days of unspeakable carnage.

Jesus is the power of God who cautioned us against the fall out of going forward without him. Now 50 million babies are the annual cost of our dropping the ball. Herod never dreamed of such bloodthirsty carnage and Hitler’s ambition never quite had that reach. We all know that there’s a great resurrection coming when all the dead shall rise to life or to damnation, but in the meantime should not someone like any one consider making some empty grave instead of telling about Jesus’ empty grave as proof that he lives. As long as it’s sanitized by the remoteness of history I suppose it’s fine, just don’t try it today. If we were to face facts we’d acknowledge that faith has long since abandoned us and start looking for the cure. We’ll never admit that we are ill so we’ll not be remedied.