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Things in heaven are the pattern for things that are to be on earth. Man being made in the image  of God establishes this fact that is borne out across scriptures. Man being made in the image of God makes God a pattern after which man is to follow. Jesus is God—the pattern of God for us to be on earth. He is the first fruits, or prototype of man for all men who are to come after him. He said of all the works he did, that he saw his Father in heaven do them first as a pattern for him to follow after, and do those same works of God on earth that God his Father was doing in heaven.

The whole purpose of man is to be the visible image bearer of God Almighty, who is invisible. The treasure of the eternal weight of God’s glory is placed in a vessel of earth. Jesus modeled this pattern for us to follow him in all things on earth.

Man in Christ Jesus is a pattern on earth of his Father in heaven. Even the name of YHWH in the image of man.

This is the living word that is God—the gift of the Spirit that was promised...this image which is God's Spirit is expressed, or breathed directly out of God's very being to be God in you—Jesus again in the flesh.

There are vast differences between a mature human, and a perfect man; as well, you should know that there are clear distinctions between the work of man, and what are the works of God.

The works of God are just that: things that Jesus said he saw God the Father doing in heaven, which Jesus the Son then turned around and did them upon earth—he in effect did nothing of himself; that’s why they are the works of God—God did them. God in heaven working, and God on earth working to manifest what God in heaven was doing.

The model that Jesus establishes here should be self-evident to all. He is God on earth working according to what God that father in heaven is doing. The model that we’ve been working with over the last couple millenniums is God in heaven working, and man on earth being clueless about what works God in heaven is doing, goes ahead and does on earth according to mortal limits of man. God does things, and man can do things also, but none of them will tell you they saw God doing them in heaven as did Jesus.


Jesus is the kingdom, power, and glory of God in you, not in word but in power. You can’t explain this power, you demonstrate him. He is the power of God that is to be demonstrated in what we call miracles but is only reality on God’s terms—miracles are a fact of God’s existence. The faith of him without corresponding works is a flat-out denial of him and your faith is dead without these works. Miracles are the means by which man exercises the dominion given him by God, over the creation of God.

Here is where the real problem arise, not just in what is put forth for work, but even more importantly what is believed. When God declared in Ps 82 that because we’re his children and therefore as a natural progression of that fact being his children we are Gods like him; that was not a new unfolding, but a reaffirmation of his original workmanship that is man, before man fell from has original state.

The Kingdom of heaven is within us. Jesus said if I with the finger, or hand of God cast out devils then by that exercise ie the kingdom of heaven come unto you from within you. We are vested with power to bring the conditions of heaven into this world now if now globally, by our defined sphere of influence.

If there were any questions about which god….(little “g” god, or big “G” God) we are to be, you can make up your mind which of them Jesus is, and then put him on, for whatever god Jesus is, that is the one we are to be. In this case it would be the latter, big “G” variety.

This declaration by God has been flatly rejected by his children across the ages. It was flatly rejected by his children then in the Psalms, as it was rejected in the Gospel also when Jesus affirmed it again by saying, that same scripture in Psalms that said you are gods cannot be broken, and by it I am your son—the son of God. There are people that will tell you that Jesus is not God, but there are more yet who will as I, affirm that he is God.

If we agree that Jesus is God then we are half way there. The other half is this: we are commanded to put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and so doing there should only be one of the two men left standing when that is accomplished, and it is not to be you, but Christ Jesus only. I don’t know just how many ways God could possibly put this to us.

Let’s further simplify this; Jesus is God therefore we are commanded to put on God (in all things be him—grow up into him in all things…grow up and become him in all things).

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Make no mistake about it; the boldness that comes from an all on the line relationship with God is required to receive this. The reason most if not all can’t see this is because there is not an all on the line boldness in play. When a man dies what hope has he of all his possessions? When God died for you, it was a no holds barred kind of death; everything that he was, and is, was emptied out for you to have and to be. That is the gift of God. Some people only pick up a hand, or a foot, or a piece of an ear and call it a day, but we should desire the whole man—the perfect man.