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When you combine the traditions of men with the work of God you make his word of none effect…The word, and works of God has to stand apart and separate, for the glory of God to be truly seen.

What exactly makes a thing right; the original intent of the thing, the length of time it’s been in use, or both? With respect to faith as it relates to us, we have arguably two, mutually exclusive paths, but one has to win the day if we are to claim our heritage as God intended it for us; unless we are in the mood to settle. Something that has been “grandfathered in” is something that continues to be used or have acceptance long after it has been proven unacceptable, or obsolete.

Grandfathered faith is the kind of faith that seeks to embrace the original intent of faith, but falls short in that it cannot let go of the strapping of the traditions of men. It is significant to note that the traditions of man makes void the word of God’s power and it is through the hearing of this same word by which faith comes. Traditions of man therefore will make your faith void—it’s a faith killer.

We have inclination to cling to enshrined assumptions and suppositions because they are comfortable to us

Flightless bird

Grandfathered faith...still gets around

As a man is so is his strength. If you believe you’re a man you believe unto man’s accomplishments and it make us feel better to call it God’s doings; rather than believing the thing that is unlawful to speak visa vis: being God’s children, we are gods and by this faith of God proceed to do the things that God shows us of himself doing in heaven, and Jesus did upon earth.

We have inclination to cling to enshrined assumptions and suppositions because they are comfortable to us; they may not work, but that’s what we know.

Today you can get any man off the street and set him on a path to do what any minister does. These are all skill sets that belong to the gene-pool of men. Schooling, training, practices, that are done according to the way men does things. Really, do you for a moment think that Jesus was going to do things that way; I mean come on. Jesus Christ; the same yesterday, today, and forever would do them the same as he did them back then. That’s why he taught our older brethren to do it that way because it is the right way to do it.

A tradition is a manner in or by which something is done. It is done in the tradition of (what ever you name it…).
Men make traditions for themselves and then proceed to do things in that tradition.Done in the tradition such as how men do things.

Not only did Jesus tell us that to do, but he showed us—showing and telling us…..and we still got it wrong; spinning out endless excuses as to why it is not so as God said. We still can’t even be honest enough to tell the difference between things we’ve no revelation on how to do, and what things are out of bounds for us to do. If we haven’t figured it out that is not the same as to say it isn’t God’s will for us to do it. God says who ever believe in me, all things are possible them, and they should do the things he proceeded to enumerate. He never said this or that one might not do this. When Joshua looked up to heaven and began to command the host of heaven, God’s jaws didn’t drop, and all heard this gasp of horror coming from him in revulsion at what Joshua did. His response was ….. it’s about time somebody stepped up to the mike, and made me proud. That’s the kind of son or daughter I’m looking for. Go Joshua, now it’s my turn to stone some of those guys from heaven; I bet I can take out more of them than you guys can.

That’s the way man does things. When Jesus came along and did things according to the way God does things, people took notice and began to ask: what MANNER of man is that God. What way is this for man, in other words. He did nothing of himself, but said whatsoever I see my father do in heaven, that also do I in the same manner.

Grandfathered faith is like a flightless bird; has wings but just doesn’t fly. It is faith that has been disemboweled by the traditions of men. We have grandfathered the traditions of men into the faith of God and thus voided or made of none effect the word of God’s power. By the traditions of men you don’t have to like Jesus first see what God is doing in heaven and then proceed to do it upon earth. In his lesson on how to pray that is exactly what his emphasis underscored: things on earth done the way they are done in heaven.

Present day school and seminaries have become our answer to the old Tower of Babel. You have to look higher than the institutions of higher learning to do things the way Jesus did them. In the tradition as God does things in heaven. Look to heaven and see how God is raising the Lazarus of our day, cleansing the lepers, still opening blind eyes, talking to storms…tempest tossed seas, and mountains an all the foundations of the earth which are still out of course because we still insist that we are but men, and by inherent limitations cannot rightly exercise such dominion as to set them right again. Instead of pulling God down to our limitations let us rise to his limitless perfect liberty of sons of God.

Read Creator or liar and see how we can be reconciled with the builder, and measure of all things.

The way God works in heaven cannot ever be confused with the way by tradition man does things according his limitation. If we continue to insist on grandfathered faith by doing things according to the traditions of man’ limitations and lying to ourselves calling it the works of God; we’ll never learn to really fly—to do the real works that Jesus did and the greater works promised. I am totally persuaded that we can do it just the way Jesus showed us by example. It takes a whole lot more than just good manners.