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"If Alexander Gardner, the famous Civil War photographer has not brought bodies of the the dead at Antietam, and laid them in our door-yards and along streets, he has done something very like it."—Matthew Brady. America knew little of the real casualties of the civil war until Alexander Gardner featured them in the Dead at Antietam photography exhibit. We say to look at the carnage of the current incivil social war is poor taste, but that's only because we don't see them when we strengthen the hands of those who do the actual deeds.

We parade about in a mask of civility and project the illusion of enlightenment; yet to date in this present time, the darkest hour is upon us; the most barbarous savage acts ever carried out by the hands of man raised against man on scales unprecedented is this day played out on  stages set in full light of the sun where  death walks at noon, yet no man blushes, for we cannot be made to feel shame anymore. We consider Adolph Hitler, the Jack the Ripper of the late times and embodiment of all that is very evil itself, yet by comparison he could not with all his evil genius find a light bright enough to hold up so as to discern the visage of our forms, for the evil we do by comparison to him.

I’ve been making these web logs now for these last three months. One thing is for sure. I can’t explain why the popular mood of the times thinks it’s O.K. to obliterate each day, and by means of the most cruel instruments of carnage, and in the most heinous manner of execution 150,000 of the most innocent human lives ever to visit this dubious, storied planet. If there are no innocent souls alive, these who so perish were innocent. The God of heaven got it absolutely right when he observed our conduct in this matter stating, we save alive those who should die, and kill those who should live. Truly upside down living.

To do murder is wrong in any light you contemplate it. To murder the unborn is wrong magnified a million times because at that stage of growth mankind is: 1.) in his most vulnerable, helpless, harmless, angelic state you may ever find him. He is never closer to heaven 2) he is in the place where if no other place in the universe be a safe place, the sacred place of the chamber of life—the mother’s womb should be safe. It should be the moral and humane sanctuary of amnesty against violence; yet it is turned into a darkest most cruel chamber of death ever devised; where the greatest betrayal since Judas’s played his treacherous hand is played out by those who should be the guardians of these deserving helpless lives. Without these elements of naked aggression, and savage violence against the very embodiment of innocence, and purity Hollywood can have no horror film. These are the very core theme elements of what makes for the Hollywood blockbuster horror movies, but here actors need not apply, for all, is all sadly too real.


Clearly the handwriting is on our walls since we have left off speaking the truth. All of nature now speaks to us in terms that are no less than epic, unprecedented, or record in measure. Who will defy the obvious truth of God where he says we indeed love darkness more than we love the light because our deeds are in the dark and we must rest where our deeds are. This current Administration could not have been set in place except by the overwhelming support of those who claim to be Christian, and moral people—I know, for I walk among them. By proxy with our votes we have strengthened the hands of the henchman to expand the killing fields of abortion, all the while looking away from the slaughter of the innocent in hopes greedy gains of promised prosperity. Though the wealth of the world were given to us it would still not suffice for the worth of one of those 50 million baby angels who are so annihilated this year…year by year. Men have no problem delving to the darkest caverns of hell to be devils by their deeds and so put to rest the contest of our parentage, for no angel of heaven, nor son of God would do or support such retched heinous things that are done.  Where God to exhort us to the mandate of our created purpose as gods we strangely shrink away, and will not be persuaded for all his urgings. When God says that we are gods because we are his children, and we reply in defiance that we cannot see that truth, it matters no more to me that we cannot see that, for we see much much darker things; it is not a wonder therefore that our eyes cannot discern the truth of that mighty  light.

That man should embrace varied opinions about evolution is understandable as much as he might hold to various opinions about God who is invisible: in the absence of God setting forth his power to be considered in the decisions of such individuals. What I shall never hope to understand is how a man can take an axe to his fellow man and chop him to pieces and call it no murder but a service. Was that not Hitler’s rationale? It should not be lost upon us that Darwinist Evolution sets man upon a slippery slope to the bottom of which these things can be perpetrated without any conflict of conscience, for conscience need not be consulted for such dark and ghastly deeds as man’s origins in divinity is substituted for animals—so he acts the animal to no ones surprise. We have refined the instruments of death and call it a scalpel, and scale down the victims to the size of the unborn just to maximize the horror of such raw gruesome violence, and cannot for all that be satiated for blood. We’ve exchanged the gas chambers for the human womb—now there we have it, and the people look away still.

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Not all the knowledge we have plucked from the heavens, and gleaned from the chambers of hell can inform us to better conduct, for our resolve is in evil from our birth. Does any need ask to whom we own our allegiance as father? Our deeds declare it well. As if such things were not sufficiently heinous, we add to it by making a man an offender for speaking a word against such things, laying snares for him who reproves in the towns, to turn aside the just for a thing of nought.