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If I could, yet would I make no wordy or eloquent arguments for the kingdom of God. Our root problem is just that; a dubious legacy that persists in the wake of the speechifying luminaries of apologetics through the ages. Paul makes no secret that though men think his speech rude, even contemptible, yet the power of God with him by deeds of Jesus would not be rude.

Creation of the universe and life is a one time non-repeatable event that is not subject to laboratory grade empiricism. You can’t prove it in a lab by repeatedly producing testable models that uniformly yield predictable outcomes. Apart from the God of the Bible you have a universe of brute facts that has to be interpreted by someone’s version of how it all comes together. Darwin, and similar schools of origins propose a reality model that has the appearance and feel of a day of rides at the amusement park. In Darwin’s and similar model world you ride the time machine back into the distant past of creation and explain everything as you observe it to fit into your favorite reality model. Equal liberty is required to reach into the future and which holds keys to conquer and explain all that we do not now know, nor can explain. The answer to our mortality question is one day we’ll throw the switch on the longevity gene so we can live forever. Given enough time we can flip the god gene switch to on and be god. All this may sound kind of seductive in an oversimplified way, but it somehow reads like the modern version of an old story: Lucifer’s proposal to Eve about being gods, the tower of Babel’s attempt to rise to heaven, or Lucifer’s own failed bid to replace God, yada, yada, yada.

The resurrection life of God in us is the final argument against falacy of evolution. Not resurrection life that is discussed theoretically or doctrinally but demonstated for all to wittness. Lazarus and many others were raised from the dead in Jesus's day, and no answer could be returned from the opposition. That same ressurection life is in us—a life giving spirit to give life to the dead.....literally but we have so lost our way we have come to speak of it as an enshrined relic.

It is not enough to tell men about the empty tomb of Jesus, we’ve got to make some tombs empty by the life-giving resurrection power of Jesus working in us today.

Let it not be forgotten that it was on the watch of the proverbial silver-tongued Virgils, Ciceros, and Horaces of apologetics that the day was capitulated to the pernicious crabgrass of evolution. If you were to ask Napoleon about Waterloo, he’d tell you it’s a mistake he’d not be in any great haste to repeat. The stalwart men at the helm of the church today consider not that the Trojan horse of top-heavy apologetics have already emptied the contents of it’s belly in the house of God to do their malevolent work. They cut down the carved works at once with axes and hammers together.

We are not the first to see no more our signs; but we are the first to not even bother inquire about their absence; even worst; apologize them into an accepted norm to the confusion of our faces. All the dogs that used to go round about the city now prowl within the gates; they preach from the hallowed pulpits of our nation, and around the world. I desire to know what argument can be raised by evolutionists against a Lazarus who was three days dead, and buried with the stench of decomposition a witness to his biological demise, but who now is by the power of God sitting at dinner, very much alive. The solution of those in opposition was, and may still be to kill Lazarus, and the greater threat —Jesus, for as they reasoned…. they cannot prevail against so weighty a witness.

God asks that men believe him even for the very work’s sake, but we offer no such works for men to contemplate, and believe God by. In our sloth and dereliction of duty we would ask evolutionists, and the greater science community to set aside their power of reason, and buy the a surely compromised faith which we like so many snake oil dealers would pass off as soon as we would sell bridges for the wages of hirelings.

Signs and demonstrations of Christ the power of God is not for believers, but for unbelievers—and we offer them nothing of the sort. If we could get away from ourselves for a minute we would see just how unloving, even hateful this is; that we should fail to provide for them our God-ordained credentials for them to believe and be saved. Love never fails, and we are ever failing in this regard.

We cannot blame evolutionists for spitting at such vapid offerings we bring them in a form of godliness that is stripped of the power of God. By practicing religion without proper credentials we insult over them  for whom God paid the ultimate price. We could paper our walls twice over with documents from whatever school of divinity we choose but the credentials sought are those named by the Lord himself, as those that should follow them that believe him—not those who went to this or that school.  We don’t even bother afford them a proper witness by which they can believe.

It is not enough to tell men about the empty tomb of Jesus, we've got to make some tombs empty by the life-giving resurrection power of Jesus working in us today. Some men may believe without the power of God manifested. Some may believe by the power of God manifested, and some may be persuaded neither by preaching, or power demonstrated; but that’s not a call for us to make—we are ordered to go in the spirit and power of Jesus demonstrating the power of God for a witness of our credentials.

If a man would preach he should desire to have a proper platform…….a stage. There can be no more sure stage than the power of God bearing witness to the message of God, and no more eloquent argument for the invisible, than where the invisible shows up in defense of itself. Who are we in our sloth, and lethargy to deny them the credentials of our faith where it is wanting. Where we miserably fail we are always wanting to reinterpret scripture to cover our failings instead of making lamentations for our miserable failures.

Darwinistic Evolution, and Nietzsche’s shriek “God is dead” are similar worms that crawled out of the grave of a dead faith—or otherwise a form of godliness which if alive, is gravely ill.

We want to tell men about the forgiveness of sins. How is anyone going to know about the forgiveness of sins…..because we way so? We don’t even believe the very God we espouse, how are the unbelievers to then believe us. We are not greater than Jesus, and he said ….. that they may know that the Sons of God have power on earth to forgive sins—I say to this man….rise, take up thy bed and walk. This is the work we are called to do, not parse words with unbelievers.

The kingdom of God is not a theory to be held up in contrast to evolution. It is not on even footing, or on any footing at all with evolution. At today’s wakes no one asks “what would Jesus do”, because as much the deceitful traitors that we have become, we know very well what he would do, and no one among us is prepared to do it; yet we purse the lips and turn the noses up at Peter who denied him, and at Judas who betrayed him. These things were not written for Peter or Judas’ sake but for ours, so we would not walk in the same error, but to what avail do the contrary clouds bear witness against us.

The idea that the theory of evolution should even be debated on any level as some version of reality is as comical as the tower of Babel. This whole schema is a Trojan horse that was courted by a dying Church who got the message all wrong, and evolution is a check they wrote which now can’t be cashed. Darwinistic Evolution, and Nietzsche’s shriek “God is dead” are similar worms that crawled out of the grave of a dead faith—or otherwise a form of godliness which if alive, is gravely ill. Darwin, and Nietzsche are not to be scorned as much as pitied as the victims of religious malpractice. The God of our faith is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living. We hold up Lazarus as what was once done, but the living God of Lazarus still lives, and the faith of him demands the Lazarus, by some other name of today for men to believe for the very work’s sake. In answer to this demand we keep offering a dead god that works no more, and so men believe no more; all the while our hands are continually soaked in the blood of the slain. Abortion is the Nimrodian first-born of Darwinistic evolution, and Nietzsche’s shaking of the fist. Just how many millions have been lost by the erring fathers, and now this specter of abortion, their ill-begotten “Nimrod” slaughters up to 50 million unborn, and briefly born angels of heaven every year. The cost of our moral cowardice and betrayal against heaven keeps going up, but as long as we are not listed among the cost we remain unperturbed in our Rip Van Winklesque siesta by the river of denial; but God sleeps not.


Fundamentally man doesn't object to god, his chief objection has to do with exactly who gets to be god.