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JESUS: Beyond the legal limits

The potency of Jesus, and all the things of God, are beyond the legal limits for man and will cause a lethal overdose. In order to receive, or handle them, Paul said "I die daily"—so Christ comes alive in me to receive the things of God. We are exhorted to present our bodies daily as a living sacrifice for the suffering of death that the life of Christ might be made manifest in us. Where man dies Christ begins to come alive in us. Either it is we, or it is Christ that lives is to live in us, but not both, one has to die so the other can live. He literally died for us.... laid down his life so that his life could be made available should you choose to have it be the life in you, knowing that it wont be you living in your mortal body anymore: for you are now dead and your life hid with God in Christ.

The day you decide to actually take Jesus seriously the first challenge of this new reality that will confront you is this: that He, and all he proposes for you is beyond mortal man’s legal limits…….. for man that is born of woman, who is also flesh and blood cannot receive what he offers. Think about it for a moment.

We may on occasion question our spirituality, but no one ever questions their humanity. Being human is a universally accepted enshrined fact of life. It is the comfort chair we recline in without question. It's where we put our stock, and bank our money. We are human; and that's just the problem when Jesus comes into the picture.

You know just where you live. It’s probably on your driver’s license, your birth certificate, and many other documents. Besides that it is just a visceral palpable part of the knowledge base of your reality archetype. So just who is about to tell you otherwise?

That is just something we take for granted; where we live. It’s just a given. When you are away and have to come back home, you don’t stop and think deeply about where you live.

Man cannot receive the things of God, therefore to make progress with God he must die and allow Jesus to be manifested in him to receive the things of God which cannot be given to flesh and blood man. New wine skin is required for new wine. If you are "only human" then that may be a problem.

We are often given to question our spirituality, but never our humanity. Never wonder whether or not we are human. We are human. It’s just that simple. What else could we be. That’s simply what we flat-out know. That’s all everybody knows. No body ever sit around wondering whether or not we are human. That is something we all know. To even raise the question excites suspicion about the questioner’s sanity. You just want to draw back and allow a good few paces between you and him.

You are sure that you are human and that and that’s a settled matter. Well that fact may prove to be problematic where the issue of reconciling your human form with the reality of Jesus, if that is of particular importance for you. The problem is that flesh and blood humans would quickly and lethally overdose on the potency of who Jesus is and what he offers us. The effect would be like putting new wine into old wine skins.


His platoon laughed at him, but his testimony led his sergeant to Christ.