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HIS FULLNESS: Grace for Grace

God has hidden his kingdom in the most unlikely of all places: within the human heart. The kingdom of God comes from within us, and God has arranged that it should come forth out of our mouths by the words that we speak. You might think this is ridiculous until you remember that in the beginning the word was God, and he made all things out of the invisible God when he spoke.

If you look in the mirror and that mirror doesn’t return a complete representation of the image that is sent, then that mirror is in some important way defective. We are the mirror of God in which he finds his image: God presented again in the earth by faith; the faith of god—faith to be God.

John 1:16—And of his fulness have all we received, and grace for grace. From the fulness of God we receive all the things that define the new man as Christ, so that we are a completely new creation—Old things are past away, and all things are become new. The challenge before us tis to appreciate all things from the exclusive view point of the new creation; God. We need to take a God look at ourselves, and a God look at the world and others."

God has hidden the treasure of heaven, himself within earthen vessels of clay. Our broken humanity provides a rare view of this treasure. Where our humanity ends God begins. We have to make that transition into a new identity

Though our flesh and blood component were given birth to by the body of a woman yet we are incomplete without that component which has origins in a realm far from earth. So many cars are assembled with engine parts from one country, and body parts from another country. Man has a body that was fashioned here on earth but the engine or the spirit of the new man is from heaven.

Taking A “GOD” Look At Ourselves, and Our World

God has such confidence in the workmanship of his that we are that he boasts—The least of us in his kingdom is greater than Moses, Elijah, Solomon....etc.

Mortal man has mortal limitations, and beyond those limitations the divine entity of a new creature, a new man begins to emerge. Nothing of this earth can account for the supernatural properties of this new being which envelopes the old man, transforming him into an entirely different entity.

The broken body of Jesus unleashes upon the earth the refreshing breath of heaven reviving life on earth again. His broken body signifies to us the presenting of our bodies daily unto God for the suffering of death while we live, so the life of Jesus—the wisdom and power of God can appear in us unto all who see us.

All things of which this new creature becomes, is such that is received of the person of God; as though God is distilled into a human vessel, removing from that human vessel the previous limitations so that now all things are possible whereas before they were not possible. The gift of God is the sentient life force of God given to man for which no other purpose becomes clear but that man is to become that being by faith.


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