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Out there on the water is Jesus, walking with all kind of God confidence, and expecting the same of us. God confidence is the same thing as the faith of God; believing that the things of God are for us and will work for us as well because as he is so are we, and so can we. All things are possible unto us by this faith of God. The things of God are like a kind of house prepared for us, but we seem to show no confidence in these things of God. We have confidence that God can live in there, but not we humans. God is operating outside the familiar zone of the human factor. This is an area that is beyond the measure of man; and man is considered dead beyond that measure. By congenital intuition he know nothing of this are of things that are from the realm of heaven, only of things of this earth. If we want to operate in that zone we have to crass over by transformation—a retraining or renewing of the mind.

Moses spent some time in the presence of God, and began to take on some of the traits of God. It is said that God is light. Moses began to shine literally like light. It really isn’t that far fetched for the offspring to take on the likeness of the parent; in fact we expect that, so why is it that we humans exhibit such great disparity in what we perceive to be us and that God says he is.

David expressed his one desire as being to live in the presence of God, and then pursuant to that admitted desire he intended to act upon that desire and seek out the presence of God for a dwelling place. They say birds of a feather, of similar plumage flock together. There are many reasons behind God identifying David as a man after God’s own heart. However, if for only this one reason alone, David vindicated God vote of confidence; he desired only one thing, to dwell in the house of the Lord.

Where is the house of the Lord? The temple in Jerusalem…. the Church at the corner of the block….where? God considers himself to be a house, the Lord from heaven and in that regard he is our house, as we also are his house. I can only consider how much a disheartening thing it must be for God to have such great expectations of us only to have to settle with almost nothing when we insist that some great one among us is to go and walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

Moses aptly expressed the situation when he said, I wish that all of you were as I am. I’m not special, just lonely because no one else seems to see, never mind act upon the correlation between themselves and our true parentage in God. God makes no distinction between us based on chronological age, social status, or possessions. We all have the same value in the eyes of God. His desire is that we should be as he is—he gives that to us. If for a moment you think that’s a small matter, consider that Lucifer desired to be like the Most High, and wanted to take it. We all know the tragedy that unfolded in the wake of his acting upon that desire.

So that we should be like God, he has given to us himself as a house to dwell in—the Lord from heaven. It is absolutely critical for the Lord to teach us to be as he is for no one has come from the grave except to himself to tell us about the place where he is from and that same place where we have our citizenship in Christ