God lives in eternity, a place where man that is flesh and blood cannot approach; in the light where God dwells. God doesn’t only dwell in the light he is the light: the Father of light, and Jesus is his son, the Light. Before the days when Jesus took on the form of flesh and blood, Adam was created the son of God and was perfect; he wasn’t created a fallen being, he became that way, by transgression. After he fell he realized he was naked whereas before, being eternal he wore a covering of clothing made of light. Now having fallen he discovers he has temporal properties, and is kept in the confines of a cage of time which now exercises dominion over him. Time now dictates limits to man, not just to the length of his life, but the range of his capabilities as was demonstrated by Jesus the (last) perfect Adam. All of creation over which he exercised dominion is affected by this sift in man’s state, and all of the foundations of the earth being out of course, now groans in pain waiting to be delivered by the manifestation of God’s sons in us again exercising this dominion.

God is perfect, and doesn’t create imperfection, neither is he the author of confusion. In the beginning when God created the heaven and the earth they were perfect; they were not created in chaos, without form, and desolate as seen in Genesis. They were created perfect, and later by cataclysmic judgment became the way we see them in Genesis. Hints of this are seen in Jeremiah Ch. 4 ….the earth, and heavens becoming void and without form—no man to be found anymore. You don’t have to look very hard to see hints of this. Having created man God charged them to be fruitful and RE-PLENISH (re-populate, or re-people) the earth. As the singular source of intelligence, God knows how to say populate vs. re-populate. You don’t repopulate or replenish what was not there before; you populate it, but God commanded them to re-populate the earth.

When God says he is the Almighty we have very little clue what he is talking about. God’s first message to fallen, estranged mankind was spoken out of a great fire. He was also seen before them in the wilderness as a tower of great fire. You think about he blinding flash and subsequent plume of energy released by detonating a hydrogen bomb. That is pure energizing power—all energy—all the might that makes mighty (Almighty). God is not just power that is in energy but the power that denotes, and enforces authority.

The only form we seem to be able to appreciate God in is that of a man, with human properties as we have. All we as men know are the things that pertain to our sentient life form as men. When we depict him in our artwork we show him as a kind of bearded middle-aged to old man projecting a stern fatherly image. No man has seen God at any time. How do we comprehend what we have never seen before, neither have any description of? When we try to do just that we project our concept of our sentient life form onto the person of whatever God is, but God is beyond the reach and grasp of man’s mind. Man then has to settle for the next best thing, a God that is made in the image of man.