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VIEW FROM THE TOP: Beyond The Veil

Confession that amount to the “faith of God” is exactly the new wineskins is that we are exhorted to put on so God can then pour the new wine of his spirit into it because the constraints of human limitations doesn't allow accommodations for the new wine. Like Peter in the boat, we are so at home in our human skin that when we contemplate putting on Christ's skin, and walking in the faith of God we assume the fetal position, and never move to the perfect man. Lets not forget that Peter walked on water also, not only Jesus. There’s something about the view from the top that drives people to go climb Mt. Everest. There are things from that vantage point which cannot be taken into account unless you are there in the existential moment. You cannot stay in your living room and get those things—you cannot stay in your human skin and understand God, or the things of God, because they are not meant for man.

Isaiah/25-7—And on this mount Zion God will swallow up the covering which is over all peoples, Even the veil which is stretched over all nations.

When we put on the Lord from heaven, our new house, we redefine ourselves according to what God is, so we can do the work of God. Where God says for instance in 1John 2:20&27: He’s given to us a spirit, and we know all things, because he teaches us all things. Even though God says we know all things, every one you ask will say; only God knows all things, and will never let slip from their lips a confession like ( I know all things by the anointing). That confession feels as weird, and unintuitive as walking through the upside down house featured in the last post or walking through walls the “Quantum Cafe” in The Road Ahead post . Oppenheimer and his team of Scientist had to work against the grain of their natural intuition in the world of sub-atomic particles to beat Germany, Russia, and Japan to the Atomic age.

As God's image bearer you represent the authority of God on earth. You bring again the remembrance of God as a light shining in dark places. You are the living, breathing, walking around image of the living God

God was in Christ Jesus doing the ministry of reconciliation by mighty works. Jesus has now left that work to us to continue doing. If you take Jesus’ asking us to continue doing the ministry of reconciliation seriously, then you have to know that this work is to be accomplished against forces that are stronger than man. Babylon is the embodiment of all evils that afflict mankind, When God takes vengeance on Babylon he said he would not do it as a man. The work and ministry of reconciliation work is what all of creation which groans, travailing together in pain to be delivered is waiting for; their deliverance by the manifestation of the sons of God in us to delivering them.

Proverbs 24:10-13— If you faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small. Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death; don’t stand back and let them die. 12 Don’t try to avoid responsibility by saying you didn’t know about it. For God knows all hearts, and he sees you. He keeps watch over your soul, and he knows you knew! And he will judge all people according to what they have done.

Luke 11:21-24—When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace: 22 But when a stronger than he shall come upon him , and overcome him, he taketh from him all his armour wherein he trusted , and divideth his spoils. The least in the kingdom is greater than Moses, Elijah, Samuel, Danied, Solomon or ....Sampson


One minute you looking from behind human eyes wondering how in the world could Jesus manifest such mighty works of God, and next minute your jaw drops open in wonder when you see through the eyes of God just how effortless all those things are.

Something that is of greater force than a headache is required to displace, or get rid of a headache.

If you desire to have God’s provision for whatever ails you, you speak out of your mouth God’s promised solution for that problem even while the problem persists. As a result the healing which is not yet manifested will bring to nothing the ailment which now persists. “Let the poor say that I am rich—and the weak say I am strong”. He that is sick shall not say I am sick: (Isaiah 33 ;24—No one who lives [in Zion] will say, “I’m sick.”)

Recently the son of an acquaintance was set upon by villains and wrongfully slain. In the flurry of anxious times and distress wrought by this tragedy I tried to communicate with this individual by hasty e-mail at best, and brief telephone contacts made the more difficult because this was a high-profile situation. I proposed by e-mail to meet with this individual and speak the word of God’s power to raise the dead as Jesus commanded us to do. I can only imagine that such a proposal must have come across as a whisper in the hurricane of media activities and other preparations.

Though later I learned the body of the victim had been cremated, I was fully confident in the word of God’s power to perform the commandment given would prevail.

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Whatever the reason, I never got a reply in the affirmative for this resolution. To this day there are any number of problematic aspects to this case which could have been easily laid to rest by engaging the power of God in solving this problem. This I see as the road ahead for me as well as for those who believe in the Lord Jesus.