Jesus asked us to do some things. Just on the off chance we didn’t understand, he said, o.k. this is what I want you to do; all the things that I have done are the things that I want you to do. Do them until I come back; but when I shall come back will I find faith? One thing to say: I have faith in God, quite another to say I have the faith of God. You have faith in God when you believe that God can walk on water; you have the faith of God, when you believe you can walk on water; do what God does, being mindful that as with Jesus, you can do nothing of your self, but what you see the Father do. You are the image of the Father projected upon earth to do what he is doing in heaven. You can’t do the work of God being someone else…..somewhere else.

This may sound rather stupid, and you might say: no more so than the other things you’ve said so far; but if you have never climbed Mt. Everest, you’ve really never climbed Mt. Everest. This is where all the people say—dahhhhhhhhhhhhh! REALLY? You don’t think so? Well think again. If you’ve never climbed Mt. Everest there are sights, and senses of things you can never imagine, nor see except from that perch. Even if you were to look at magazine or video images, there is still the existential fact of being there in the moment that no picture or video can communicate with sufficient force to rightly inform us of that reality. Like a view from Mt. Everest, looking at things through the eyes of God is the very thing God offers man, but which man rejects in confounded false piety. It is the very reason the mind of Christ and all things of God is given to us; to consummate God’s desire for his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

The greatest argument for God in the flesh would be you in Christ, doing what Christ did, but that is a prospect that’s been shredded by the very institution that should have that reality as it’s calling card, and hallmark.

Father, that thy will be accomplished upon earth as you do them in heaven, show to me those things that you in heaven are now doing so that upon earth, I as your living image may also do them as you— the way you do them in heaven. This should be our prayer, but instead we squirm away like Adam the first day he was discovered in transgression.

Somewhere in the psyche of man, where vital connections as to his identity is established, or is supposed to be made, there is a disconnect which prevents heaven form reaching him with the one piece of information that certifies his identity as to the only thing that he was created to be; the only thing that he can ever be, when he is as he ought to be. Anything that exists, exists for a purpose, except where you subscribe to the explanation that the school of evolution offers. To that school of thinking, nothing has a purpose higher than an item in the food chain; your significance is that of a speck of cosmic dust. There is no moral continuity to anything, cause morality assumes there is a God, and evolution can only afford the one god it already has; the god of process. In his bible, you are a product of process, not a special purpose driven creation.

The church has been on a slippery slope for generations and has become none the wiser for all the black eyes, and bloody noses it has suffered as a consequence of adhering to ways and traveling paths God never counseled.

"I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth." Martin Luther

Watching evolution trump “Christianity” and take over the classrooms, and the global public forum, is just one of those train wrecks that you really got to look away from. Use whatever euphemism you wan’t to minimize the damage the reality is that Christianity was never intended to be a theoretical discussion, but that’s just what it has been reduced to. It was just a matter of time before this was to happen. The greatest argument against evolution, and any such pernicious doctrine is you and I in Christ doing the mighty works of Christ in the ministry of reconcilliation. How is any one going to argue against Lazarus sitting at table who was dead and burried for three days.


Read Creator or liar and decide for yourself which he is