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TESTIMONIAL: Of Things Seen, Heard, and Spoken

Active agents not observable to human sight decided many critical battles throughout history. These angelic forces, for good or bad, often use the elements, and sometimes human vehicles, to decide the outcome conflicts. With God we beforehand agree on a given outcome within the provision of his covenant. To that end you agree to hands-free form your control, travel a road that is fraught with unpredictable randomness serving as a hotbed or the mechanism of engaging your faith, without which faith it is impossible to please God. From start to finish the object lesson here is to generate maximum pleasure to God who sees our faith in action. God created us to receive this kind of pleasure in us. Think about it for a bit. What in heaven, or earth, or hell below, could possibly prove a menace to God—nothing. I exercise a bit more license than usual when I say this but, in a way we are God's avatar. Through us he experiences vulnerability to  threat and other hazards that otherwise could pose no threat to God. Like a person navigating a virtual-reality world video game. As God witnesses us without fear engage these unpredictable random developments that he throws at us to elicit our faith in meeting these challenges, taking our hands off the control is like opening our hands to embrace him—he loves that. We make no pretensions about having, or exercising any control, but rather anticipate God’s provisions at every turn. Einstein said, ‘I don’t care about the details, I just want to know what God thinks,’ to that I wholeheartedly agree. I’m more interested in the shape of the forest than the details of the trees that populate it. If God told me to do something that 's impossible with man, I just want to be sure he authored that directive to me. I will let him figure out the how to part. I want to know what the big picture is and let God fill in the details, and supply the wherewithal. That’s what I particularly like about my post on the 5th “ABOUT: Purpose Restated”. It in I sought to restate the purpose of this blog as laid out in the original “About Us” page. I am absolutely certain, and have every confidence that doing the works of the Lord Jesus Christ’s ministry of reconciliation exactly as he did them instead of the way they have been reinvented to accommodate man’s withering limitations, that we can reach a goal of reconciling a minimum 3/4 of the Worlds population within one to three years time. The degree of my confidence is an inverted reflux of the extent to which it is impossible. The more impossible it seems—the more possible it is with me in God’s eyes. I like it because it is impossible, and will be done impossibly.

Divine provision

Of the things I have seen and heard I cannot but speak. I’m sensing a strong inclination to make a change in the daily blog post—to make one blog per month serve as a progress report testimonial. The blog is roughly five weeks old, and since I’ve focused more on approaching it as a ministry I’ve encountered some experiences that I think should be recorded as testimonial because it speak to the purpose of this blog. Where God acts, I think he should be given credit for his doing. I have lately sensed an increase in the God’s divine activity in, and around me, like a breeze beginning to stir. It’s reminiscent of when David left the ark on Obededom’s property, and all of a sudden everything of Obededom’s property began to be realigned with desirable prosperity, while the ark remained there.


This experience of which I’m thinking is now running several days, today being perhaps the most dramatic. I think I need to say this because when I first came alive to God all things were to me like a photo where the colors were bleached out, and now suddenly appeared as though someone cranked up the saturation and made all the colors rich, almost too rich—too beautiful. I thought I’d deliberately do something wrong and see what would happen. No sooner had I done so, than as it were the sun, which was just shining so brightly, now retreated behind a thick cloud. Though it was so long ago, I remember it as if it were yesterday, and made a mental note of it to serve me the rest of my life. This experience is begging to be told like when I first began to pray, and God conspicuously answered without fail my prayers, to which my response was……. “this is just a coincidence”, and I finally had to stop in my tracks and admit this is no coincidence—these things happened consistent with just according as I asked God for his help.

SHAKE HIS HANDS: But Count Your Fingers After

So this is it. If you’re going to tell falsehood, you’d better have a good memory. Several days ago a man approached me to do a project for him, but he threw out a “red herring” to influence my price to the low bid spectrum. I called around and floated the project for pricing only to discover standard pricing was about five times higher than what this man suggested. I thought to do it for him, not so much for the price as much as a favor, since I was somewhat acquainted with him. I doubled his suggested price, which was still about half what others might charge, but yet had enough margin so I wouldn’t take a loss. Whereas before he offered to pay all, or part up front, now he resisted paying 60% to cover my costs. Said he didn’t have that much available right away for a deposit. We signed a contract detailing a deposit, which he passed to me in an envelope not realizing that in that envelope, (which by the way I didn’t open until I got home) was the entire amount I had asked him for, which denied having available to pay me. I was so puzzled to see his face when I opened my door and found him standing there. He’d come to tell me that the envelope had more money in it than he had written on the contract for a deposit. As it happened I had left the envelope in the car unopened, so we went to my car and there in the car was the envelope that had all the money he told me he did not have to give me.


Just the day before, my wife asked me what are you doing home so early I thought you’d be gone all day. Well, just like Abraham finding a lamb in the thicket; for the most labor intensive part of the project which might have taken me several hours, I found a way to get it done in half an hour so there was nothing more to do for that day until deliveries for the next stage came. These divine favors I find are better than life.

FOR THE PATH AHEAD: The Work is the Work

There is no way to represent God, and speak in terms that are less that what appears to be excessive claims. Make the vision as plain as you can, but when all is said and done; it is on the scale of God, and vested in man, so it sounds like so much illusion of grandeur. Jesus never had an ordinary day, because he was an extraordinary person, as you and I ought to be.

This blog is not the work. The work is the work. The kingdom of God is not in word, it is in power. I’m not just here to talk about it; the power is to be demonstrated in context of the ministration of reconciliation as Jesus had done and I don’t mean the watered down version that parades around on the silver screen, or nowadays the plasma screen. As far as the prospects ahead for this blog is concern, it holds great promise. I didn’t say to myself, I’m going to do a blog. I started doing this blog before I knew I was doing it. Someone asked me to help them with their blog in terms of contributing posts. He accepted and posted several, then found he could not appreciate the “controversial” content of “HERESY”. Thereupon he uninvited me to post any more blogs. It was there I saw the potential of this vehicle as an effective means to get this message out. I told him his blogs are too safe albeit riddled with as many typos as is mine. It’s like the kind of echoes you hear bouncing off the sides of a box you’re in, and everybody is saying the same thing, and no body is going any where man does not go. I get that we as a body should be all saying the same thing, but if we are off-track and all saying the same thing where does that get us at the end of the day. No-one is doing the greater works, or even the same works Jesus did, and that’s supposed to be o.k.—just keep saying the same old safe things. He came within inches of being stoned for saying the things he said—things that we still can’t hear.

This whole exercise is God’s way of introducing me to the world of blogs which I’ve never even considered before. I’ve seen this set up before, boding great prospects, but this sense of the familiar is no invitation to apathy. You may have cornered a tiger several times before but there are always a dozen new ways for him to make you his lunch if you let your guard down. Couple of things I like about the prospects ahead. Over a month in the works it has gotten nowhere to date—not even 50 hits per day, when I’m expecting something that has the word million in the number count.

Read This Was Your Life. See the truth about what your life could be be different.

The fact is this; it is like a plane taxiing out onto the runway. On the tarmac it’s not going anywhere—that’s where this blog is…on the tarmac. That’s not where planes fly. They fly in the air. It will take off, and it’s going to fly, and so will the work—it’s made to fly. I like it because it’s perfectly impossible, as is the work to be done. I’ll like it even more when it achieves consummation.