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BECAUSE HEAVEN CAN’T WAIT / Powers of The World to Come—Part 1

When God said he lifted us up above every name that is named in heaven and in earth—in this life and the life to come; “human” by the way happen to be a name, included in that sweeping nomenclature above which we are lifted. We are lifted out of the pool of human mortality and placed into that of immortality, and should walk as such now. Great glory is wrought where by the faith of God have our mortality is swallowed up of resurrection life. That’s what is supposed to happen when we put on the Lord from heaven. That is what happens when a little child puts on his parent’s clothes—the ridiculously over sized clothes of the parents swallow up the child. The child is there but is swallowed up.Your mortality is still there but it's not the rule anymore. You put on the Lord from heaven and start acting like him, and you are going to look ridiculous until the clothing takes on a life of its own. That’s not going to happen until you first put on those clothes. Where we are told to put on the Lord Jesus; we are being told to put on the mantle of Christ like Elisha donned the mantle of Elijah. Elijah told Elisha if he don’t see him when he is taken up, he won’t get the mantle. Christ is lifted up in Great glory, and we can’t see him or see how that pertains to us, so we aren’t able to affect the same or greater works as he did.

Some folks think they are gonna go to heaven to get a mansion. The Lord from heaven is our mansion—a mansion by comparison to the frail flesh and blood house of clay that we live in now, which cannot inherit the kingdom of God.

We are told to put on the Lord Jesus, to put on the mantle of Christ like Elisha donned the mantle of Elijah. Elijah told Elisha if he don’t see him when he is taken up, he won’t get the mantle of double portion of power. Christ is lifted up in Great glory, and we can’t see him nor see how that pertains to us, so we aren’t able to affect the same or the double portion of greater works than he did.

Though we are flesh and blood which cannot inherit the kingdom of God, you don’t have to wait until you die before you put on your house/mansion from heaven. We are to put him on now while we are living, breathing, and walking around, and demonstrate how his resurrection life triumphs over death now.

Human nature is seeded with the fallen nature of satan, and cannot inherit the kingdom of God. Peter had just finished saying something that seemed to be dripping with compassion, but Jesus reproved Peter saying—get thee behind me Satan, you savor not the things of God. Some things we hold to seem harmless, even the responsible thing to do, but they work against your spiritual life's vitality.

There won’t be any death to triumph later after the great resurrection when all the dead in Christ are already raised. Did you suppose we were lifted up above angels having obtained in Christ a more excellent name than they, and are still somehow below them who we are to judge. Maybe Daniel fainted in the presence of  angels but that’s not our portion.

Angels are a detachment of divine security detail for your safe-conduct through this world below, like the president's security detail attending his motorcade, but these are appointed to watch over you so you don't hurt even your feet on your journey. Jesus took not the nature of angels but of men, even so he could lift us in Christ above all names in heaven or earth.

A greater than Daniel is here, and that is you, and I in the kingdom of God. Angels are under directions from God to minister for us, so we inherit the unspeakably great salvation of God which men cannot speak nor hear, nor see, but only we who are the spiritual offspring of God.

For those who are eager to go and get a mansion in glory, let them well consider that the first Adam never had a house as we know houses today. Houses are a relatively new concept to man. Long after Adam’s time, Jabal was the first man to live in tent houses, and have livestock. A house is a fallen concept experience—an after thought. We need a house for protection against the elements which, before the fall we had, and exercised dominion over those elements; but now they have dominion over us, until we put on the Lord from heaven. If you don’t think the elements have dominion over us, try walking on water without Christ, our house from heaven. Without him we are naked like a turtle without a shell.

But oppositions have the illimitable range of objections at command, which need never stop short at the boundary of knowledge, but can draw forever on the vasts of ignorance.—George Eliot, Middlemarch

Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but - more frequently than not - struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God. I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth. – Martin Luther

To the exclusion of all that we are not familiar with, we seem to process everything according to this “fallen” world based view of reality. Only what we know of this world is real, and we don’t know too much. In fact all we know is from below….. here on earth; about how it works down here, and we know little or nothing of how it works above where our house, the Lord comes from. How unsupportable a gamble can it possibly be to fabricate a reality based on only the 1/2 of 1% of all the matter in the entire universe that is visible to us. There is a lot more to know about this world that we live in and that one from above, than what we know; trust God on that, and let’s not lean on our understandings based on such limited information.


“We begin by knowing little and believing much, and we sometimes end by inverting the quantities.” — George Eliot

When the king was dying without Christ, the jester knew he had found a bigger fool than himself.