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TREASURE HUNT: The Unsearchable Riches of God

Treasure hunting has fascinated people for about as long as people have been attaching values to things, and things have been getting lost. The idea of finding something that instantly greatly improves your prospects in life without having to work for it is simply irresistible. That’s why playing the lottery is such a huge “profiteering” draw for states involved. The idea of the hunt calls to mind images of plundering the tombs of the Pharaohs, pirates, and swashbuckling adventurers. The hunt suggests that you are going to go look for something that’s at least of more value than the expense in undertaking of the search effort; whether in terms of time, or in the currency value of whatever legal tender you are handling. Even here the idea of diminishing returns on effort expended is unattractive.

Before you get started it’s assumed you know what that something is for which you will be searching. Next thing to consider is that in order to access the search zone you may need special permits, or equipment, and manpower. Sometimes the object of the hunt may simply be off-limits or inaccessible. For this very reason we may want to consider why the riches of God are considered unsearchable. Is that another way of saying it is off-limits?

Not only are the riches of God unsearchable, they are also off-limits to man.

The universal, and perhaps only assumption here is that it is so vast that one could never hope to comprehensively query it. As though we’ve been blind, and tone-deaf to the great cloud of witnesses the alerts us to the contrary, we’ve been just been running with this (what I call) faulty assumption for ever. Perhaps it is not that it is unsearchable, or though in fact it may be unsearchable; it may be off-limits as well.

If we could see, or hear, or speak the treasures of God it would transform us into the perfect man—the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. Look around do you see anyone raising the dead, or name any of the mighty works that are the purview of God only, that are given to the sons of God to do. We have been only able to see, hear, and speak the baby things, so we remain spiritual infant of days, all our lives long. Where the will of man cannot be informed by the word of God, there is a condition willful ignorance for which there is no remedy. Our faith seems to be broken in infant mode, and cannot grasp the perfect man.

Yes, hard as it may be to rap our minds around it, the riches of God are just that—they are God’s, and as such are off-limits to man. Man cannot search them. He has never, nor can he ever see, hear, nor speak; neither can it enter into his understanding. You cannot be a man and have them, or you cannot have them and still be a man. If you have them and you are still a man, you don’t have them, and are found a liar in the one thing or another.

Since we have decided that the Bible is not a practical document we don’t really respect it on a practical level, therefore the truths of God are hiding in plain sight, and we can’t recognize them.

"The excellency of the power" takes as granted that there is a show of power about us somewhere. The power of God is not to be courted by the casual curious gate crashers. The Power of God didn't just fall to Jacob; he had to insist on it. In fact he wrestled all night long until the break of day, and then he still would not let go. He knew power was promised to him; even though he swindled the birthright. When God demanded that Jacob release him from performing the promise. Jacob replied I will not let you go until you bless me. The kingdom of God is taken by violently firm resolves and determination.

How much more plainly can it be said—I am God, the Lord is my name, and I will not give my glory to another that is not God. We may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding; otherwise we might be transformed into the manifest sons of God with power for the ministry of reconciliation.

"The faith of God" is often ......NO, always misunderstood. God does not need to have faith. Man needs to have the faith of God, in order to not be man anymore.

If you think about the “faith of God” that we are supposed to have; it is not faith that belongs to God; God doesn’t have or need faith—man needs faith not to be man anymore. When God has resolved all things, neither faith nor hope will remain, or be necessary, only love will remain. God doesn’t need faith…..man, however needs faith. Not just any faith e.g.: faith for a house, a car, children, a job, good health, good fellowship etc. The “faith of God” is a faith that produces, or reproduces God in man, or produces God instead of man. He is the hidden treasure in the earthen vessels that we are. God is not over there, and we are over here; He is in us…..He is us, and so much so is he us, that it is no more us but him that is living in us as us.

God has to do more than just give the things of God to us for us to have them. In addition to giving them to us, he has to give us a spirit of boldness to receive them. If you keep the word of God, you will be the word of God, and will know these things belong to you and are not taken in presumption, but in love, and by commanded obedience. You have work to do which cannot be accomplished without outfitting yourself if the “perfect man”.

If you were to dress yourself as Jesus in the “period” costume of Jesus’ day, you would choose out one by one the articles of that costume, piece by piece and they would have distinct identifiable descriptive properties. You could describe those pieces of the costume with vivid clarity. When you find these hidden treasures they will be the things that make God……God, and are given to you—to name a few: the name of God, the glory of God, Spirit of God, the mind of God, the power of God, the kingdom of God, the nature of God, the divinity of God. They all belong to God and cannot be given to man who has not been pressed out of, and above the measure that is man, by the conflagration of fiery trials. The true merit of God’s work is seen in the immeasurable chasm he has bridged to make this possible, yet we remain aloof shrouded in false piety denying God what is rightfully his domain: the measureless measure of man restored in Christ, accommodating the measureless measure of God.


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