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NEW WINE SKINS: For The New Wine

The spirit, nature, mind, power, kingdom, glory, name, and divinity of God: offered to his sons and daughter offspring in the Bible, by far exceed the limits of man mortality. All man knows of it is that it is not a fit; he says it’s impossible. God says what is impossible with man is possible with him. We are therefore urged to prepare new wineskins for to receive these things lest the old wine skins break, and all is lost. Those things that are impossible with flesh and blood manner of men, are possible with God, and with the offspring of God.

God isn’t looking for human pets. Relationship between pets, and pet owners are different from a relationship that assumes fellowship— (the company of similar kinds). If God wanted pets he’d leave us as human beings; but instead he has undertaken  the initiative in a work to reconcile us in fellowship with him.

This work of God is bold. He has undertaken to install his own being into man, so that what God is; man is also …..the two are made one, saying—“I am with you now, but shall be in you. This work was brought to a consummation in Christ when he gasped the last few words from his broken humanity—“It is finished”. The Lord from heaven is the new wine, the function of our souls and our minds are the old wineskins which cannot accommodate God. Out of our mouths from our hearts we now have to fashion new wine skins to accommodate God. We have to speak the things of God’s person and nature into our new spirit, and as God causes the grass the to grow, he causes these spoken things like seeds sown to grow up into all things of him in us. It is by the word of God that you are gendered and perfected.

Jesus does not ask for glorification for His own sake or that of His Father. No, he asks it for us. That His glorification may give us eternal life. At Christmas we celebrate that God became man; …..fully man and fully God. This human nature allowed Him to share our lives; our joys, but also our troubles. This humanity was taken to Golgotha, suffered and died on the Cross, but was then taken through death into new life. We can’t do that for ourselves, but God can, and He did. And like He led the way in defeating death, so too does He take the first step in leading His and our humanity towards heaven. And, as is almost expected of Jesus, He does so in a very basic and down-to-earth (if you’ll pardon the pun) way. He shows us the way by going it Himself. And from His place at the right-hand of the Father – the place of humanity at the Lord’s side – He helps us by promising to send us the heavenly advocate, the Holy Spirit & fire. This very human journey of the Lord has become a heavenly one, and so will our humanity become heavenly too. Jesus has led the way, and now calls us to follow Him, in our earthly life, but ultimately with heaven on the horizon.

The Bible was not written for man, for the very reason that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor have fellowship with him; therefore man is a lost cause, where he is flesh and blood. It is written for the sons and daughters of God, who are not flesh and blood; but are the offspring God: they are spirit, not flesh and blood. If you doubt that, just go to a funeral parlor near you, and ask any of those flesh and blood corpse what they think of that question. What you will find there is the mortal component of man; but that divine part now separated from the mortal is gone to that place where no man can approach but the offspring of God only.

Where it can be measured the merits of the billion dollar self-help industry is at best dubious. The notion of man helping himself stirs up images of a man made of water, who also happens to be in the water making a laddar of water to lift himself out of the water. The Kind of help God offers is not an improvement on the human lot; it entails removing man entirely from the pool of humanity and elevating him to an entirely different category of being. The disciples marveled when they saw that manner of being in operation in the person of Christ who is the prototype of they that should follow after and call him brethren, being made like unto him.

The Bible is meant to bring them to a place where man is not lawful. Man may intercept and try to grasp the message of the Bible but he cannot; it’s far beyond the reach or the grasp of his mortal frame. It is not lawful for flesh and blood beings to see, nor hear, nor speak the things of the kingdom of God. The things that are written in the Bible, by far exceed the legal limitations of mortal man. To him the Bible is a sealed book, therefore though he may read it, yet he cannot understand; so men have never seen, nor heard, nor have understood with his mind these things, because they are for his spirit, and can only be spiritually discerned.

Such as are of the earth are earthy, and such as are from heaven are heavenly. They are not compatible. God isn’t interested in improving the “human” condition which tops out where you potentially rise to being king or prince; nevertheless you wind up dying as a man in a cycle of vanity. You live in a house of clay whose foundations are in the dust of the earth; and are crushed as easily as a moth by the omnipresence of mortal danger.

In order to receive the things of God, God seeks to bring us to the end of our humanity; at such times Paul stated that he despaired of any present or future prospect of life, because the conflagration of fiery trials threaten his human existence. He says he dies daily so that the life of God’s sons, and daughters; the life of Christ might be the manner of life animating his being. Brought to a place like this the chaff of your humanity is incinerated and you learn to have no more confidence in your humanity, and begin to recline in your divinity, that is Christ the new wine.

Any man be in Christ, he a new creation, all old things are passed away and all things are become new.

Unless you die you cannot be resurrected; you cannot know this resurrection life where your mortality is swallowed up in this endless life, by God’s resurrection power. This new creation which is made according to faith is created this way: “Don’t say to yourself, ‘Who will go up into heaven?’ ” (That means, “Who will go up to heaven and bring Christ down to earth?”) “And do not say, ‘Who will go down into the world below?’ ” (That means, “Who will go down and bring Christ up from the dead?”)

In the beginning was the word who was God. We were born flesh and blood, now have that same word which is God dwelling in us so that as he is so are we in this world

This is what the Scripture says: “The word is near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart.” If you use your mouth to say, all the things of the Lord Jesus, that you are to grow up into, and if you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, you will be saved. We believe with our hearts, and so we are made according to those things of God that we believe. And we use our mouths to say what we believe, and so we are made God’s workmanship.


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