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ABOUT: Purpose Restated

There are grave and troubling indications that we embrace false assumptions, and hotly pursue misdirections set in motion long before our time; and we do so with a baffling cheerful indifference. Actually it really isn’t so funny the way things work, where if you keep doing the same thing, you wind up with the same result. Spending several decades sitting in services, bible studies, church functions, and observing the goings on, I have always found the stark disconnect between the church model in the Bible, and what we practice to be most unsettling. I don’t mean just the obvious instances of moral lapses, but even where the church considers itself to be on “high five” footing. In the worldwide church culture, even more puzzling than a gaping disconnect between expectation and reality, is a pervasive lemming-like mentality that assures this tainted culture an uninterrupted life in perpetuity. Nobody seems to even wonder at the disparity between what is written for us, and what we experience. It’s the kind of resigned indifference that says why think about it if it cannot be; so no one thinks about it long enough to effect any change. Just one of so many examples is how today we hold wakes for our deceased relatives/members, only to announce plans to bury them. As Jesus ministered, such times were opportunities not only for him, but for his disciples to demonstrate the majesty of God's life having preeminence over death, by raising the dead back to life, and having waked them, directed that they be fed—not buried.

These posts are not arbitrary topical ramblings, but purpose specific. Their purpose is to establish on record the unfolding of a narrowly focused point of development; a sort of bread crumbs trail that culminates in the waking of the proverbial the sleeping giant.

We are the image of the living God. Not just a still image; but a live action image mirroring whatsoever God is doing in real-time. Whatsoever I see my Father do; likewise do I the same, said Jesus. That’s what an image does, it imitates the source. God is the source not just of our appearance, but also of actions which go well beyond what is possible with the ordinary manner of men.

The purpose, simply stated is: to have the days of Jesus’ ministry in all its dimensions revisit the wayward Church, where the church is to play this defined role in the ministry of reconciliation. In all fairness, I don’t think it serves any meaningful purpose for me to gratuitously level wide-ranging criticism without committing myself by way of being an example in the reconciliation ministry of the power of God demonstrated to deliver. I anticipate therefore that as in the Azusa Street tradition; as we acknowledge these truths in common, God will begin to show himself  consistent with his promise to show us these things that he is doing right now.As we do this reconciliation mighty works of the Lord Jesus I have targeted a goal where a minimum of 4.5 billion souls (3/4 of the world’s population) are to be reconciled with God through this ministry of reconciliation which God began in Jesus, and passed on to us to continue in the same tradition as Chris did. Things that are not possible with man are possible with God.

Here is what Jesus had to say about the mighty works that he accomplished; which by design now implicates us in God's plan for us to do the same things Jesus did. He said: I can do nothing of myself any more than any of you can. All the things I did were not done of myself, so I have no special advantage over you, but all things were done by my Father who is always doing these things. All the things I saw my Father doing, I did them likewise....I imitate, or mirror him for I am his image, as are you all his image. If you believe in him, believe in me; for I am with you soon will be in you. My Father will show you likewise all these things, and you can do them too.

That is frankly the inescapable reality for the church, where the church holds true to form. As an instructive undertaking to help us clearly see, and learn form our past missteps, these posts selectively highlight throughout history the infidelity of the Church to it’s true purpose. The intent then is point out the solution, act upon it, and enter into this awakening of a sleeping giant.


Every now and again you see Archaeologists, and Anthropologists attempting to recreate some staggering feat of human achievement from the ancient world with modern technology and little success. You can’t help but to be animated with the assurance of success here when you consider what Jesus himself had to say about how the mighty works he did was accomplished. When people want to back away from this challenge the first thing they throw out is: you have to be so holy that you are made of the gossamer translucency of angels. Fact is God purposefully called people fraught with foibles of imperfections declaring: Elijah was a man of like passions as we all yet by praying he stopped the heavens from raining three and a half years. Let those that are perfect be thus minded; God is more interested in your particular leaning than what you have done. If your leaning is toward him, your present and future actions will bear that out—where the tree leans, that’s where it will fall. It’s usually a matter of the degree of our leaning that makes the difference. Peter being often reproved was not the poster boy for perfection, but he did walk on water; to date, no other human can boast that.

I happen to have purchased this DVD of “The Elegant Universe”, a PBS Nova  presentation which contains this segment called the Quantum Café after viewing the broadcast a couple of years ago. I was surprised to find it presented in short segments on YouTube and introduced by a some unfamiliar “religious” entity.

All the miracles that Jesus did are actually built into the fabric of  our universe when seen at the scale of sub-atomic particles that are invisible to us, and are not detectable at the ratio of our one to one human scale.

Ignorance of the will is where we simply don't want to know something. In such a case we can't be helped. People don’t lay foundation for a house at one place, and build the house at some other place. The foundations for our lives are laid heavily in the stock, and bonds of the parameters of human limitations; and we build upon it all actionable, and perceived reality. Anything falling outside the pale of those parameters, is therefore not real, and we don’t act upon them. Actions are a direct outgrowth of our thought life. We don’t seriously think about, and therefore with equally corresponding regularity are never walking upon water, talking to storms, or trees, or calling dead people back to life. God does that. Well if that’s true why is he expecting us not only to do these, but greater things.

In order to make any progress in their non-intuitive studies of the universe at that scale, scientists have to suspend their basic assumptions about our world like: present, past, future times existing together— up and down, back and forth, left and right directions reversed— matter passing through matter, etc. These things either describe the nature of Jesus or his actions in creating what we see as miracles.

To dramatize these principles a man is shrunk down to the size of a sub-atomic particle and visits a place called the Quantum cafe where he sees these preternatural happenings. If you were to super-size one of these particles to the size of a man, the result would most likely be the person of Jesus, by all the miracles that he did: walking through walls, walking on water, dividing, or reconstituting matter to result in a completely different substance.

Clearly it says so much greater is our experience to be it cannot be mentioned in the same breath as that of Moses opening the Red Sea, or all the great expressions of God’s power before Christ.

God is huge; what he proposes for us is huge. In fact the analogy by comparison is likened to how the moon doesn’t shine beside the glory of the sun. So great is what God plans to do today as compared to times before Christ. The two examples cannot be mentioned in the same breath, or set in the same light

To the extent that there is even the slightest acknowledgment by the church’s talking heads of this promise given by God; the feckless, appalling excuses that are given to explain this vapid state of church life just falls like so many led balloons to me…and there are many such excuses.

Even When it is Manifested, We Often Don’t Recognize What We Are Not Anticipating or Willing to See.

Instead of looking to God, the rock of divinity form which we were hewn, whose attributes define us, we keep looking to the pit of humanity from whence we were digged. Since we are the reflected image of God, whatever we are, is to be defined by what God is; If we want to know what we are we need to first know what God is, because what we reflect of him defines us.

We worship on the mountain, but serve in the groves. We may think about God, but that’s a theoretical exercise on distant mountains. We act, and live in the groves of human weaknesses that has nothing to do with God. Instead of looking to God, the rock of divinity form which we were hewn, whose attributes define us, we keep looking to the pit of humanity from whence we were dug. Since we are the reflected image of God, whatever we are, is to be defined by what God is.

How aware of what you are seeing are you. Test your awareness!

If we want to know what we are, we need to first know what God is, because what we reflect of him defines us. All that we are is of whatever God is. A mirror can only reflect what is set in front of it. To that end God has given us his mind, nature, divinity, spirit, power, kingdom, glory, name; in fact all those things to which God answers as God is given to us to give the same answer, yet God says no man lays this to heart. No man considers this. We are not only responsible for what we say but what we do not say; and the church do not say these things. Accordingly as we believe, we are suppose to speak these things; but these things are not spoken of because they are not believe.

Read Creator or liar and decide for yourself which he is

“Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.”—Martin Luther

We cannot allow men to believe for us or to speak for us. God has no grandchildren; we must interact directly with his and learn first hand for ourselves the truth by the spirit of truth sent by the Father to lead us into all truth.

“…the driven ship may run aground because the helmsman’s thought lacked  force to balance opposites.”  George Eliot