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"Sane people did what their neighbors did, so that if any lunatics were at large, one might know and avoid them" We are supposed to come out from the world and be separate, but at almost turn we find ourselves succumbing to the irresistible vortex of emulation—being like the neighbors. Actions are the outgrowth of our thought life. Calling out to dead people to come back to life—commanding storms, and raging seas to be calm—talking to trees, are just not the kind of things we think about doing. Please don't misunderstand me, the importance of getting the little foxes of behavior modification right cannot be over looked, but that goes to what affects us; and that cannot be the whole story. The domain of mighty miracles are the things that affect other people, and the world around us. Behavior modification is what our "good" neighbors do, but you won't find them walking on water, nor talking to storms. No amount of behavior modification is going to allow you to command Hurricane Katrina to assume a different disposition. This is what God does, his sons do that too; this we have to learn, and this secret is with them that fear him. Really; do any of us actually think any of these things are possible with us. Is it our sleeping and waking thought?

Concerning the reconciling work of God that he has left us to carry on, he has sworn: I will take vengeance upon you Babylon, and when I do, I will not meet you as a man. If you plan to do the work of God you can’t approach it as a man. If we refuse these terms have the choice to continue what you do as a man and die as a man. God cannot lie, and he didn’t lie when he said he will not give his glory to another.

In the beginning was the word, who being with God, was God also. This word is the same that became flesh and lived among us by the name Jesus. In our case we already have the flesh component need only  the God part to come on line for us to present again to the world, the word that is God living in the flesh,  our flesh as Jesus was. We are the word; that's the part that survives the death process; but while we live, because the spirit has his life in God......... all things are possible unto us.

That being said, he looks to you and me and says: here have my glory, so you can do my work. All the things that devastate the world of nature, and of man are typecast in the concept of the great mystery, that is Babylon, having Satan as the head. There is political Babylon, which is long deceased, but there is now spiritual Babylon which lives on. This God calls the hammer of the whole earth, which beats down with terrible hammer-strokes of wasting diseases: which handle the inhabitants with cruel instruments of death; and would not let his prisoner go from the grave.

I will take vengeance upon Babylon, and not meet you as a man.

By the work of reconciliation, God promises to make an utter end of such afflictions, so they do not rise a second time.

Those who think man is not fallible need only the most perfunctory review of history to set him straight on that record, if the powers of his own observations do not serve that purpose. Man is fallible, and in no small way. Imagine the stark dichotomy of this fact; the same Martin Luther who gave us the legacy faith reformation, also harbored such venomous anti-Jewish views that his writings inspired Hitler’s war crimes against the Jews. Luther, although his contribution is massive, was a victim of the mindset of his day; much as are we in our day. Even with his robust and keen intellect, he did not escape the all-consuming vortex of enshrined traditions and assumptions that are held by men even above the revealed word of God. Don’t think for a second that all men have faith. There are atheists who started out a well-meaning ministers, who having lost their faiths have no other occupation but their training as ministers which they continue to do; so this calling is reduced to an occupation—just a job. There are many others to whom this is just a job; they are hirelings, and care not if God is well represented.

Today’s global church is largely the legacy of the great reformation, which owns it’s advent to the efforts of Martin Luther, a luminary among the reformers. On peril of his life, and much to his credit as a visionary, he rightly advanced the claim that the just shall live by faith. I contend that to this day, though it is of no small consequence; the maximum yield of this wave of reformation has produced a body where the just are born by faith. That in, and of itself is not bad; you’re born, you die, you get go to heaven.  Dying is easy, it’s the involuntary precipitant of birth—just wait long enough; it’s the living part that’s all the trouble. Living by what kind of faith though, the faith of man, or the faith of God.

“Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.”—Martin Luther

We cannot allow men to believe for us or to speak for us. God has no grandchildren; we must interact directly with his and learn first hand for ourselves the truth by the spirit of truth sent by the Father to lead us into all truth.

The “true” purpose of the church is not complicated: God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself. Wherever he went, he left some rather large footprints for you, and I to walk in. He has left this ministry of reconciliation to the church to continue reconciling the world in the same tradition as that in which Jesus operated—because it is the same work we must do. There is no way to represent God, and speak in terms that are less that what appears to be excessive claims. Jesus never had an ordinary day, because he was an extraordinary person, as you and I ought to be. Here it is laid out in it’s simplest terms. We are to do what Jesus did; that’s our job…..it doesn’t simply entail behavior modifications, and good manners—that’s the human domain of mistaken will worship. We were purchased, or hired to the job of Jesus. We know what carpenters, mechanics, electricians, doctors, lawyers, etc. do. We also know what Jesus did.


Read Creator or liar and decide for yourself which he is