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"It is an uneasy lot at best, to be ... present at this great spectacle of life and never to be liberated from a small hungry shivering self-- never to be fully possessed by the glory we behold, never to have our consciousness rapturously transformed" “… a soul that is sensitive without being enthusiastic …having not enough mass for transformation.. too languid to thrill out of self-consciousness, but goes on fluttering in the swampy ground where it was hatched, thinking of its wings and never flying.” “….but always to be scholarly and uninspired, ambitious and timid, scrupulous and dim-sighted." — George Eliot

Flighted Man: Thinking of his wings, but never flying

Man does his reasoning with his mind, and his believing with heart, which are not to be confused. Although they are both portals of information; that information does not go to the same chamber, as to the stomach—for his meat, and drink together. What God asks us to believe is tall. We often stagger if not outright refuse to believe it. The source of the problem there is where we seek to process with our mind, what is meant for our spirit. In such case we scarce let fall from our lips the seed of God that is ordained to come forth for our transformation.

Arguably the world may have their complaints about American foreign policies which translates into numerous misdeeds around the globe. Whatever might be said about American you have to give them credit for a tenacious fighting spirit. At the outset of the Kennedy and the Johnson’s administration, the Russians had us beat seven ways to Sunday in space exploration. In true form to Yankee ingenuity and perseverance Kennedy announced we will not only match, but exceed the Russians in space exploration; putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade. At that time America had only logged a palsy 20 minutes of manned space flight in outer space, and faced a mountain of difficulties and unknowns. In spite of the difficulties they proclaimed: we are not prepared to go to sleep under the light of a Russian moon—we choose to do these things not because they are easy but, because they are difficult. We as Christians should make such resolves about the faith that was once delivered to us. It" probably not so in all cased, but for us it may not be too late to become what we could have been.

“Our consciousness rarely registers the beginning of a growth within us any more than without us there have been many circulation of the sap before we detect the smallest sign of the bud.” —George Eliot

It is appointed by God for our redefined heritage in Christ that while we still live, we are to have our mortality (that human dimension which makes us as feeble as a moth) swallowed up by the endless resurrection life of Christ whose ministry mantle we are supposed to put on. We are to put it on as a house, our mansion from above and taste of the powers of the world to come.

There is no way to represent God, and speak in terms that are less that what appears to be excessive claims. Make the vision as plain as you can, but when all is said and done; it is on the scale of God, and vested in man, so it sounds like so much illusion of grandeur. Jesus never had an ordinary day, because he was an extraordinary person, as you and I ought to be as Christ whom we put on and are to walk no more as man born of woman; but as sons, and daughters that are born of God with extraordinary powers unto the ministry of reconciliation.

“Sane people did what their neighbors did, so that if any lunatics were at large, one might know and avoid them.” — George Eliot

God’s Purpose For You, and I, The Church

God is huge; what he proposes for us is huge. In fact the analogy by comparison is likened to how the moon doesn’t shine beside the glory of the sun. So great is what God plans to do today as compared to times before Christ. The two examples cannot be mentioned in the same breath, or set in the same light

The purpose that God determined for all people in the earth is grand. So grand is it as a matter of fact that he said,  of all the things for which he is revered, and renowned; what he will now do in his purpose concerning us, cannot be spoken of in the same breath with things done before  anymore than the moon can shine next to the sun. That is saying an awful lot. There is no way to represent God, and speak in terms that are less that what appears to be excessive claims. Make the vision as plain as you can, but when all is said and done; it is on the scale of God, and vested in man, so it sounds like so much illusion of grandeur.

Evolutionists give us an enormous time line over which even the miracle of evolution seem possible; and the God of the Bible is replaced with "process" the miracle-working god of evolution. Allow enough time between  reality and fantasy; and fantasy can begin to be believed. Christians are not exempt from falling into that trap with the reality of God's word. It's easy for us to think, even believe that God gave Adam dominion over (the elements) — the world, because that world is so far removed from us. However when it comes to believing that God reinstates that dominion in Christ for us to exercise it in the ministry of reconciliation, we come up short on faith for believing that. Christ walked on water—changed it into wine, commanded the wind & waves, spoke to trees, divide flames of fire by his voice. He is the prototype after whom we are made. Nothing is impossible for us who believe. In Christ we are no longer under, but above the elements: in fact if it's got a name, we are above it as Christ by God's design.

The “true” purpose of the church is not complicated: God was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself. Wherever he went, he left some rather large footprints for you, and I to walk in. He has left this ministry of reconciliation to the church to continue reconciling the world in the same tradition as that in which Jesus operated—because it is the same work we must do.  Jesus never had an ordinary day, because he was an extraordinary person, as you and I ought to be. Here it is laid out in it’s simplest terms. We are to do what Jesus did; that’s our job…..it doesn’t simply entail behavior modifications, and good manners—that’s the human domain of mistaken will worship. We were purchased, or hired to do the job of Jesus. We know what carpenters, mechanics, electricians, doctors, lawyers, etc. do. We also know what Jesus did.

“Ignorance is not so damnable as humbug, but when it prescribes pills it may happen to do more harm”— George Eliot

Jesus exhorts us to take up the cross, and learn of him. If we are going to stand in the gap, we need to know how to make an effective stand, and that is a knowable thing. Perhaps we can’t be credited for getting to this state of dereliction to duty; but we have the ability to observe the difference between what we do, and what’s clearly written for us to do. The mere fact that we go forward without it presupposes a mindset that indicates we are not contemplating doing this ministry with any degree of seriousness in the same tradition of as Jesus.

Read the Assignment, and see just how important your role is in the ministry of reconciliation

This gets us to the place where we operate as mere hirelings—“it’s a living”; yes, predicated upon those things that allow us to live, and the dying still continue to die. In his day Jesus would not wake the dead by making plan to burry them. He would wake them, feed them, and restore them to fellowship of their loved ones as we also in so many cases are to do.


To be continued……………