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There are revelations that guide our personal lives, as well as revelations that direct the motions of world history. Sometimes they are not be mutually exclusive, but an individual may impact profoundly the course of world history.

Truth is everlasting, but our ideas about truth are changeable. Martin Luther

What revelation would today make a man a social pariah, which a hundred years ago could not even enter the mind of man to even be considered, and which a hundred years from now will be a well trodden cliché. When you know the truth it shall make you free. It is right there in the pages of the Bible, and timeless; waiting to make you free.

When Albert Einstein published his revolutionary findings on relativity, it took over a year before the scientific community even got a clue about this new age which had just been ushered in. Some ideas are that advanced, no one would have guessed.

I suppose the title of this article suggests not just one, but multiple awakenings of which presumably, the last is the subject here. In as much as you may not find the pearly dawn at noon, the inverse is true also; you won’t likely find the eventide, or noon at the time of pearly dawn. Examples of these solar anachronisms may seem ludicrous, but the progressive manner in which the revelations on God’s truth come to us, has been compared to the gradual stages of the sun’s glory, from rosy sunrise, to a more distinct luminous brilliance at noon. There are revelations that guide our personal lives, as well as revelations that direct the motions of world history. Sometimes they are not be mutually exclusive, but an individual may impact profoundly the course of world history. Maybe not so oddly enough it is often an individual, driving a single point of development that shapes world history.

Revelation is an insightful grasp on a subject that is a departure from the boilerplate approach of rudimentary exercise.......line upon line, precept upon precept, learning. Revelations allow you to navigate around the general assumptions of the time that are enshrined in culture, religion, and science, and keep the masses confined within the box of traditions. After the entrepreneur, scientist, farmer, or mechanic does the foundational requisite work, he/she gets an intuitive or maybe a counterintuitive insight that no one could have guessed; no formula could have revealed. That is what C.S. Lewis admittedly appreciated about Christianity: it's a "religion" you couldn't have guessed.

Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, Capernicus, Gallileo, Martin Luther, Sir Isaac Newton, James Maxwell, Abraham Lincoln, Edison, Ford, Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr.; to name a few. What about you; what revelation will cause you to profoundly impact and change history. It is said that history is a story written by the finger of God. History is not just some random phenomenon, but a well thought out purposeful plan. Out of one blood God made all different nationalities of men, and the earth for their habitation. He determined their times, and which countries, or empires would prevail over which; and where the boundaries of their habitations will lie. All this he did for the express purpose, that through this unfolding process, all men would come to seek, and find him. Imagine what the world would be if the atomic age commenced 3,000 years ago. The vexing trouble that is now witnessed in the global community trying to keep Iran, or North Korea from possessing such destructive power paints clearly the case for why in times past this technology would not have been a good idea. Today there is the emergence of a more global interdependence of cultures where in antique history the rule was more or less of megalomaniac dictators who wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to obliterate a neighbor over the slightest disagreement. Think for a moment the anguish that was caused by Martin Luther’s proclamation, “the just shall live by faith”. This was no secretive, private revelation, or interpretation. This is scripture, written plainly in the pages of the Bible. John Wycliffe translated the Bible into plain English so all could read it, and it cost him his life. So enraged were the authorities they later dug up his bone; burnt them and scattered the ashes to wind. These are revelations which the passage of time has reduced to ubiquitous cliché. Everybody can read the Bible now, and in any language they wish. Nobody feels their lives at stake for saying the just shall live by faith.

Think for a second; early Hebrew scribes would even take a bath, put on fresh clean clothes, and make a new pen, when writing the name of God. The non-carnate law was intended to reveal the terribleness of sin and show the chasm that it tore between God and man. In no uncertain terms we were to see this, be afraid of the majesty of God, and know the terror that confronts us in our lost state. In rectifying this God had the word put on a robe of flesh and become brother, and friend to men. The greatness of God now is not seen in how high, and far he stands above, apart from us; but in the infinite void he has crossed, and humbled himself to restore fellowship, and be near to man. Today the believers still suffer from the Peter syndrome where Jesus bent down to wash his feet, and Peter reeled back horror that God should bend down to wash his dirty feet. This is just something man would never have guessed. Today man cannot allow God credit for what he accomplished in bowing so low, and raising us up so high into his fellowship as sons, and so doing has said concerning us: ye are gods. As if someone turned on a bright light on roaches, we flee from this ; even as Peter who reeled back from Jesus’ attempt to wash his feet. No one I know, have ever known after several decades in the church has dared made that confession: —because God says it, I embrace it, and repeat it, I am god—for as he is so am I.

If someone places a seed into your hand, and you keep it in your hand; that is all it will ever be, a seed laden with potential. Plant it in the ground, and see what happens. The concept of putting on Christ infers that we apply to ourselves all the things pertaining God: both of his substance and his nature that are given to Christ for us to have; so that by these things we could be as God is, and escape the corruption that in this world. This, the great things of His law, is like this seed given to us; but that seed will never be planted by our minds so steeped in, and defined by  the traditions of men. God has ordained this his great strength to come out of our mouths as if out of the mouths of babes, so by his workmanship he can take it, and perfect us in his image as we represent him again in the earth. Failing this we cannot continue to do the work of the ministry of reconciliation int he same tradition as did Jesus. Because we refuse to speak this utterance, we remain just babes and suckling.

God is equal to his image, because it is the image of him; all of his value is attached to that image. The stars and stripes represents all that America is. If we are to be the image of God, representing, we have to speak that image— all of that image, to represent all of him in power and glory. We were not born  fully his image, we have to grow up into his image. If we do not speak the great things of God, he has nothing to work with, but the babe and suckling utterances we speak for our salvation. I was told by someone he doesn’t believe anything can come of simply making such, and similar confessions. Planting a seed is thing, but if you plant a tree too close to your house your home might later be in jeopardy. This is how enormous ships are  truned around at sea; by a small helm.This is how God works; by the medium of spoken words ……ministering angels.


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