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If there are giants in the land it is we who yet have to realize our full potential as God in Christ Jesus. In Christ we are one being with God, and have to think as he thinks. That's why he has given us his mind so we can know the things of God. For what man knows the things of man except the the spirit of man; likewise the things of god knoweth no man except he Spirit of God which God has given unto us.

Were we not told to look out for a certain thing, we may see it and not be aware of it. There are things of God about which if we were made aware we might have attained unto those

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things already, by striving for them. Because we are yet unaware of them we are in measure walking in spiritual darkness; a fellowship of illusion. The obstructionist leaders of the churches are they who the Lord spoke of when he said: they will not enter into this kind of life and they will not allow you to do so either. Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard, they have trodden my portion under foot , they have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness. They have made it desolate, and being desolate it mourneth unto me; the whole land is made desolate, because no man layeth it to heart. Information about God provided to make us more than mere men is excluded from man’s knowledge base by his pastors. They don’t make mention of it so no one is aware of it (lays it to  heart): no one sees or strives for it…no one attains unto it so it remains desolate. We never go beyond the elementary principles of Christ which pertains to salvation.

IF you could take a snapshot of what you are, you might look like this. Words are spirit......God is spirit....you are the handwritten letters of God's word, the volume of the book of life.

Once you are made aware of these things, and desire them; you have to lay the ground works to actualize your ambitions for them. You can’t storm the heavens, and wrestle from God what he doesn’t want you to be, or have. These things are given to us, God entreats us to have them. Everything that makes God, God is given to us: his name, his nature, his divinity, his mind, his kingdom, his life, his power, his Spirit, his glory. This is the proposition that was made to Abraham, as a foreshadowing of what He would accomplish with us. God said to Abraham, I make a present of myself to you—receive me; now I command you to be perfect —walk before me. He said this also to us; and in numerous ways. This is what our fore fathers saw afar off but couldn’t receive in their time, because the fullness of the time had not yet come for Jesus to appear.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. To get a sense of how breath-taking this statement is; God says all things are held together by the word of God’s power. It is easier for heaven and earth to become unraveled (pass away) before his word fails. Now consider this; God has set his word above the significance of his holy name and made you and I out of his word and called us by his name. As Jesus is,  such are we. He is the word of God. The word of God is not one word; it is the volume of a book. He said in the volume of the book I come to do thy will. In the beginning was the word. He still is the word. That word brought us to life and keeps us alive; and that’s what we are…the word. As he is such are we: he is the word…..we are the word.

There are giants in the land, and it is we; but we are asleep; the sleeping giant. We haven’t been told yet. We may start out as men, but you don’t have to die as men. God is perfect; he is our perfection, at least is fervently suppressed because it sounds something like heresy. He says to us: be perfect in the like manner as I am perfect. When we grow up into him in all things we are perfect. We share all things in common, not only with our brothers and sisters, but with God as well; that’s what a family is. The moon cannot be seen by the glory of the sun. So God promised to glorify us, with his glory so all the things he did for Israel before our day could not be contemplated in the same light as what he’s already done for us. The challenge is for us to realize it. Easier said than done. God is the author and perfection; both within and without. He is our existence. We live in him, we move in him, and we have our being in him. He is our existence.

Not knowing God is like a fish swimming in the ocean, unable to find water.

Not knowing God is like a fish in the ocean, unable to find water. We don’t choose our existence any more than we chose any number of the bio-physiological distinctions that we accept as the things that make us, who we are. We didn’t choose our gender, ethnicity, geographical place of birth, height, birth weight, color, family; but we manage to accept them as a fact of life. We didn’t choose who, or what we are. To a large measure according to our assigned bio-physiological features, including our DNA fingerprint, we know who we are as “man”. With the aid of today’s medical and technical prowess we can to a certain extent reinvent ourselves. Gender reassignment, face transplant, any host of particular plastic surgical change, is now being ordered to our suit.

It is in ways like this, with an ever-increasing range possibilities we are modifying our external identity; sometimes beyond recognition. We did not choose our earthly parents, yet so much of the parameters that define our natural state, directly correspond to those parameters that define our parents state as well. Fundamentally what our parents are, is also the same thing that we are. If you believe God, you can rest assured that the way this correlation of attributes plays out between parents and offspring in our natural state is the same way it works in the spiritual. We are the offspring of God. Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called sons of God. We are his children, and when in Christ we are reconciled into God’s family; we are what God is. God is Spirit and so are we. God is divine, and he exhorts us to experience his divine attribute; not after we die, but now while alive. We have access to taste of the powers of the world to come before it actually comes. We tend to be hardwired to the natural human component of our triune existence, consisting of spirit, soul and body.

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We are spirit and we also have the function of a body.

Not only do we have to bring the component of the spirit online, but the spirit has to become the primary source out of which we act and think. We didn’t choose our beginning, but we can choose our end. It is said as we’re born; we come as the tabula rasa (blank tablet) for a life to be written upon. In the Spirit also God leaves a wide latitude of possibilities for you; by believing all things are possible; as it is for God.


“A LOVE STORY” : http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0085/0085_01.asp