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THE GULLIBILITY PHENOMINON: Death of the Naked Emperor

HAVE I GOT A BRIDGE FOR YOU: Click on the photo of bridge above to get the true story. ................................................. Despite howling winds, snow drifts of 10 to 15 feet and bitter cold, former Vice President Al Gore sold the Brooklyn Bridge today to a group of tourists from Slovakia. At noon, Gore approached a group of tourists taking photos and asked them if they would like to “buy the bridge.“ Naturally the tourists were delighted. “This is a generous country. We came here to see famous bridge and we go home owning it” said the spokesman for the group. Gore explained that part of the proceeds from the sale will be go towards his new global warming foundation. Despite concerns over the legality of the sale (Gore was not able to provide a deed proving his ownership of the landmark) Gore defiantly pocketed the $250 deposit the Slovakians gave him. Why would anyone doubt I own this bridge? Let’s focus on the big issues here: 1. Rapid global warming is causing bitter cold throughout the U.S. 2. I have a bridge to sell you...................................... Sometimes you have to dig to get the truth. This story might sound awfully incredulous, and it is; but click on the photo to get the true story of sale of he Brooklyn Bridge by George Parker. He made his living selling many of New York’s most treasured landmarks to the gullible. His list of ‘available properties’ included the Madison Square Garden, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Grant’s Tomb and the Statue of Liberty. But, Parker was most known for selling the Brooklyn Bridge.

“For power finds its place in lack of power; advance is cession, and the driven ship may run aground because the helmsman’s thought lacked  force to balance opposites.”  George Eliot

They have the expression: “trust your lying eyes?”. We are endowed with the facility of functioning eyes to aid us in our bid for survival. Those who discard this asset only to trust unquestioningly the witness of others, display an uncommon capacity for credulous trusting which suggests hints of gullibility. You, as well as we all occupy a specific space, at this specific time in history. As a jury pool is selected to hear and judge the proceedings of a trial, we are to judge the events of this time, and place in history. You cannot afford to blithely subscribe to the views of others, in the place of using your own powers of observation to gather, and access information. When pressed for his view on the scriptures, Jesus turned the tables and asked his questioner: “What is written in the law? how readest thou?”. Our views on the issues of this place and time in history are too important to be suborned by the interpretation others. If your view and your participation was not necessary, perhaps you would not have been ‘sent to the kingdom for such a time as this’.

Some of the most profound changes in history were wrought by the agitation of single individual. We are not insulated from the “Extraordinary Popular Delusion and the Madness of Crowds” by going along with the populist crowd….especially if it is a religious crowd. They do most of the damage. At any moment in history; during that present time, few ever seems to see the extraordinary delusions of that age:  Kill, burn, and scatter the bones of anyone who translate the Bible into plain English for the people to readNo preaching without a license  — Kill 45 million unborn babies annually   Kill 6 million JewsNo Tongues in churchNo reading Bible, or church for black peopleKill those who say the just shall live by faith   Have no women in church authority.

We have to dig for the truth, otherwise our sublime heritage of spiritual life in  God can become the insufferable life of  religious entombment that so many of the vast majority of people are confined to. We must insist on the death of the naked emperor. How certain are we that we are not currently walking in one of these sundry missteps? You’d think by the proverbial herd of elephants in the church we might have gotten a clew instead of continuing forward as the naked emperor. The distinction that should mark our times is the great contrast in the dramatic manner by which God invade our world with wonders that eclipse those of the days before Jesus’ first advent. The church have dismissed these things out of hand.

When he told Jacob to “release me”, Jacob knew he had the promised  blessing of the rights of the first born coming, and so refused to release God from fulfilling that promise until he did bless Jacob. These are things we have to first believe, and then insist on. As between Jacob and God, these thing are taken by wrestlings, and the violent take it by force in their bid for the kingdom of Heaven. We can’t simply dismiss God’s promise. So doing we multiply the number of elephants among us that we pretend not to see.

For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved , we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. 2 For in this we groan , earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven: 3 If so be that being clothed we shall not be found naked. 4 For we that are in this tabernacle do groan , being burdened : not for that we would be unclothed , but clothed upon , that mortality might be swallowed up of life

Death to the naked emperor. We are naked without our covering of the Lord from Heaven.

Unless we are clothed in the mantle of the Lord from Heaven for a covering with signs following we are naked; though we are called to be kings and priests unto him we remain naked without this covering of the Lord from Heaven while we are alive. This covering swallows up our mortality. It doesn’t mean we cease entirely from a natural sate of existence. Like a little child dressing up in his parents clothes gets swallowed by the sheer size of the clothe; when we put on the Lord from Heaven our mortality becomes subsumed into his resurrection, or eternal life. We can access the powers of the world to come. There have been brief instances of this throughout recent history, but this should not be the exception as much as the rule of a healthy church.