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If you were located in a room into which an unknown person presently arrived; you might be able to within a fair range of accuracy guess his/her height, weight, ethnicity, general disposition, and a modest collection of other characteristics. They may even be wearing a name tag, but until that person begins to speak you won’t know his/her thoughts. Unless you know their thoughts you can’t really know them. Proverbs 23:7 reveals that “For as he (a man) thinketh in his heart, so is he”. A man’s thoughts have no physical property or dimensions unlike his bodily presence. As a man thinks so is he, and his actions are borne out of his thoughts.

It is in this way that  man most resembles God, for thoughts are essentially words, and words are spirit and life, and God is spirit and life. The word of God is said to be as a mirror. As we keep his word, we become a living, breathing, walking around mirror of God, because we are the thing that we keep in our hearts. We are the word of God’s hand written letters; written by the Spirit in our hearts. This is significant because  in the beginning was the word of God, who in the fullness of time was made flesh; and now is that Spirit of Christ that dwells in our hearts. In fact he is the life that we are to live, so that it is no more us living but him dwelling in our hearts. He defines us; he is who we are. We are to define ourselves according to what God is, because as he is, so are we in this world. As all things are possible with God, and he says all things are possible also with us if we keep his word.

What is man? In Christ, man is a new creation who is defined according to what God is, with the distraction of the bodily presence. He is fearfully and wonderfully made. When you were born you came into this world with a body. You didn’t know a language, and certainly knew no words. As you gradually grew, your library of words grew in your familiar language. Well it is by these things that we learn that we gradually undo what was an untarnished image when there were no words. Listen to someone speak with tongues and it sounds like the language of babies, yet in the Spirit what you are hearing is the language of angels, or unknown tongues. Jesus urged that no child be prevented from coming to him because, the kingdom of heaven is of such guileless innocence.

It’s been said, we are born knowing nothing and having a great capacity to believe. As we grow however, we come to learn much, and believe nothing. The quantities are inverted. To counter this corrosive effect God promised when the right time came he would inject a pure language into our repertoire of  speech. God infuses the knowledge of him into our known language, and by that knowledge of him, and the Lord Jesus Christ, he restarts the process of our creation, as a new creature by the things we learn of him, and keep in our hearts. The ubiquitous term “born again” has come to denote this process. We grow up into him in all these things of his word to be a perfect reflection of the fullness of God. We are now newly made of such things that God is; fearfully and wonderfully made, a reflection of God.