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At any moment in history; during that present time, people generally take for granted that they are supremely enlightened, and anything to the contrary is rubbish. Denial is a state of mind that is not hard to come by; often times you just don’t have to do any critical thinking, and you are there. If you think it is an easy thing to break the mold of the popular thinking of the day, think again. Ask slave owners who with cruel violence subverted and denied the humanity of an entire race for over two hundred years….ask them if they didn’t think themselves supremely enlightened. Ask Hitler’s Third Reich if they didn’t think themselves enlightened in their campaign to rid the world of God’s chosen people by the millions. Ask the enlightened Church in America and other parts of the world who according to the enlightened thinking of the day, kept lock steps with social mores that prevented their black brothers from fellowship with them because they were the children of a lesser God. Ask John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and our Lord Jesus Christ among so many others, whose lives were wrestled with great violence from them, or otherwise savagely brutalized by the enlightened mobs……ask them just how easy it was to go against enlightened thinking of their day. We have already succumbed the pernicious work of denial if we think it an easy task to challenge the entrenched mindset of the day. Ask 115, 000 little angels whose lives will be snuffed out tomorrow and every day thereafter for the rest of the year amounting to a grad total of 42, 000, 000 ( 42 million) babies per year, slaughtered under feckless, spurious pretension by the enlightened minds of the day in abortion mills around the world…..ask them if their executioners who are  of above average education were of enlightened minds.

It is not likely to find any animal of whatever questionable size or shape, sitting aside in dreamy quietude moralizing about what is good or bad, or what the will of God is. His thought life is more or less instinctively ordered to the specific purpose of his survival. To survive he exercises a capacity to make and execute relatively complex planning in problem solving. He feels pain, desires for revenge, needs to be validated….. or choose any of the sundry brood of emotions, or geniuses typically attributed to the general thought life of mankind. Unlike mankind however, he will not ever be pondering question concerning God. Why? Is preoccupation with questions about God a mental disorder peculiar to the human family; or is this peculiar capacity that is typical of man, a subtle yet more highly sophisticated capacity than that of the other five more evident senses. We think of organic intelligence governing machines; well the ability to sense God is so advanced it is not just organic intelligence, it is spiritual intelligence manifested as a person who is joined to man; making him a new creation and guiding him into the ways of God. This is not Biocybernetics for life governing control by organic intelligence, but Ruahcybernetics—Spirit-life governing control.

The animal is not equipped see, or feel, or sense God; and so cannot offer any response to something that doesn’t play into the various contingencies for his survival. I do not necessarily agree that the unexamined life is not worth living, since that person who doesn’t examine his life is exercising the mechanism of the free will that God endowed him with. In this case he is choosing not to do something. Failing to do so however, he suffers the deficit of operating at a lower level of consciousness than his higher functioning peers, who choose to pursue self enlightened interests.

By what he does, or refrains from doing, a man may forfeit his own life, but who am I to say his life is not worth living. Life being so common as to be cliché is often held in brutish contempt or otherwise thrown away. We have nothing of a bona fide weight with which we can balance the scales to determining the proper value for life.  It is as illusive as God; in fact life is God, or God is life. Animals don’t think about life, or the relative quality of their life; like…. am I living the good life. If on a continual basis, we do not examine our lives, we could either descent to or otherwise continue lives that are similar to animals. Ask Nebuchadnezzar. He took a tour of the animal world as an animal. Animals may think about what to do, or what they are doing, or what is affecting them, and in what way;  but they don’t think…..about thinking……about thinking, or ponder questions of God based morality, and questions of good or evil. Throughout human history that lapse has left ugly blemishes upon the human record.


To be continued…